Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl of Synchromystic Commercials (UPDATED)

Note: The second part of the Witch Mountain post is still coming- there are just other issues that moved to the front of the queue, the Super Bowl obviously among them. Stay tuned!

Well, in addition to the Templar subplot of this year's Super Bowl, the ads (the real reason people tune in) were a cornocopia of weird, hitting many of the bases we've been looking at here the past few months.

This ad for Hulu (featuring Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock, of course) takes the prize for high weirdness and semiotic insanity, but there were plenty more where it came from this year. Trailers for Angels & Demons, Land of the Lost, Star Trek, Race to Witch Mountain, Monsters vs Aliens and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen were also aired. Check out the whole slate at Hulu.

Bridgestone hits the Mars colonization meme with this new spot.

This "Inner Hero" spot seems to recall the silent Harpocrates (aka Horus the Child).

And what's Synchromysticism without a little OZ?

UPDATE: We looked at the Budweiser Clydesdales in the context of Apollo/Helios' chariots, now the Clydesdales are back in spades. This one kills me- it begins in Scotland in 1933 (are they just screwing with us now?) takes us by the Statue of Isis/Columbia and into the heart of Masonic Manhttan. This Clydesdale ad gives us the ferris wheel meme that we've been looking at as well.

UPDATE II: Including the trailers, a whopping eight of the ads had alien themes. The Alec Baldwin spot is the one people will be talking about. I think it's remarkable that we see a link on an NBC ad between the Rockefellers and Lovecraftian aliens (as one reader says "Hulu=Chthulu").

UPDATE III: Calling David Icke- We also see shape-shifting reptilians (!) in this Sobe ad, which also rocks the androgyny meme pretty hard, as well as alien-looking beings. Interesting in that we also saw the Angels & Demons trailer, which makes the Illuminati mainstream.

UPDATE IV: Speaking of androgyny, this Coke ad rocks the dissociative/multiple meme and ends with a boy-meets-ogre encounter (who turns out to be a boyish hipster chick). The Toyota truck ad keeps dropping the word "tranny" (for transmission) despite its prevalence in modern vernacular as denoting transsexuals.

UPDATE V: Aside from Star Trek trailer rocking the militaristic/Masonic memes, we have Bill Shatner in a somewhat sinister surveillance-themed Priceline ad.