Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rantin' and Ravin' on Stormy Weather

I had a mind-bending Skype-a-thon last week with Aeolus Kephas of the Stormy Weather podast and the first of two installments is up now. Here is Aeolus' description of the gabfest:

The Wind God takes on Captain Solar: a two-hour, two-part chat with Chris Knowles, covering superhero archetypes, Watchmen and the narrative of simulated alien invasion, AK's dreams and the similarities between DNA coded language and the comic book format, Jack Kirby's The Eternals, Gnosticism and anamnesia, Graham Hancock and "junk DNA," CK and AK's childhood fever dreams, the little people and shamanic initiation, CK's take on psychedelics, reality as a language or moebius strip, comics and hieroglyphs, apocalypse and revealing the Other within, corporate religion's "armageddon narrative," the difference between inner discovery and external revelation, the tabla rasa of the unknown, projecting the shadow, Jung and the dawn of the flying saucer age, The X-Men and the demonization of the Other, the negation of the self as narcisissism, mysticism vs animism, are human beings non-native to Earth & programmed to go against nature?, panspermia and the imperative to leave the planet, intervention theory, the virus of civilization, opposing agendas of DNA, the space program, Earth as Great Mother/Whore, the ultimate seed-pod "taking all comers," the incompatibility of the human organism with space colonization, the end of the age of messiahs.

Check it out here. And bookmark Aeolus' Stormy Weather blog here.


  1. I'll definitly check that out this week. I like the Stormy Weather production. One of the best podcasters.

    I put up a new sun-syncy post on Crossworlds. I'd like you to give it a look over and input when you get the time.

  2. Hey CK

    thanks for the linkage

    I kinda missed seeing Mrs K's image at your blog. Did you not appreciate having your secret ID/solar heart exposed for all to see? ; )

    BTW: When I was a kid I created my own superhero universe. The main character was called - wait for it - Captain Solar.

  3. The thing about the screaming leprechaun made me laugh, and made me think of a crappy picture I drew of myself on my blog... Just a weird mental image, it couldn't have been cool for you.

    About childhood 'hallucinations'... I had really interesting daydreams all throughout my school years, especially during class. I was so bored I would slip into a trance and go somewhere else in my mind, usually outside. The sun and the green grass was a consistent theme in these daydream trances.

    This is really awesome so far! I don't think anyone else can explain this stuff better than you. There is a huge benefit to clearing one's mind every now and then (similar to deleting useless files on a hard drive for more space) but a lot more personal progress is made when info is absorbed with an open mind.

  4. Cheers DB- dig that Heavenly Beam on the Crossworlds poster.

    Aeolie- I thought the illustration was very cool, but to be honest I'm not even entirely comfortable with the idea of being interviewed, never mind someone who is depicted as a superhero! That old school Protestant upbringing, I guess.

    Tommy- Thanks, T- I thought the second part was even better so you have to look forward to. Aeolie really knows his stuff and it was great to chat with someone who is on that same wavelength.

  5. Wow! Awesome. I can't wait to hear this.

    Thanks Chris.

  6. Secret Sun ROCKS.

  7. Chris…

    Good to see you collaborating with Aeolus Kephas. I enjoy his thinking. Below is a link to a recent post dealing with Gnostic archival material recently added to the Tek-Gnostic site. The material is an ancient Essene text concerning the Immanentization of the eschaton …

    I think it pertains...

  8. Maybe "civilization" is the alien meme we've (almost all) been infected with?

  9. Great interview, Chris. I am now having a good read of the The Eternals for the first time.

  10. hate to do this on the message board but can someone tell me how to create a link on this comment page

  11. For a guy who doesn't like interviews, you do it well Chris.

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  12. Cool interview CK. The more I hear of your interviews the more I can grasp of your thought processes it seems. Better than just reading your blog. I want a total Knowles synchromeme blitz to get me fully up to speed.
    I particularly liked your take on the panspermia notion and how there truly could be a 'Spaceship Earth" to transport the Gaian seed to other planets to find hardy enough 'suitors' who can impregnate her. Fascinating stuff.

    I've wondered for a little while if we are just an organic medium carrying an utterly, completely foreign message that is waiting to be transmitted.
    That code could be our alien shadow? I'm know you covered the following London Times story previously, but it's interesting to note that the FOX News headline covering this was:

    Scientist: Alien 'Shadow Life' May Already Live on Earth,2933,493864,00.html

  13. Chris…

    I very much enjoyed your interview with Aeolus Kephas. I particularly enjoyed your quote pertaining to “Corporate Religions” in their propaganda around the apocalypse. Makes me want to shout: Tax the churches!!!

  14. Hey, CK. This interview was amazing. I loved your distinction between the western and eastern perspective and how the denial of the outward or physical can be a form of egoism in itself. I just thought you really expressed your ideas with crystal clarity. I could see exactly where you were coming from. You guys were really breakin it down to the fundamentals. That's the shit I like. Please post a reminder when part 2 is available. Namaste

  15. Very interesting suggestions as to the Human form being "alien" to the Biosphere we're currently in.. I myself view the Earth as the Mother/Whore organic life system Siren that it is. I am officially addicted to Stormy Weather.. AK's disinterested mellow pacing, coupled with his brilliant bursts of insight make for such a dynamic and textured listen. Peace ~ S

  16. From what I've learned all language is pictorial. Perhaps humans are not an "alien obtrusion" on earth but rather the "awakening" or "paranoid awareness" evolution has brought about an other differentiation. (similiar to Zane's comment) I like what Aeolus said, "perhaps it's subtler like a psychological schizophrenia" that is the intervening alien; something as simple as an original thought. I disagree that humans are not fit to colonize space. Humans don't need to transform the physical and should not but rather can use a shell or technology like a hermit crab or Dark Vader. Gravity can be replaced, a shield can be designed, sustenance can be provided. There are living creatures that thrive without sunlight, like the ones at the ocean depths that eat methane or others that use the earths core temperature. I can imagine a secretive group of people in a smokey room. Consider the vast information looted, hidden and destroyed; also the Elite proactively dumbing down Society. I do agree that there is another ultimate, I call it God. I do think we can destroy ourselves but don't think it ultimately matters because nature is indestructible.

    Great Show, much love

  17. Guys, I'm really gratified that you enjoyed the interview. A lot of that has to be chalked up to Aeolus who spent a lot of time prepping me for the talk. I'm really amazed at how we just hit a groove that prompted me to turn random musing after random musing into a coherent statement of principle.

    What we are talking about is at the core of what the blog is about- is the Earth some cosmic foster home for the red-haired stepchildren of the universe? What is really in control of our evolution, what is steering us at this frightfully dangerous time?

    I also am beginning to see all of this symbolism in our art as repressed genetic memories of our origins and desination, all told in the irrefutable logic of dream. I'm finding coherent symbolic narratives in films where they don't belong, almost as if calling upon the archetypes trips some cosmic wire. We seem to be getting closer and closer to recovering those lost memories. It's a very exciting time to be alive.

    Thanks again. I'm truly honored.

  18. In reference to Sensei's tax the churches, I agree. Tax their racket in a very high bracket.Dennis.

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