Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Introducing the Solar Seminar

Things are moving so quickly that I'm finding it difficult to fit it all on The Secret Sun. I started the Solar Satellite and gave it time to define itself, which it has done as a headline news site. But I also wanted another outlet for more in-depth articles and posts. A while back I had an email exchange with Tracy Twyman, continuing our previous discussion on the nature of the beings that our ancestors saw as gods or angels. I wanted to pick her brains on Gnostic creation myths, and Tracy really went to town laying out her supernaturalist perspective on the nature of these stories and these beings.

But Tracy gave me so much I didn't want to stick it on a daily post and let it disappear beneath the fold. So after some deliberation I created The Solar Seminar, a blog for more in-depth analysis of the issues we've been looking at here. So the Secret Sun will continue with symbolic and semiotic discussions, The Solar Satellite will keep an eye on the news and The Solar Seminar will carry heavier works and will be updated less often.

Please check out "Tracy Twyman Speaks on Creation Myths, Gnostic and Otherwise." It's a lot to digest, so the article will be up top for at least a couple of weeks. Feel free to add your own thoughts to the discussion as well.