Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Put Yourself in Their Shoes"

Andre over at the must-read Alien Project posted the trailer to The Battle for Terra, one of four big Hollywood movies this year in which we see humanity through the eyes of extraterrestrials. Or more accurately, children are presented with this tableau, since three out of four of these films are geared towards them.

I understand that conventional wisdom has it that we're all being prepared for some large-scale alien invasion hoax, but the psychology here is extremely interesting nonetheless. Human beings are the antagonists in these films, meaning children will clearly identify with the oppressed aliens.

These films are not generating a sense of fear ("the government will save you from the evil aliens") or a sense of worship towards aliens ("worship the aliens, they are our space brothers"), they are inspiring sympathy and compassion towards them. We are driven to identify with aliens and see them neither as a threat nor as divine.

This in no way fits the conventional psychological narrative presented by the ET-hoax theorists. It's beyond even what we saw in E.T. or Alien Nation, where the aliens remained distinctly other. These are the kinds of films you would make if you wanted children to sympathize with actual aliens. And to see it in four separate films certainly gets my agenda-decoding antennae up.

Reverse psychology? Well, I guess it's possible. But given the current climate there's no doubt in my mind such a gambit would sail straight over most people's heads. The fact is that the propaganda I've discerned is mind-numbingly literal and repetitive, as if those producing it are convinced their audiences are low-grade morons. Having worked in the media and in advertising I can tell you with utter confidence that that is the case.


  1. hey chris here is an interesting sync for ya

    thriving ivory - "alian" 3:59 = 17

    No need to be here
    no card to clock in
    and i can swear somebody's watchin'
    where i go and where i've been.
    Brother i can see moses
    and all the things he did for you
    Oh brother i've been hearing voices
    that im probably not supposed to.
    How will i walk steaddy
    if the ground should come alive
    And tell me how will i be ready
    for the world another time

    Woah alien!
    You'll be just fine,
    Youve always been beautiful
    to me...
    Woah alien!
    Pay us no mind,
    We havent the light to hold
    to see...

    Am i another slave now
    To the screamin in my head
    Or is it a little strange now,
    how the moment's gone and fled
    Oh brother I gotta tell ya,
    that something here is wrong,
    Oh brother i gotta tell ya
    This place ain't a-what i thought

    Woah alien!
    You'll be just fine,
    Youve always been beautiful
    to me...
    Woah alien!
    Pay us no mind,
    We havent the light to hold
    to see...

    I know i ain't gonna build forever
    (no i ain't gonna build forever)
    And i know you feel the same
    (and i know you feel the same)
    You'll see it when your older
    (you'll see it when your older)
    No love is not a ga-ame anymore
    so thank god we're together.

    Woah alien.
    You'll be just fine...fine...

    Woah alien!
    You'll be just fine,
    Youve always been beautiful
    to me...
    Woah alien!
    Pay us no mind,
    We havent the light to hold
    to see...

    Woah alien! Wo-ah! Yea-ah!

    interesting lyrics and the 3:59 time equals 17 as well


  2. A little James Cameron trivia:

    (JC is not to be confused with the Dr D. Ewan Cameron of the Montreal, Canada MK-ULTRA infamy).

    James Cameron received his 32rd degree in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry the night of the famous Phoenix Lights of March 13th, 1997.

    Where you might ask? (And You've probably guessed it...)
    Phoenix, Arizona.

    Before James filmed the movie TITANIC, you know the movie in the clip with the famous and oft repeated Leo DiCaprio line, "I'm the King of the World!", he chose Order of Eastern Star members, Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart for the young Rose and old Rose roles. For the Jack Dawson role, Cameron had chose Leonardo Dicaprio, who made a Freemason around the same time.


  3. sry gotta add this too from wiki

    Thriving Ivory is the self-titled debut album of alternative rock group, Thriving Ivory. The album was originally released in 2003 on the Wolfgang label, and re-released on June 24, 2008 on Wind-up Records. The sound of their self-titled release was inspired by bands such as U2 and Coldplay. The debut album hit #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. [1]

  4. sry 1 more thing to add

    album length Length 47:54

    4 + 7 = 11
    5 + 4 = 9

    9 11

  5. Interesting song, Freeie!

    Strangey, according to Cameron is not a Mason.

    Or is that just what they want us to think....

  6. Screw MI - he's been made a Freemason!

    Whether he's since kept up with his dues and thus been suspended or took a demit is irrelevant. He went through the degrees.


  7. A master of PR over at MI.
    God love him, but he's spinning.

    Famous Hollywood movie director James Cameron has been 'linked' by some anti-Masonic conspiracy-minded folks as having received the 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite in some sort of secret ceremony during an Oscar Award presentation. Their claims, of course, totally ignore the fact that 'secret presentations' of that honor simply do not occur. All recipients of the award are announced publicly at the annual Scottish Rite meeting the year before the award is actually presented. The presentation is done at the next annual meeting.

    What he said is JC is NOT a 33rd. He did not deny he was a Mason.

    Since printed proceedings of both Annual Sessions are sent to thousands of Masonic bodies throughout the world, a simple review of them would clearly show no such presentation. In fact (perhaps ironically?) the Supreme Council in March, 2000 advised that there is not even a member within their organization named "James Cameron". An additional check has been made with the General Secretary of the Oakland Scottish Rite Bodies who also advised that James Cameron is not now and has never been a member of the Oakland Scottish Rite Bodies. The next time you see such information, ask the claimant to produce evidence that James Cameron is a Scottish Rite Mason. We'll bet they can't....

    Much of the same. Never said "James Cameron was NEVER a Mason" just that he's not on record NOW as a Scottish Rite Freemason. Note that to "CYA" he gave the date of March 2000. Any claims of misleading can then be dismissed.

    Which is exactly what happens if you don't keep up with your annual dues or you "demit".

    They are telling you the truth... just not the "Whole Truth".

    Typical PR mumbo-jumbo.

    But as he's been through the degrees ... he is.
    His status is termed an "unaffiliated Freemason".

    The question should be posed to MI as "WAS he on March 14, 1997"!
    Then he couldn't spin it!


  8. Chris, I think your answer may be in the closing words of the "Tara" trailer: Who's side are you on, us or them, decide.

    They're getting the younger generation on their side, and the fact that the ailens aren't offered up as items of worship, fit's perfectly with the ecumenical movement currently in place. We can't be convinced we are all individual god's if we're supposed to worship aliens. Maybe those of us raised on a strict diet of "aliens are not our friends" are just old school now (like patriotism)......kind of like Al Gore encouraging kid's to "teach" their old fashioned parents about the reality of global warming and all things green. So seeing some films " which we see humanity through the eyes of extraterrestrials..." - Exactly.

  9. Chris,

    when it comes to Freemasonry... You're in a labyrinth buddy.

    You've got to be EXTREMELY specific in the question.

    Ed King at MI has been the unofficial 'net frontman for quite some time.
    He's good at it.

    The thing with Freemasonry is this:

    REGULAR Lodges are subject to a Grand Lodge (somewhere). Does not have to be local!

    REGULAR Grand Lodges are subject to UGLE (the United Grand of England).

    One Grand Lodge does not necessarily have to "recognize" another.

    In Scottish Rite there is Northern Jurisdiction and Southern Jurisdiction and each register is different and not shared. Though cordial they are independant of each other. The individual "VALLEYs" to which members belong are just that, individual. National records are kept by the members associated Jurisdictional Grand Valley.

    Makes for lots of fun trying to determine if someone is, was or is not and has never been!

    For example, Ed could say "hey I check with the Oakland Valley and he's not a member there and has never been", and Ed has told the truth because the member was in fact part of the Valley of Phoenix, not Oakland.

    He could say I checked with Northern Jurisdiction Grand Secretary and he's not and has never been on record there, and Ed's told you the truth - because that particular member was part of the Southern Jurisduction,

    so on and so forth...


    That's all.


  10. Well, I'd be interested to see some real documentation on it but I tend to believe a guy like that wouldn't be mixing it up with all the cops and the plumbers in the AF&AM.

    At this point, I'm a bit burnt out on the Freemies. I'm much more interested in the groups that aren't getting all the attention in the media. Truly secret societies we only get hints of in the media.

  11. To think that AF&AM or F&AM is only cops and plumbers is a sad (and a completely untrue generalization Chris!


  12. And I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. Regular Freemasonry is about as conspiratorial as the Rotary Club.
    Truly Secret Societies are much more fun.


  13. Right, Chris. The super secret societies. Mega obscure, totally out of public knowledge besides the members. Imagine if the freemasons were sort of a scapegoat for the true secret keepers. If all their symbols and stories had a completely different meaning to them known only to this club. I think that would truly start to point to the heavens...

    Like you often say, "who knows?". More layers to the mystery aren't necessarily a problem, if you're willing to explore your mind and really think and observe carefully.

  14. A must see sync with terrA

    OUTLANDER - During the reign of the Vikings, Kainan, a man from a far-off world, crash lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator known as the Moorwen. Though both man and monster are seeking revenge for violence committed against them, Kainan leads the alliance to kill the Moorwen by fusing his advanced technology with the Viking's Iron Age

    V = 5
    I = 1

    6 kings

    so much symbolism it bloggles the mind...


  15. Hi Chris,

    Battle for Terra. That's a good one, considering...

    War on 'Terror' = War on Terra (Michael Tsarion).

    Or to put it another way, War on Humanity by an alien force.

    Isn't that what we are seeing going on around us?


  16. Contextually here, something is slightly off. It appears that one person is claiming that JC is a 32nd degree Freemason and then someone comes along and says, no, JC is not a 33rd degree Mason. Of course both things could be true.

    You have to be a 32nd before you are 33rd degree, but not everyone achieves the 33rd degree.

    Of course, Chris is correct. It's much more significant if you are a Bohemian or in the ONI than a Mason. Or using bird watching as a cover.

  17. Hi Chris.

    I have been so busy lately with design and video work. Thanks for the link.

    As the chinese philosopher once said, "...may you live in interesting times..." What a year this has been so far.

    I believe that the key word in all of this is discernment. We must use these symbols and synchronicities to distinguish one thing from another, to view differences and similarities in the objects presented to us and their relations and tendencies.


    The Alien Project

  18. Chris said:
    I've discerned is mind-numbingly literal and repetitive, as if those producing it are convinced their audiences are low-grade morons. Having worked in the media and in advertising I can tell you with utter confidence that that is the case.

    It is really a sad commentary, but essentially it is true what you said. We are a world that has been blinded by the bright lights of flatscreen televisions, entertainment and sporting events; deafened by the loud propaganda of our government officials and hynotized by the doctrinal system of hollywood and the mass media into creatures obsessed with materialism.

    Let's hope that what we are doing here, is another way forward to avert our consciousness away from this materialistic construct and reach for our highest values.

  19. Jonathan Krohn: 13-Year-Old Conservative Wunderkind Wows CPAC, Joe The Plumber

    Looks like the party of Jesus, just found their new leader.

    The Alien Project

  20. Avatar won't be out until
    December 18, 2009.

    So the Oscar wins will not happen until 2010, on Avatar.

    Some 13 years after the monumental 1997 Titanic wins, and linking nicely to the Arthur C. Clarke mythology.
    It was 2001 a Space Odyssey, that inspired a young 15 year old James Cameron to become a filmmaker.

    Cameron spent time with Stanley Kubrick after Titanic in England, going over technology for Kubrick's then A.I. project.

    I can't wait, James Cameron inspired a lot of people onto the creative path, Avatar will be state of the art. Whether or not the Oscars recognize it, is another matter. The King of the World quote at his Oscar speech pissed off hollyweird, because he is an outsider, regardless of talent. The King of the world has other links as anyone here realizes. That titanic sinks in the atlantic, inspiring his 'underwater' documentary's, and 'search' for flooded lost civilizations like atlantis perhaps answers the question of whether or not he is a stonecutter.
    It's going to be a good time for symbols going into 2010.

  21. JC said in Terminator Two, when photo realistic CGI was getting started that they did 42 shots of TT and now with Avatar (disembodied personage) they have 1,700 shots. Then a couple of seconds later JC recommend people get drunk and go driving.

  22. Obama attends basketball game - Wizards vs Bulls. Please see pic of him holding the 44 Jersey. 4+4=8. Messianic 8.

    Note that the game is the Wizards vs the Bulls. Refers back to the banking theme in your Friday the 13th post. Remember your abstract:

    Behind the current financial crisis may be a secret war, in which symbols are a potent weapon. Take nothing at face value. The smallest details have a habit of unlocking some very big doors...

    Is this a symbol of that continued war or propoganda against the global banking sytem, signified in by the Bulls?

  23. Off topic: didn't know where to put this, but Gawker published this absolutely amazing "Obama Descending" photo:

    Chris, your site is like the cosmic AP or UPI. Keep up the good work!


    Obama challenges Special Interests Over Budget Plan... "I Know They're Gearing Up For A Fight. My Message To Them Is This: So Am I"

    This after watching the Washington Wizards 113 defeating the Chicago Bulls 90 last night.

  25. I, myself, am interested in seeing documentation about Mr. Cameron being a Freemason. It's an interesting idea, considering his body of work. But, StrangEye, why not provide links to support your thesis? We need more than just links to relevant words. The Phoenix, AZ, link does not help support your case at all; it just goes to the Wikipedia entry for Phoenix, AZ.

    This is not to pick on StrangEye, but I'm just disappointed to be led down an apparent dead end road on this. I'd also hate to see the comments descend into Dale Gribble territory, especially considering the careful research Christopher puts into this blog.

    I know that my own ideas (a lot of unusual connections) are a bit odd as well. That why I always provide information from external resources to demonstrate that there might be something to it. The links are usually not far out, and they take some piecing together, which makes those connections even more bizarre. I'm not sure what to think, whether there's some labyrintine conspiracy or not, but I'm becoming less surprised about the apparent connections between things that seem disparate on the surface. We don't need sensationalism here; just following hunches or memories that have lain dormant for a long time, and carefully documenting those connections with reliable resources.


  26. Neither Cameron or DiCaprio are Freemasons. Everything you see posted on the internet is not fact.

  27. Holy smokes- you guys are amazing! I didn't not expect this kind of reaction on a Saturday morning at all. Today is actually record for morning comments for the Secret Sun.

    I'll be chained to the grindstone today so I can't respond in detail until later. But I just want to say that I'll see a lot of people venting or opinionizing elsewhere in the blogosphere and you guys here are all about the data. Which in turn points me in new directions for my research.

    So keep it coming! Every day the hidden architecture becomes that much more visible...

  28. Hey Chris, hey. This hasn't got anythang t'do w/ this arch-tickle, it's a direct link to the Brian Dragon quote that I had left species-if-I-call-E for you over @ Aeolus's address last night, so, I hope that it is met with the same appreciation in which it is given ~ Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

  29. Anony, as Chris indirectly requested he would like to move on to other things than the Freemins (for now I'm sure)
    But just to answer back briefly...
    documentation about Mr. Cameron being a Freemason

    Unfortunately, and I really do know, that is not how Freemasonry works. You'll never get "documentation", you can only hope for eyewitness testimony.

    moving along...

    Great Eye TP!

    What a score!
    TauRus XL goes down on Monday and (Chicago) Bulls go down to the Wizards 113 to 90 on Friday. Any thoughts about what will happen in their next versus the Houston Rockets?

    There's a nice tribute on the site to Johnney 'Red' Kerr and Norm Van Lier as well.


  30. Hey Chris,

    I thought that I should chime in too.

    I want you to know that your blog probably challenges me the most, and I enjoy it heartily.

    I found myself looking up the other day and wondering about literal aliens again. What if?

    How do we get a story and a film like the War of the Worlds? Was the author seeing into the future? No.

    That was a story looking back at alien invaders bringing their deadly weapons (Guns, Germs, Steal) and destroying civilizations.

    But, how unthinkable was it for some dude, 1491, thinking that his whole world would be invaded by an "other", an alien from another world. Someone who for all intents and purposes is completely different.

    -I love the mythic similarities. At our mystic core we are one humanity, and it shows in our mythic underpinnings.

    Anyway. It would be a shock if we too were invaded from a far away land by people who wanted our resources and space. Could happen. I can't conceive of it, but then probably 1491 couldn't either.

    The interesting question of course would be whether they really would be different than us. Yes they might potentially not value us and think of us as not equal thus giving them license to harm us with impunity. We would not be a member of the in group. Love is reserved for the in group. Life would be pretty shitty for us if they acted like our European ancestors acted. Do we value the life of an insect? Not really. It is in our way, kill it. In our house, kill them all.

    Would we find that life is somehow different elsewhere? Coming for some other source than the transcendent divine that is responsible for us?

    Thanks for leading me to these thoughts.
    take care,

  31. "Looks like the party of Jesus, just found their new leader."
    -Andre Heath

    LOL that's great! I want to say that at this point the poor kid isn't more than a sideshow. He only gave a vapid 2-minute speech (YouTubeage!) but it landed him two spots on Fox News. For starters.

    I went to the HuffPost article on your link - from the comments:

    Babele -
    Jonathan Krohn is from Duluth, Georgia and is the son of a Speech/Drama teacher at a Christian homeschool. He has been groomed from birth by his mother for this position. He is well taught and indoctrinated. (mother's web site)


    This confirmed my first impression, that the kid reminds me of the child-preachers who tour Southern churches. Note too that speech and drama are not debate - but then today's GOP is not much about critical thinking. And the GOP does well with actors.

    (Hey Look - the screenshot of Jonathan that HuffPost ran shows our little Horus forming my Sign of Jesus!)

  32. Eunus Noe,
    I know you directed that to Chris
    but I thought that post was a little diamond in the rough!
    Something to think about, that's for sure.

    Your little What If definitely caught my eye. I can see just how unthinkable that would have been for someone living in the world in that year to witness that happen. What a difficult position that person must have been in. Witnessing those definitely not
    from the world they know coming in to land.
    But were they put at ease when they saw that it was something hat so closely resembled themselves coming out of it?

    I think we would all be more than shocked if we were ever invaded. You know just how comfortable we can get in our daily routines of the modern world.
    All of a sudden there's some strange face in our midst staring back at us!
    More than shocking! Terrifying even! What do they want? Why are they here? Where the hell did they come from? Are they friend or foe?
    All those questions that would be racing through the head at that moment.

    Well I for one can say that if they ever do show up I most certainly hope we can find a peaceful way to co-exist!

    Afterall we are one - And if the Divine responsible for us all is transcendant as we believe then
    there absolutely must be common values and there must be a way.

    I'll keep my eye out for more of your ideas.


  33. Giza Pyramids under threat from Cairo's automobile traffic, on Yahoo front page

  34. I made a video of gameplay scences from Assassin's Creed last year and was rewatching it today. You and your readers would probably like it. Also this webpage explains a bit about it.

  35. Excellent Post & good dialog.

    Let us examine the reasoning behind "We are all one".

    That sounds like painting a pretty picture for a possible negative alien agenda. Even when used in a metaphysical sense, "universal oneness" does not mean be a slave or be "taken over".

    Discernment should be the order of the day. Why would a positive alien contact occur right now, except to "save us", "hybridize" (manipulation & interference) or "evolve us"? What is a good reason? Because we are too lazy to do right for our own selves?

    Now is the time to provide the self with the uncomfortable fact that we may be asked to "assimilate" for "peace" & "oneness".

    If so, would that not violate universal sovereignty? Questions & many more ilke this, we must all ask ourselves, if this is not a prime manipulation to feed off of humanity & earth after thousands of years of "rule by right" mentality bred into the collective human psyche.

    It all must be discerned, and carefully at that.

    Good day to everyone.


  36. Quite long comments today, one strang eye with 10 posts. I sure like this blog, I hope the comments can be brief and to the point, so I can read all and have my brain food snack. Us hu-man beings were once alien here in bug-tussel earth. Shine forth brave souls! Dennis

  37. Perhaps this crazy exopolitics hype has taken over Hollywood.

    C. , Germany

  38. nice post, perfect title.

    talk about syncs i came across The Battle for terra last night also.

    Obama is also "one of us" and "born in our shoes".

  39. Clever Classic Conditioning Methods ~ But I think we are all scratching our heads as to what the finale may be.. Perhaps Obama will reenact the plagues of Egypt.. but this time it will be the ET's bringing it ~ Instead of God.. Keep watching the sky.

  40. Interesting comment about the agenda-driven movie, "Battle for Terra" encouraging children to be empathetic to the aliens as if conditioning them to accept the ET aliens as their "friends" from outer space.

    That is akin to telling the Jewish children that the Nazis are their "nice" friends and to follow them to that nice-looking "bathhouses" where the children would be showered and cleaned up afterward. Little did they know the bathhouses are not what it appears to be.

    That's what I'm thinking about what that movie, "Battle for Terra" is all about: conditioning them that humans are evil and aliens are good. But all underneath, aliens are not what they appear to be.

  41. Hi Chris,
    I see that Marvel are getting in on the act. They're giving us aliens who will save us from ourselves with their new Skrulls franchise - the 'Embrace Change' call sounds strangely familiar, LOL

    'Quite simply, we are here for you. We are here to save your planet and your society from your own actions.'


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