Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get Your Freak ON

Ralph Buckley hit me with his latest and greatest video for "Wanna Be Initiated," and I'm passing it on to you. I think Ralph is a truly extraordinary talent, and has a keen knack for hitting you with tunes that you're sure you remember but weren't yet written.

This tune reminds me of the great, lost T.Rex track that wasn't found in time to be put on the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack. The video is hilarious, mysterious and oddly provocative, all at once. Check out Ralph's YouTube site for more musical madness.


  1. Cool video+song. Most modern "indie" music is so lame, I can't stand it. It tries too hard to capture an essence not evident in modern affairs, kind of like going backward in time you could say...

    Thanks for replying to my messages btw.

  2. The three astronauts onboard the ISS take refuge for 11 minutes at the Russian Escape Capsule since NASA detected a piece of space junk to close to them...

    11 minutes, space threat to the ISiS and this is reported by the AP on March 12th at 12:21 PM US/Eastern time. Something weird is in the air...

  3. 17 Synchronicities: Bernie Madoff is INMATE #61727054

    The ALIEN Project

  4. The ISS evacuation´s link:

  5. Citius the 12/21 numbers are like 24/42 or 124/142/241/214/412/421

    as seen in the alchemical symbol for Tin & Jupiter

    that's a theme over at Centre PortalEasy Instructions for Bloggers
    and The Blob

  6. Lol.

    This guy's great.

    I'm new to this site, but you've given me a key to unlock a whole new realm that I've ignored for far too long.

    Every single second of my day holds secrets that I never knew existed. My perspective on everything has been enhanced.

    To me Knowles=Know less=Be more.

    Between this site and a few others that I resonate with, a whole new smile has been put on my face.


    You're OK in my book. :-)



  7. Christopher -I am sorry to do such an off topic comment for this post-I just wanted to say the MSMs constant linking of Obama to Lincoln is really creeping me out-today at a check out line TIME magazine had some sort of blurb-paraphrasing here "HOw would Lincoln Handle Economic Mess?"-I thought WTF???? they are asking what a president gunned down in an era not remotely like ours (course as we all know sometimes eras fractally repeat:-) would solve a mess in which he could not have conceived of the circumstances in which the freaking mess was created in the first place!! Why i ask myself is -to the PTB or MSM-is it so important to link Obama with Lincoln?? This little bit today from TIME was just too much for me -sorry to be so off topic -am struggling with horrific exhaustion right now and am behind on reading everyones blogs-best to you as always!!

  8. Guys- thanks as always for the comments. I'm super busy but will look into your info tomorrow. Cheers!

  9. Tommy- Ralph is amazing- really a throwback to that inspired shamanic era of Rock, that I was lucky enough to experience. Slay those demons, brother.

    Citius- Space is the place! Crazy stuff- thanks for the tip.

    Andre- Yeah, he's the great scapegoat. No doubt about it. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

    James- You are my fact-checking cuz! Thanks as always for your research gems.

    Toothy- Welcome aboard! If you have a smile on your face, then I'm doing my job.

    Devin- It could be a reference to the reversal of Time, Obama retracing his spiritual forefather's steps in time. I'm not really sure, but it's interesting that u2 took their promo pic for their new album on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial. But don't forget that the second National Treasure was about Lincoln (which I just blogged on on the Satellite).

  10. Aha -thanks so much for your reply back Christopher! you know with as crazy as things are getting the idea of tracing his spiritual fathers steps back in time makes a lot of sense-best to you as always!also didnt know about U2 doing the photo shoot on memorial-I have a tendency to miss whats right in front of my face!

  11. Now that's genius!

    I've just been given my parents record collection. They did disco's in the 70's - it's fantastic, a bit crackly but it's all online now. I see a revival in Northern Soul here in the UK, or an attempt at one - suits me.