Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl of Synchromystic Commercials (UPDATED)

Note: The second part of the Witch Mountain post is still coming- there are just other issues that moved to the front of the queue, the Super Bowl obviously among them. Stay tuned!

Well, in addition to the Templar subplot of this year's Super Bowl, the ads (the real reason people tune in) were a cornocopia of weird, hitting many of the bases we've been looking at here the past few months.

This ad for Hulu (featuring Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock, of course) takes the prize for high weirdness and semiotic insanity, but there were plenty more where it came from this year. Trailers for Angels & Demons, Land of the Lost, Star Trek, Race to Witch Mountain, Monsters vs Aliens and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen were also aired. Check out the whole slate at Hulu.

Bridgestone hits the Mars colonization meme with this new spot.

This "Inner Hero" spot seems to recall the silent Harpocrates (aka Horus the Child).

And what's Synchromysticism without a little OZ?

UPDATE: We looked at the Budweiser Clydesdales in the context of Apollo/Helios' chariots, now the Clydesdales are back in spades. This one kills me- it begins in Scotland in 1933 (are they just screwing with us now?) takes us by the Statue of Isis/Columbia and into the heart of Masonic Manhttan. This Clydesdale ad gives us the ferris wheel meme that we've been looking at as well.

UPDATE II: Including the trailers, a whopping eight of the ads had alien themes. The Alec Baldwin spot is the one people will be talking about. I think it's remarkable that we see a link on an NBC ad between the Rockefellers and Lovecraftian aliens (as one reader says "Hulu=Chthulu").

UPDATE III: Calling David Icke- We also see shape-shifting reptilians (!) in this Sobe ad, which also rocks the androgyny meme pretty hard, as well as alien-looking beings. Interesting in that we also saw the Angels & Demons trailer, which makes the Illuminati mainstream.

UPDATE IV: Speaking of androgyny, this Coke ad rocks the dissociative/multiple meme and ends with a boy-meets-ogre encounter (who turns out to be a boyish hipster chick). The Toyota truck ad keeps dropping the word "tranny" (for transmission) despite its prevalence in modern vernacular as denoting transsexuals.

UPDATE V: Aside from Star Trek trailer rocking the militaristic/Masonic memes, we have Bill Shatner in a somewhat sinister surveillance-themed Priceline ad.


  1. "Inner Hero" has a kid wearing red, yellow, green and blue. There's the archetypal aspect, definitely tying into the Horus themes. In this case though, they insist you can only experience it at their bloodsucking money drain vortex "Universal Studios". Not so, as it is actually experienced solely through one's own perspective.

    That first ad is sickening... It's like they're speaking directly to us, and mocking us.

  2. The first commercial was for a GI JOE movie...

    Why is he so friggin special? I will certainly NOT go watch that movie and support the United Nations Army.

    Because that is who GI JOE works for..

    The army of UN

    and ugh yes that Hulu commercial was creepy!

    mush? drooling for my mush brain? ummm EEEWWW you sick fucks!

    i saw a gob of horses -- even non clydesdale! those horses love the ferris wheels and a circus prison break huh?

    im game for a prison break


  3. The hulu vids are American-viewers only.

  4. Is that true? Can you watch them on the site?

  5. Anonymous - I don't know if you were talking to me but by "first ad" I meant the Alec Baldwin one. I don't doubt that he thinks he's an alien and wants to eat our "mushy" brains. Didn't see any of the ones Chris didn't put in his post.

  6. Hi Chris - yes sadly we can't view the Hulu vids here in the UK but no doubt there'll be a solution somewhere which I'll find and post if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

    I was checking out the 'Steelers' and 'Cardinals' Superbowl prior to the match and came across this cornucopia of symbolism - scroll down on right for palms, saturn swooshes, peacock and sun:

    I guessed the 'Steelers' would win and I know nothing at all about the sport! The clue was in the biggest 'steeler' who already MADOFF with the money lol!!

    Jordan Maxwell was i/v'd by Alex Jones last week which I watched this morning. Jordan was talking very seriously about his concerns about the Obama symbology which ties through to the vids at the 2nd link:

    During p1 I remembered this very 'English' series which sparked my interest last year and which you may be interested in if you've not seen it already - as said, very English and a bit 'laboured' in parts but some interesting ideas within. Heavy Christian overtones in parts but please ignore as there are some important symbols at the 'Palace' - especially the Phoenix:

    Nibiru Palace part 1 - Satan UFO 666

    DO YOU RECOGNISE THE 'WOMAN' ON TOP OF THE PALACE?? - see here for details:

    Obama in Berlin at 'that' monument:

    ...and you wouldn't believe where else that 'woman' atop the monument/palace keeps cropping up...

    curiouser and curiouser!

    love and peace to all as always,

  7. I guess you guys missed the porn.


    "Viewers in Tucson, Ariz., got an eyeful -- of male porn -- when they expected to be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday.

    KVOA confirmed that about 10 seconds of pornographic video was fed to customers instead of the Super Bowl just after the Cardinals took a 23-20 lead in the fourth quarter. The incident appeared to have been isolated to Comcast customers.

    "I just figured it was another commercial until I looked up," Cora King told the Arizona Daily Star. "Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out."

    KVOA said there was no pornography in the game's feed when the station dispensed the signal to cable providers.

    Comcast said it was investigating "investigating why there was an interruption in the feed of the Super Bowl."


  8. Anyone else notice the prevalence of the Gnostic Gatorade "G" with the lightning bolt??

  9. Crikey!

    I've just watched one of the Hulu ads embedded in a glp forum page (sorry for those who don't like glp) - but sheesh... 'they're' not hiding anything any more are they?

    For UK peeps, scroll down 2/3 of the page:

  10. ok so they want mushy american brains lol - i think this is all of them.


  11. Gnostic G is of course also Gamma--the right angle letter in the original greek like the masonic square.

    That hulu commercial spooked the F out of me when i saw it last night. Not just for the david icke theory similarities (he should sue for copyright infringement), but just because how openly honest the advertiser is being--TV turns your brain to mush, especially when you watch it over and over, Commercials are consumer montras, and the more we watch the more they become infused with our psyche. I think you could ask anyone and they would agree that TV isn't a healthy pursuit, but it is a ubiquitous vice, so it's okay, and it can be treated as merely a joke in the public sphere that we are willfully becoming Dumb and Dumber and Dumberer and oh-so-lazy, but the joke's on us.

    remember that simpsons halloween episode: Don't watch the monsters...

  12. I love your site man! So much great information in one place. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Bear Grylls from the Discovery Channel said Iceland averages 33 earth quakes a day, just now.

  14. Hi There everyone !
    I can´t imagine you guys don´t
    see SUPER BOWL as superb owl with the math and masonic influence, but since it´s not written anywhere on the site i just wanted it to be :-)
    Since i am danish i also thinks it´s rather funny/strange that owl in danish is UGLE.

    this blog is amazing


  15. any idea about the symbols next to the door in the alec baldwin video?

  16. Prior to that sickening
    "(cthl)hulu" add w/ Alec Baldwin, the company announced: "During Super Bowl XLIII this Sunday, look for the launch of Hulu's ad campaign," "Finally, we'll reveal the secret behind Hulu."

    And the secret? TV is literally rotting your brains, were pure evil, and goddamnit, youre gonna love it!

    Gotta love these ad execs....

    Thanks for your work, Chris!

  17. Suky- I heard that Jordan Maxwell interview, but didn't really understand what he was talking about. Do you what in articular he is referring to? And I wonder how many people noticed the porn was porn. It's so hard to tell the difference these days.

    Santiago- I'd say that was more Masonic than Gnostic.

    Droidy- Damn. Sorry. Check Sky's feedback.

    Awesome- thanks, Sky.

    Kimrey- Good one!

    Anony- Icke? Try Lovecraft!

    Leon- Thanks again, brother. Happy to have you all here!

    Ratteie- Interesting in light of recent events there, no?

    Mike H- Excellent! Good catch! Thanks for that!

    Kevin- I didn't notice any. Timecode?

    Jay- I worked in advertising for years. I've seen the face of Satan, several times....

  18. Crikes...I really think those ad execs are messing with us. The Budweiser ad also ends with a double WTC motif in the background.


    Time for a drink...

  19. When I heard that porn clip story, I immediately thought of Fight Club... it seems the signals are getting stronger and stronger.

  20. Morning all!

    Mike from Denmark said:

    "I can´t imagine you guys don´t
    see SUPER BOWL as

    superb owl

    with the math and masonic influence, but since it´s not written anywhere on the site i just wanted it to be :-)
    Since i am danish i also thinks it´s rather funny/strange that owl in danish is UGLE."

    Mike, as you may already know, UGLE stands for the

    "United Grand Lodge of England"!!!

    The owl isn't Molech apparently but it is a symbol of wisdom that sees everything (360 head swivel) especially in the dark and thus has an advantage over its 'prey'...
    ie 'us'!

    The owl is heavily connected to Minerva who has similar attributes to: Cybele/Isis/Athena/Columbia/Semiramis/Astarte/Ashteroth/Hecate/Hathor etc etc who are all, basically, different 'personifications' of the same 'entity'... but what kind of 'entity' I ask myself!

    So now we have proof of the owl link to Freemasonry - and hence, dare I say to Bohemian Grove?

    I didn't post the 'porno' info Chris - someone was perhaps posing as me (nah) or merely put my name in by mistake but it definately wasn't me as I didn't watch the 'superb owl' lol!!

    'They', from my research anyway, use Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English in particular and it would seem any other language to convey their symbols/signals and hence to keep 'one up' on us...

    Just remembered - is the 'superb owl' always right at the beginning of February? Only the 2nd of Feb is Imbolc, one of the 'greater (witching) sabbats' (hidden behind 'groundhog day')? It is the "quickening of the year and the first stirrings of life within the womb of Mother Earth" (see list of suspects for 'mother earth' above...).

    "Imbolc means 'in the belly' and has its origins as the Celtic fertility celebration dedicated to the ancient mother goddess Brigid or Bride".

    There have been around 30 'suicides', particularly of teenagers in Brigend in Glamorgan, Wales but it's difficult to find an exact total and up-to-date article but here's one from Dec 08:

    Mama Brigit, in the Voodoo religion is the Queen of Black Magic, as is Hecate. . .

    It won't surprise you that as far as Brigend goes, I suspect VERY foul play.

    There's also a St Brigid who is associated with 'sacred flames' and given that Imbolc is aka the 'Feast of Lights', one must draw one's own conclusions!

    Nice one Mike and great sleuthing and writing as always Chris.

    Love and peace to all


    ps I couldn't open the car door this morning as it was frozen solid. Roads are like driving on broken bottles but the compensation is that the sunrise has been magnificent in a - for once - clear, chemical free sky.

  21. Sukyspook, i wasn't posing as you. I was posing as myself. And yes, i did post the Superbowl porno glitch news.

    I can post under another name if that makes it easier to identify us.

  22. chris- the symbols are actually on the elevator buttons at around 8 seconds. speaking of 8, it's funny, i didn't even pick up on first glance that he walked inside of the giant H.

  23. Suky
    Glad you apriciated the owlthing and shared your thoughts cos that kinda started a spiral of thoughts in me.
    You mention "they" use various languages in their powertrips on us
    and to that i would like to ask if
    you know anything about the use of
    silent letters in the written language cos ive been thinking that it is used for motives we do not learn in school.
    The H is silent in many words in many languages and the word
    originate could be origin 8 right ? :-)
    A syncronotic kinda thing happend
    yesterday when i was babysittin my
    nieche when she(Hannah3years)
    wanted to watch a dvd she like, but she changed her mind and wanted to see another one where there was a story told about the date 2-2.
    The story was about a myth that said if the animal, can´t remember
    which,could see it´s own shadow on 2-2 there would be 6 weeks left of winter.
    What we can learn in children programmes seems endless :-)
    The all seing eye and the Owl,
    you bet there´s a connection ....:-)

    You welcome :-)

  24. Indeed we did see A LOT of eight (8) in the commercials

    The magic of the 8 (1+7) in the Superb-Owl Commercials

    "H" = 8


    Hulu / Hollywood
    Hulu first said at 18 Seconds
    24 seconds = Cerebral Gelatinizing shows = Family Guy
    32 seconds = Brain Scan of "Mushy Mush" brain
    40 Seconds = Turn of tv and computer and Laugh
    8 laughs between Mushy Brain and Alec
    54 seconds = Sign on screen behind Alec says "Serapico Welcomes You"
    Hulu - An Evil Plot to destroy the World, Enjoy (8 words follow "Hulu" in the tag line)
    Serapi(s) Co.
    Googling Serapico results in "Santa Anna" / Saint Anne, SAnTa ANne

    UP with the Masonically attired Carl Fredrickson
    UP house number was 1 above 8
    "Announcer: Discover a LOST WORLD"
    "Boy Scout/Wilderness Explorer "W" Russell gives 3 knocks
    "An overly optimistic 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell
    Russel (RTA) Russel Trust - Skull and Bones

    "You have 8 days", says Death in HR Block

    The Eighth Day is a book by J. Hougan/John Case
    Starring Danny Cray a 28 year old man
    and the Kurdish Peacock Angel, Satan

    David Abernathy at 28 first used Cars.Com

    In the Gatorade G commercial there are
    8 Single head full face segments (excluding the masked Jabbawockee)

  25. In total during the NBC Game broadcast there were 17 (1+7=8) broadcast breaks during which commercials played!

  26. Man walks past the door number 820 in the Bud Light Lime commercial (in commercial break slot #17)

    Commercial Break #17 began with HR Block "Second Look Review" Death and Taxes you have 8 days commercial!

    MacGruber (9 letters) played in commercial break #16 (2x8)
    Had 16 seconds left on the bomb timer
    Changed his name to PepSuber (8 Letters are more fitting to the 8 theme!)

    GI Joe
    G Roman Numeral I(1), 7+1=8 Joe

    other repeating themes include:

    bull moose
    forever young
    enhanced humans
    carnival / circus
    shattered glass

    Looks like some interesting themes,
    for the next 8 years or so!

  27. Thanks for your great work. How about the Sobe ad?

  28. Using Goro Adachi's idea of the "Transformation by the Philosopher's Stone" in the context of these commercials we can find something interesting.

    In the Doritos (D'OR eat us/ the golden tortilla) commercials they are literal eating a golden triangle.

    Eating Gold! Edible Gold is inextricably linked to the Philosopher's Stone.

    When they eat their chips/gold they gain special powers of the mind. They become psychic and telekinetic. Whether animal or human, they are Enhanced by it.

    But we also learn why they keep the secret of its (edible gold/Philosopher's Stone) production - we see that most would use their "powers" for childish (or downright stupid) behavior - Stripping clothes off, stealing cash, etc.
    One might even make a fortune using Cash4Gold.

    But THE REAL ALCHEMICAL SECRET has been revealed. The formulas are all available online for those who search beyond the huffing.

    The missing piece is the harder to find manual regarding the timing of the preparation. You must use astrology/astronomy. Knowing the energies produced during certain alignments at specific times of the year you can find the only dates which will result in the transformation you desire.

    "You have 8 days", (from 2/1/09) Death told us.

    It would be interesting to hear from a reader hear with astrology experience regarding any specific alignments or planetary positions that may have and are occuring from Game Day and during the 8 days following.

  29. Continuing the "owl" theme, the legendary character Till Eulenspiegel might be of some interest. I distinctly remember Whitley Strieber mentioning him towards the end of one of his books. (It might have been Communion for all I know.)

    At any rate, Richard Strauss wrote a tone poem about Eulenspiegel. Strauss followed it almost immediately with Also Sprach Zarathustra...


  30. Hi Chris, but may I use the blog today to message Mike - 'superb owl' lol!! - even madder than 'yes wiccan'!

    Ah yes. Silent letters. The main one for me is in this one:

    Hiram (as in Abiff)

    In the Secret Teachings of All ages by M P Hall, Hiram is written 'Chiram'...

    Chi is the life force as most know.
    'CH' is Hebrew for 'gate' and
    'CH' are also the curious initials that represent Switzerland. . .
    It is written that the Swiss 'CH' stems from "Confoederatio Helvetica" which was/is the Latin name for Switzerland. Helvitica is also a typeface. . .

    Perhaps the 'gate' of Switzerland is why the rich people keep their money there ie behind the gate - and which is maybe why the CERN 'stargate' is located close by - are they planning to abscond to a parallel dimension with all the money 'they've' stolen lol!

    Back to (C)Hiram who, according to the following online book - is HERMES, who is also Mercury, Thoth, Toutatis/Teutates of the Teutonic knights etc (and delving further is 'Hermanubis' and hence, Anubis too) - a pet ongoing project for me and fascinating too.

    I'm going to buy this book with the remnants of my Christmas tokens:

    Who was Hiram Abiff by JSM Ward:,M1

    I'm not a practitioner of numerology but I believe '8' is the number of saturn which in esoterisism/the occult is the number of the (black) sun.

    I haven't investigated 'missing letters' much more than this particular C/H thing but as you know Mike - this will come back to me for my attention now that you've alerted me to it!

    God bless.


    ps to Suki - no worries - haven't come across another Suky but I'm 'cool' with whatever 'handle' you want to use - I'll sign myself with my full 'handle' so we know which one is which lol!

    God bless you too and Chris, you must be working night and day putting out so much work - it's awesomely fascinating - thank you for it all but remember - you don't have a duty to anyone so don't apologise! This is YOUR blog, and we're very fortunate to be able to have access to it so thank you once again and don't pressure yourself - I know how that feels and it's not good for the soul/spirit!

  31. Suky, I've been watching Jason and the Argonauts and Immortel over and over lately. I very much relate to Jason and Nikopol! A life of service- to my clients, to my family, to the Symbols, to all of you- it's a tough row but someone has has to hoe it!

  32. Hi suky
    Thanks for the links will look closer
    in the comming days now that i finally got rid of my onlinepoker addiction.

    Gate = G 8 lol


  33. speaking of 8's and owls...

    fascinating stuff here!


  34. um, i just found this blog and i didn't know other people payed as much attention to this stuff as i do. this is exciting.