Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rantin' and Ravin' on Stormy Weather

I had a mind-bending Skype-a-thon last week with Aeolus Kephas of the Stormy Weather podast and the first of two installments is up now. Here is Aeolus' description of the gabfest:

The Wind God takes on Captain Solar: a two-hour, two-part chat with Chris Knowles, covering superhero archetypes, Watchmen and the narrative of simulated alien invasion, AK's dreams and the similarities between DNA coded language and the comic book format, Jack Kirby's The Eternals, Gnosticism and anamnesia, Graham Hancock and "junk DNA," CK and AK's childhood fever dreams, the little people and shamanic initiation, CK's take on psychedelics, reality as a language or moebius strip, comics and hieroglyphs, apocalypse and revealing the Other within, corporate religion's "armageddon narrative," the difference between inner discovery and external revelation, the tabla rasa of the unknown, projecting the shadow, Jung and the dawn of the flying saucer age, The X-Men and the demonization of the Other, the negation of the self as narcisissism, mysticism vs animism, are human beings non-native to Earth & programmed to go against nature?, panspermia and the imperative to leave the planet, intervention theory, the virus of civilization, opposing agendas of DNA, the space program, Earth as Great Mother/Whore, the ultimate seed-pod "taking all comers," the incompatibility of the human organism with space colonization, the end of the age of messiahs.

Check it out here. And bookmark Aeolus' Stormy Weather blog here.