Friday, February 27, 2009

U2: No Line on the Horus-Zone

u2 pose by an obelisk in the publicity photo for their new album

Well, ubiquitous Irish rockers U2 have a new album coming out (on 3/3) called No Line on the Horizon. It's shaping up to be a big year for U2- we heard their new single "Get On Your Boots" in an ad for the NFL(im) in the recent Templar Bowl and just before that we also saw them play at the Obama Inauguration on the first day of the month of Aquarius. How interesting that they are front and center in this semiotic chain reaction of a year.

I'm fascinated by the title because, like Michael Tsarion, I've always taken the word "horizon" to mean "Horus Zone." Horus is identified with the horizons in his Re-Horahkty incarnation, and it is also my strong belief that the Greek horae is derived from Horus.

And then there's this video. You know all that crazy sh*t I've been yapping about for a year and change now? There it all is. The stars, astronauts, the gods, the goddesses, androgyny, pyramids, militarism, and on and on and on. Again, 2009 is the Year of You Gotta Be Frickin' Kidding Me, and this video is no exception. Do these guys still claim to be Christians? Fascinating.

The last song on the album fascinates me as well. It's entitled "Cedars of Lebanon" synchs perfectly with the Masonic organization called The Tall Cedars of Lebanon. As Loren Coleman reminded us, the Cedars sponsor the Muscular Dystrophy telethons that Jerry Lewis was honored for at the Oscars on Sunday Night. The term "Cedars of Lebanon" comes from the Biblical passage concerning Hiram of Tyre and King Solomon that Freemasons incorporated into the myth of Hiram Abiff.

Following that line, U2 are Irish Protestants who attended the Mount Temple School in Dublin.* And Mount Temple recalls the Temple Mount, which served as the headquarters of the Knights Templar during the Crusades.

U2's school days were a bit shizophrenic- they fell in with a Charismatic prayer group called Shalom (led by a British missionary named Chris Rowe) and were mentored/inspired by a flamboyant transvestite named Gavin Friday, who later formed Goth legends, the Virgin Prunes.

And sure enough, Friday would call on Horus (Heru in the Egyptian) in this 1983 performance video to grant him "the secret longings of my heart." Would this have any effect on his best friend Bono, as did the Friday-tribute persona of MacPhisto? First, a history lesson...

Few people remember this today but U2 found themselves embroiled in controversy in the early days for using a naked boy named Peter Rowan on their record covers. Island Records forced the band to change the cover of their first album Boy in order to avoid controversy in the US. However, Rowan reappeared on the cover of their breakthrough LP War, although his torso was mostly cropped. One wonders though- the connection with Boy is self-evident, but what does this boy have to do with "War?"

Could there be another inspiration lurking behind this imagery, one not of a sexual nature? Call me crazy, but the "Boy" can't help but remind me of The Book of the Law, with its "crowned and conquering child." Crowley defined him as Ra-Hoor-Khuit, more commonly known as Harpocrates (Horus the Child). In light of Rowan's appearance on the cover of the War LP, it's instructive to note that Crowley quoted Horus as saying "Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance."

Leaving aside Crowley's somewhat unique interpretation of the ancient myths, it should be remembered that Harpocrates was seen as the embodiment of the rising sun in the Egyptian mystery tradition. We've certainly seen the rising sun manifest itself repeatedly in the media lately, but there can't possibly be any explicit reference to Harpocrates in any U2 songs, can there? Sure, we have the boy and war, but that's taking things a step too far, surely.

Not really. U2 cut a track for their Unforgettable Fire LP called "The Three Sunrises," that began with this verse:

Spirit of the rising sun lift me up
Hold me there and never let me fall
Love me till I die, my heart won't wait
Soon I will be down in this love song

U2, The Three Sunrises

Now, I'm sure a lot of people would argue that this could be a reference to Jesus, but there's nothing in the lyrics to support that. Harpocrates was worshipped as the "spirit of the rising sun" exactly as the lyric reads. Coincidence? Maybe, but it's worth noting that The Unforgettable Fire had an interesting album cover- an ancient castle drenched in sunlight.

Well, fascinating stuff, but I didn't feel the need to pull the trigger on these Horus synchs until that whacked-out video crossed my screen. Maybe all that hobnobbing with Tony Blair and the gang at Davos is rubbing off on them.

Certainly a self-described group of Christians couldn't possibly have intended any of this consciously, but by the same token Crowley always claimed that Liber Al was a work of automatic writing.

And then again, there is MacPhisto...

UPDATE: Reader Tommy wins catch of the night with his observation that U2 corresponds to "Utu," the Sumerian sun god.

* Another MT alum was the Irish poet Christopher Nolan, not to be confused with the cinematic sorcerer of the same name.


  1. At 02:04 in the "Get On Your Boots" video, the three pillars of Freemasonry are shown. That pretty much wraps it up for me... The whole video looks like it was shot in Hell or something.

    I think you may have covered this before, but U2 reminds me of Utu, the Sumerian sun god.

    Which ties in nicely to the Horus symbolism...

  2. Well first to comment on this, being an ex-U2 fan ,mostly of their pre "POP" material pleases me to say this new music sounds absolutely as bad as I expected it. These guys are too old to be prancing around like this, its embarrassing & frightening, really. They need to retire & do something other than torture everyone with their mediocre "rock music".

    As to the actual resonators, you are so right on.
    On "Pop" they had, "Staring at the Sun"& "Gone" featured a refrain "Goodbye...You can keep this suit of lights. I'll be up with the sun
    I'm not coming down".

    Probably much much more to be had on this topic.

    I also had a negative weird geomantic/occultic experience with U2. Never sat right with me since then.

  3. There is a very weird vibe coming off of this video for sure. I'll have more to say on it tomorrow.

  4. U2

    Pythagorean numerology only goes up to 9 and then starts over at 1 giving 2 or 3 letters per number.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    A B C D E F G H I

    J K L M N O P Q R

    S T U V W X Y Z

    there 4

    "U2" = 2 divided by 3 equals .666. 666 divided by 212 Fahrenheit, the boiling point of water, is equal to Pi 3.1415. House Resolution 666 is an unconstitutional attack on 2nd and 4th amendment rights under the pseudonym of “crime prevention.” U.S. Highway 666 leads to Dulce, New Mexico where a huge military underground facility is located. Personnel, soldiers, and civilians have incredible stories to tell about Dulce and the Dulce Wars. The Euro coin of the “Eur-a-peon Union” has 6 stars with 6 rods then 6 more stars = 666. Officially there are 660 rooms in Windsor Castle. Those moral pillars of the community wouldn’t be hiding 6 rooms would they?

    credit to eric over at

  5. There are certainly multiple layers to that vid!

    U2, as seen with MacPhisto, have never been afraid to play the character of "Devil's Advocate". That role breeds controversy, opens dialogue on a topic and gives you excellent free press!

    A little like this article! (kidding Chris!)

    On one layer I saw the band taking the "vulgar" role in singing lyrics that simply objectify women. But the images in the background portray women as the leader, mother, the oracle and warrior. I noticed the repeating dead Matador (Bull-fighter, Bull sacrificer! - a little Synch wink to recent themes on Secret Sun) with the Ape skull and the Red Rose flower lei repeating throughout.

    It helped that I first read the lyrics. Then watched it through. Then went back and alternatingly clicked play and pause throughout the vid to catch all the quick images in sequence.

    Let's hope their depiction of the cultural swing of femine empowerment and equality (or even superiority) is not full over to the JACK-booted conquering femi-nazi type warrior women!

    On yet another of the several levels is the both the title "Get Your Boots On" and the line "Sexy BOOTS".

    I read that in with the space images in the background as "sexy BOOTES" - as in the Constellation of Bootes and the Gamma Ray Burst detection satellite BOOTES.

    You can go deeper into the words themselves and see the word sexy as "se-XY", as in it is in our DNA.

    And yet there's quote a few more themes and images in that vid to explore.


  6. Well, I'll tell you what bothers me, Strangey- I see all of this sacred symbolism and feminine beauty subordinated to the glorification of militarism and war. It reads as if women will be both beautiful and powerful-goddesses, in other words- when they are militarized.

    Get your boots on- your army boots.

    That's what we are being shown, even if the lyrics are contradicting that. But do the lyrics matter with such powerful imagery?

    All of those jets and explosions- it's all very phallic and orgasmic- sort of like technomilitaristic strapons.

    Maybe that's not what the video is intended as, but that's how the imagery reads. Does anyone else get that same reading? Tommy saw hell, but I see the world as a battlefield, which is a literal hell as opposed to a mythical one.

  7. I hear ya Chris!
    I see that layer as well.

    But Symbol is symbol!
    Many things in one.
    A single symbol can be both dark and light, positive and negative...
    Symbol should never be pigeon-holed to just one particular meaning. That's how fundamentalism develops - Which eventually leads to war. Who's right who's wrong, who's liberal, who's conservative, muslim, christian, jew, hindu... so on and so forth?!
    It can all drive you dog mad trying to define and limit and constrict to stay within the lines!

    I got a submarine
    You got gasoline
    I don’t want to talk about wars between nations

    Double entendre!
    Open trade and dialogue,
    and Sex - What's a submarine full of?

    Not right now

    Hey sexy boots…
    Get on your boots, yeah

    Not right now
    Bossy boots

    You don’t know how beautiful
    You don’t know how beautiful you are
    You don’t know, and you don’t get it, do you?
    You don’t know how beautiful you are

    Hey sexy boots
    I don’t want to talk about the wars between the nations
    Sexy boots, yeah

    Here's a couple more multi-layered vids worth that are worth deeper exploration!
    Youtube: Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey a time-warp back to 1982 - almost 22 years before 2004!
    and an upcoming movie,
    I Love You, Man
    "The HULK" poster caught my eye in that and the odd title. "Eye love HU-man".
    Check out the 2 lead characters placement and dress on


  8. "Maybe that's not what the video is intended as, but that's how the imagery reads."

    And I should add that it IS intended.

    All sides are intended.

    It goes with what I wrote about the "ONE Mind of God".
    The one and only GOD IS ALL THINGS.

    One man sees a cool lake of refreshing crystal-clear blue light reflecting water to splash in and drink from and another sees his death because he never learned to swim!


  9. I highly recommend reading The Terra Papers.

  10. I didn't catch, you've maybe wrote about, but Scorpions latest album Humanity Hour 1 is also astonishing, all the lyrics are filled with sun motifs.

  11. Sometimes it is difficult for to figure out if some lines here are merely wry humor or a moment merely whizzing by.

    Of course, the "obelisk in the publicity photo for their new album" is one of the most famous Masonic sites in the world: The Washington Monument, in front of the reflecting pond.

    Why the obelisk? To early Egyptians it was the shape sacred to the Sun God Re or Ra; the creator of humanity, the source of all heat and light. They are the most blatant symbols of Freemasonry's obsession with Egypt and they are shown in plain view for all to see.

    The Washington Monument was built in honor of George Washington, who led the country to independence and then became its first President. The Monument is shaped like an Egyptian obelisk, stands 555’ 5 1/8” tall, and offers views in excess of thirty miles. Officially the government notes that it "was finished on December 6, 1884."

    The timing is more complex than that. The Masonic ritual of the laying of the cornerstone occurred on July 4, 1848. The cornerstone for the Washington monument was a 10-ton slab of marble given by a Freemason. The aluminium capstone, with due Masonic ceremony, was set on December 6, 1884, and the completed monument was dedicated on February 21, 1885. It officially opened October 9, 1888.

    It is the world's tallest stone structure and the world's tallest obelisk.

    One part of Robert Mills' elaborate original design that was built was the doorway surmounted by an Egyptian-style Winged Sun. It was removed when construction resumed after 1884.

    Even the overt discussions of the obelisk, such as at Wikipedia, note items of interest like: "Many of the stones donated for the monument...carried inscriptions which did not commemorate George Washington. For example, one from the Templars of Honor and Temperance stated 'We will not buy, sell, or use as a beverage, any spiritous or malt liquors, Wine, Cider, or any other Alcoholic Liquor.'"

    Halfway up the steps of the monument is an inscription in Welsh: Fy iaith, fy ngwlad, fy nghenedl Cymru — Cymru am byth (My language, my land, my nation of Wales — Wales for ever). The reason for this inscription and its author are unknown.

    The hidden rooms inside the Washington Monument, little discussed, are their for Masonic rites of passage ceremonies.

  12. Indeed on that last comment, Christopher. How it is intended by the artist versus the effect the imagery has, and hence - in my opinion - how it is effective in promoting something untoward.

    I feel the same way about almost all the films based on comics being released, especially lately - if you'll forgive the link:

  13. totally with you on the violent imagery. Almost seems as if it's predictive programming, or insider information? Their reputation as a political band always mystified me. Their politics seemed so vague. Jesus, what would Oprah say? oooops, O? is that a sun symbol?

    Anyone who stays at the top of the shit heap this long? Impossible without being part of Control. Saints preserve us. Or something.


    Stumbled on this discussion at Graham Hancock (Hancock!) that finally answered my questions about freemasonry and 2012. Some new tracing boards and some you've brought up Chris. Some of the same info you have put together. Perhaps some AAT links in there for you. I wonder if they read you first, not that it matters? Thanks so much for everything. How you manage to research write and post/upkeep, while holding a job is anybody's guess.

  15. my jaw literally dropped to the floor when i saw this video. you're on the money again but i wonder where all this female worship is leading. it's radio ga ga all over again.

  16. Interesting video. I'm not sure I would interpret it as glorifying war-- how do you know there not making a comment on incipient American fascism? They could be making synchromystic comments of their own.

    I wouldn't always identify the narrative of the song with the narrative of the man singing it.

  17. yu popularculturepart is Very good if yu only could keep hands of maasons and the stuff!!

  18. My wife has been a fan of U2 since she was a teenager, and she turned me on to it when we got together. Whatever one thinks about U2, their music (even when it's not up to par) is a lot better than most of the Pop detritus out there.

    That said, I am surprised that there has been little or no discussion about the band on here. Their music is full of mystical material that can be interpreted many ways. The "Cedars of Lebanon" in the new album is no exception, especially with its connection to U2's song "Salome" (and, I suppose, the contemporaneous "Mysterious Ways" from Achtung, Baby). In Oscar Wilde's play, Salome compares John's/Jochanaan's hair to the cedars of Lebanon that shade lions and hide robbers (to paraphrase).

    And Wilde was a Mason...


  19. Athena is also a goddess of war.

  20. My thanks to Chris Knowles' brief caption on the obelisk, at top, on this site. It reminded me to mention the forthcoming coincidence of my upcoming close encounter with a London obelisk, in a couple days, myself, elsewhere.

  21. Loren,

    Obelisks are truly fascinating.

    To one eye they are simply these phallic single piece carved granite monuments poking up out of the landscape and to another they are giant equivalents of the quartz crystals that we use everyday in our electronic and computing devices.

    If you ever get the chance to place your ear against an oblisk at one end and have someone else strike it from the opposite, you will hear the whole obelisk vibrating in a manner that reminds you of a musical tuning fork.

    Each obelisk vibrates with it own signature and tone.

    With what we know today of sound and its effects (example is Solfeggio frequencies used for DNA repair) we can only wonder what the effect of a few of these granite obelisks positioned around a city may have been and what their intended use was.

    One thing we do know is that ancient texts tell us that people sure lived a long time in those ancient days. Whether that was due to frequencies and vibrations of some obelisk remains to be seen.


  22. I think we need to be careful about starting to think that "we" have things figured out and understand what's going on... that we have an inside scoop on the motives of others.

    The imagery in that video could be interpreted in any number of ways, to suggest that, because U2 are a massively popular global band with tons of money, that they are in league with the secret mega wealthy Illuminati elite's sinister plans of world domination... well, I think that's a BIG leap of logic.

    Maybe they are, but I'm not prepared to make that accusation based on the imagery in this video. What I do know is this-- several years ago my grandmother (one of the nicest people to ever walk on this planet) sat next to Larry Mullen Jr. on a flight from Dublin to Boston. She called them The U2's. She said he was a sweet, gentle Irish boy with a lovely brogue.

    At the end of the flight he gave her a hug and said if she was ever in Ireland again to come see him. I'm sure he was just being polite, but still...

    Robert Anton Wilson said that there were only two ways you come out of Chapel Perilous: You either become a stone cold paranoid or totally agnostic. I think this site is great and I love connecting the dots too, but I also keep an eye on that paranoid edge.

  23. Strangey- I hear you, brother, but again, I'm talking about what's on the screen. Anyone can interpret anyway they like, but the imagery is like something out of a neocon wet dream. I'm not seeing any critique or context, I'm seeing women being masculinized and all sorts of protruding phalluses and explosions as orgasm.

    What U2 mean is unknown to me and that is exactly my problem. The subconscious mind is going to equate feminine power with phallus and with war and with the obvious suffering of indigenous people- which is what the images say. Not what we say we imagine u2 might be saying.

    Integri- You have a link? (Everyone, please add in links for us when making recommendations!)

    Ela- Thanks for the tip!

    Loren- fascinating stuff. Not to paint the Masons in a negative light, but it just struck me a lot of this stuff reminds me of Spielberg's War of the Worlds. All of these power centers are planted and lie dormant until it's time to switch them on. And the time is now.

    Davidly- I hear you, but even in Dark Knight- a film I don't like- there is a moral context. There is none here that I can see.

    9Robert- it's funny there were a lot of great bands from that time, but for some reason the Industry picked out u2 to be the superstars and they've been relentlessly promoted as the "most important rock band" ever since. I'll often wonder why that is. Cheers for the Hancock link.

    Anony 9:30- Yes, Radio Gaga is a good point. Very strange fascist vibe in that video, which Queen toyed with a lot in that period.

    Anony 1006- If they are making a comment, where is it? I'm not a paranoia pimp, looking for the Luciferians in every Snickers commercial so I can sell you expired vitamins. But at the same time, U2 are very tight with the big boys and this video looks like Top Gun II.

    Jason- I used to be a big U2 fan. I was hip to them back in 1980. But I remember back on the War tour thinking they were getting more into themselves than in serving the muses. They're very talented and work with very talented producers, but very rarely do I get the sense they are surrendering themselves to the spiritual power of music.

    Leoris- Yes and we see her next to Isis. I'll put that in an update.

    Loren- I checked that link- it looks fascinating! I recommend everyone read Loren's new post.

    Strangey- One thing I want to communicate clearly is that however people use or misuse sacred symbolism, it doesn't debase the power of the symbols themselves.

    Anony 1229- Interesting you should bring up Mullen because he has been very critical of Bono's palling around with the Davos/BIlderberg bunch. Who U2 are in league with is not up to me to determine, and I'm making no such claims in my post.

    I can't speak for Chapel Perilous, but I want people to come out of The Secret Sun filled with wonder at the power of the Archetypes and the inescapable reality of the new zeitgeist and the hidden architecture of it. It's also meant to separate the wheat of the gods from the chaff of the miscreants who play at being gods.

    This is absolutely not a conspiracy site, and should never be misinterpreted as such.

  24. U = 21st letter

    u 2 - 21 2

    2 mirror 2

  25. Strangey- One thing I want to communicate clearly is that however people use or misuse sacred symbolism, it doesn't debase the power of the symbols themselves.

    Ahh... but I have found that it does. What you think, believe and know all gives over "that power".

    I've stared, held, stuck in my mouth and ate magickal symbols of others intended to do harm... as you can probably guess... no effect! In fact, I may have ended up feeling even better.

    Yet I've seen others come totally undone, as a result of the same.
    The only difference was what we knew.

    I wish I could tell you something better than that, but that's what I've found to be true.

    More worrysome to me is not symbol but technology.

    Symbol, even when used in a magickal context is really more for the practicioner than some "victim". Technology on the other hand is a whole new ballgame.

    I wouldn't put it past some dark sons-o-guns to attempt to manipulate with technologies to which there are no natural defenses. If that's what they're doing with that vid then we're all already screwed because we all watched it!!


  26. I mean, here's how these people completely trained in not only Bernays' techniques but even deeper stuff to do with warfare because everything to them at the top is war, constant war and they're in charge of the movie industry, they're in charge of the novel industry, they're in charge of the music industry. Everything that gives you culture and they're also deciding what fashions you're wearing at the same time and what topics you'll prattle on about in the street, what fads you'll go through, collectively, as they claim to be spreading democracy. We're the shmucks eh? And, it says:

    Psychological Warfare Psychological Strategy Board,


    these reports were compiled in response to a double need, first to monitor communist and fellow travellers in Hollywood; and, second, to summarise the achievements and failure of a covert pressure group, headed by Carleton Alsop, charged with introducing specific themes into Hollywood films.

    Do you realise how much money Hollywood has spent since they started Gulf War I to the present, on war movies? The Pentagon funds them. Also young guys will get all romantic about war, thinking they're indestructible and they're fighting the bad guys regardless, they'll find all the camaraderie they ever wanted and hadn't had before amongst their brethren, because all of these groups are fraternities. The military's a fraternity, of course it is, you bond with them; and, here they are, churning out fiction, to get folk to join up. It's either that or the draft. It says here:

    Alsop's secret reports make extraordinary reading, they reveal just how far the CIA was able to extend its reach into the film industry, despite its claims that is sought no such influence. One report dated 24th January 1953 concentrated on the problem of black stereotyping in Hollywood, under the heading Negroes In Pictures, Alsop reported that he had secured the agreement of several casting directors, to plant well-dressed Negroes as a part of the American scene, without appearing too conspicuous or deliberate.

    Astonishing, everyone gets used you know, even names on all movies they put them, including some by Jerry Lewis, such as Caddy and so on. And this goes on and on and on and on. Remember, this book is giving out stuff that, obviously, the public are allowed to know, if they care to; most don't, because the past, to a young person at 18, even in the '50s, if you're living today, it's like antique history, it's got nothing to do with you. That's the failure of youth: they don't realise the importance of all this, incredible importance because, you see, they were controlling it after the fifties and sixties and seventies too and a lot of that is in that book as well.

    They used the Folk industry, the folk-singing industry as well; and, a lot of people thought that it was Left-wingers running the folk industry, folk singers. Then, they went into the transitory stage from Folk and electric guitar and then they went into the Rock business.

    credit to alan watt at

  27. Hi,

    i think i found something very interesting for you guys:

    It's the only church i know, which is located within a PYRAMID! Also there is some kind of obelisc in front of it... I'm not very familiar with all that stuff, so please take a look at that website, there is plenty of information.

    Some additional information:

    The church's name is "St. Christophorus" and it is located near Baden-Baden in Germany, where Barack Obama will be at the Nato summit (60th anniversary of Nato) at April 3rd, 2009. (see also

    I'd be glad to provide further information or media if requested, as i'm living pretty close to that location.

    Kind regards

  28. Someone mentioned Oprah a few posts up... Oprah backwards is Harpo, as in Harpocrates.

    You know, it really wouldn't be that hard at all to completely control popular culture. Actually, this was obvious to me when I was in 5th grade observing all the trends that came and went. It's kind of like a nationwide game of mind-control Simon Says.

    Thanks for giving notice to my Utu connection.

  29. Oprah = Harpo

    Indeed it is tommy but I think she beat you to it!

    check out


  30. Kind of makes sense now that Harpo should be the one to restore Osiris doesn't it!

    Oprah WinFREY(R) was most responsible, along with Quincy Jones, for the Obama campaign for president.

    Some pundits have even said that she "single-handedly" put a president in the White House.


  31. Harpo(crates) and Unefer

    Winfrey / Win-FREYR/ Vin Freyr / Unefer

    W = the lette's name is "double U"

    Sun Lore of All Ages, by William Tyler Olcott, [1914], at

    The Egyptians often called Osiris "Unefer," that is, the good being, representing the beneficent power of the sun that triumphs always over the powers of darkness.


  32. Awesome, StrangEye. I knew about Harpo productions, which is partly why I made that connection. You certainly have an eye for these things...

    About the "hell" jibe... The U2 video just looks like a textbook example of everything that seems to scream "information overload" these days, as the symbols fly past at light speed to grating, vapid (catchy for 5 seconds) music and average people don't have time to think twice about what they mean while they absorb it and receive a meaning which is applied by the androgyny and militaristic aspects.

    Did anyone catch the anthropomorphic twin pillars? The woman in the white dress and the woman in the black S&M "authority" getup...

  33. Tommy- that I believe is a representation of Isis (the veil) and Athena (the warrior goddess).

  34. For those of you that are saying to yourself,
    "StrangEye, you lost it buddy! How the hell does Winfrey equal Unefer?"

    Well, if you are familiar with more than one language, you know that in some, such as Hebrew/Aramaic just as example, words can exist without vowels.

    Winfrey to Unefer

    i e y(i) are taken as vowels and dropped.
    and as I said above "W" is "DOUBLE U"


    and thusly we can find:



  35. Ah, I see. I am currently a bit obsessed with color/visual themes so all I saw was the separate black and white. Interesting to see it applied to the feminine in this manner.

    There is still a lot to observe within the video but it's almost like they intentionally made it to ward off people trying to make sense of what they're being shown.

  36. re: the warding off..

    and then again tommy, maybe Bono just had a whole lot to say and only had about 3 minutes 30 seconds to say it in!


  37. Fascinating as always Christopher! I am so behind on your blog and some others that have a lot of very interesting and (unfortunately for me too new to really comment on) things about mythology -creation myths and the like -I am 'dating' myself for saying this but I do remember the controversy over the "War" picture-I found your take on it fascinating! U2 -I just dont trust them (sorry to any U2 fans) Is my memory going again or were they also at the 'Templar' bowl in 02 after the 'terror' attacks with the names of victims scrolling down this (sorry forgot how to describe thing names were on) when Vertigo came out that seemed to me to be the year that I started asking myself a lot "Can any of this be real?" in reference to world/US politics -unfortunately it seems that 2009 is going to outdo all of them -I hope for our sakes (normal people who are not power tripping psychos) that there is something to this 'consciousness increasing' in 2012-holding judgement for now-great post as always Christopher so enjoy your work-sorry I do not comment more-with some posts people do I can't 'add' anything of use-thanks again for all of your hard work!

  38. Yo Freewill,

    You've definitely hit on one of my main sources of curiosity; The hidden agenda of Folk music. You're right it seems all 'lefty' on the surface but what's the purpose of pushing a pacifist, anti-establishment agenda from behind the scenes do you think?

    Someone posted in the comments here recently on all the Laurel Canyon scene Musicians of the 60's that were ALL the children of senior military officials. (Wait. Was that you?) Anyways, weird. I wonder if it's a balance of energies type deal?

    Oh & of course, Christopher is God!

  39. Hello Chris,

    U2 on BBC rooftop:


  40. (Yet more) breaking news!!

    U2 'surprise' rooftop gig at BBC (332-322) last night, Fri 27th:

    I turned on the TV late last night and U2 (groan) were the band on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Mr Ross recently returned with his show following a suspension for a prank that misfired.

    What great publicity the suspension had been for Jonathan and ultimately U2. Perhaps the lamestream media hauling Ross over the coals was a pre-planned psyop, creating increased audience numbers in preparation for last night's FREE 'event'...

    I wonder what the stars in the heavens were 'broadcasting' to warrant such a stunt???

    Check out the symbolism/architecture in the video, in particular the obelisks and the circular church with the obelisk-like spire which is
    All Souls (pantheon of 'gods' mayhap?).
    Also, along with the BBC in Portland Place is the home of the Royal Institute of British Architects at....66.....Portland Place - check out the twin pillars aside the entrance here:

    Portland Place - another twin resonating 'master number' - 11 and 66...(P = 16th letter) which way did that white rabbit go......

    Love and peace as always

  41. Interesting synchs, guys.

    Nice one on Oprah, Strangie. Never thought about that before. I did a post on her and Obama HERE sometime ago.

    The Alien Project

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