Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Miss Mason for 2009"

Only Secret Sun readers could appreciate the full significance of this video clip. This is from Valentine's Day, which synchs quite nicely with the androgyny memes in Eternal Sunshine. Mason's green color scheme puts the icing on the cake.


  1. Chris,

    check this out!

    A golden top on MRS. Mason!
    A YELLOW (Golden) top on Mr. Mason

    Reann Ballslee
    Ricky Malebranche

    RE AN (Balls lee)
    riki/reiki/Ricky MALE BRANCHe

    Not a "ball" lee
    "BALLS" lee (plural)
    and a

    Branch is CANAE (Qana/Quayin/Cain/Cane)

    2 balls and a cane !!



  2. and then

    "MIN" nie land

    resonates from the sign stage right of BALLSLEE


  3. watch for the PYRAMIDS making an appearance in the background!

    ot Center

    0:06 & thoughout


  4. Remember our OSIRIS / AUsur

    AU is the symbol for GOLD.

    Osiris was androgynous due to the missing 15th piece...
    his Phallus
    leaving just 14 parts

    from 15 parts
    (-1 phallus)

    we get:

    2 feet
    2 shins
    2 upper thighs
    1 torso
    2 upper arms
    2 forearms
    2 hands
    1 head

    Osiris with a missing MALE BRANCH,
    leaves him androgynous


  5. LOL well apparently Miss Mason nothing to do with the gender you where born with. Androgyny indeed.


  6. Now I'm starting to get why you think you're hallucinating sometimes! Quite surreal, even in the assumed context.

    They sure are "green" but not in the Heart chakra sense (notice the ribbon goes over their hearts), more in the archetypal Eagle sense. I like their crowns of royalty. Black and white (literal, also male and female) pillars on display.

  7. Enjoyed your last post and today's date added up is.... 2+2+2+2+9=17, lol. Really like your writing.

  8. Ricky Malebranch! You can't make this stuff up.

    The future is going to far stranger than any science fiction. The authors of the future have far weirder imaginations and much more powerful libidos.

  9. I just read that the "female" pillar is actually a guy in drag. Is it? I think that's the whole point of this androgyny meme, to further confuse left from right, dark from light.

  10. Tommy,

    White (light / golden) wo-man (man in drag)

    Black man (Dark / but still golden)
    not dark as in evil or left or right but as in the 2 component pieces of the whole.

    Like matter and dark matter.

    Something and No Thing.

    Body and Soul

    Mind and Spirit

    Light and dark married together to create physical form...

    they come TOGETHER to make Mr. & Mrs.

    No confusion.

    1 + 1 = 1

    Think in terms of archetypes not what "really is".

    They are symbols....

    To make the Master Mason.

    (which is not something created by affiliation to any "group" but by the situation of 'enlightenment' and understanding within an individual - the Christening!)

    Chris is far better than I with the Jungian terms and can probably flesh that out into something useable for you!

    I know he understands what I'm saying.

    He is the professional scribe afterall! It's what he does!
    And he's damn good at it!


  11. Strangey, I'm too busy reeling. But one thing that's interesting is that boys manifest their androgynous natures typically in early adolescence where girls do in their late teen years. So Allen is probably a lot more feminine-acting than most of the biological girls on GMUs campus. I'm sure you can picture the average frosh/soph college girl- they all seem to look like softball players- hoodies, pulled-back hair, sneakers, etc.

  12. Not so literal Chris,
    though everything is everything!

    I'm sure it was intended to be SYMBOL.

    Androgyny SYMBOLically means
    the curtailing/circumsizing of lusts and desires which hamper the soul's development.

    Note that it is not a man and a woman but a man and a man.

    The SYMBOL is that it is some union occuring within "1 man".


  13. Androgyny means

    as above,


    the mating of 2 principles within 1.

    The man has no need for LUSTs, because the Christening fills the void and completes him.

    and yet there's still more 2 it than that... but it is symbol so there are many TRUTHs in just 1 picture!


  14. Days ago, I saw a pic about the 200th´s Darwin anniversary. The interesting part was that the pic said EVOLution. Since 2003, six nations have legalized same sex marriage: Holland, Spain, Canada, SouthAfrica, Belgium, Nepal and since this past January first, Norway. Much more countries have civil union laws, like France, Germany, and even places like Mexico City... Sociologues says it´s the advancement of post- material values, but why not to think that human love may be growing on its multiplicity?

    That women can now vote in places like Qatar and that the US has a black president or gays can unite legally from SouthAfrica to Boston maybe is also preparring us to a new form of Contact I guess, preparing us to accept and love radical difference...

  15. Well, there is a lot going on at once, and it's difficult to figure out all of the conflicting memes in all of this.

    But one thing's for sure; sexual repression has been the number one tool of social control for the past 2000 years.

  16. Chris,

    Don't get me wrong...
    lusts and desires are human.

    It's part of the ride!

    And Hell, if the excess doesn't kill you, you usually end up with wisdom in the end...

    What we do or do not do to satisfy them is what truly matters!

    Intention also comes in to play in that as well. For self, for mutual, etc.

    And then there are also those moments where the Supreme Intelligence decides what's what and what's best for us!

    But damned if I'm not sounding all preachy - something I'm not too fond of really.
    Just a crazy day I guess.


  17. Hi cK! Said :
    "The SYMBOL is that it is some union occurring within "1 man"."

    I think it's about reuniting the female part of man with their feminine part. And at the same time reuniting the male part of women with their feminine part.

    Take a look at world leaders, the woman are just male with skirts. As macho as the male.

    Both gender have dismiss a part to gain "power" over the other.

    Remember "Apophys" in the first star Gate movies, totally feminine. but would wipe out a planet just for fun of it.

    I really think it's a SYMBOL, for the merging of our complete self.
    And I do think , soon we gonna meet some new friends,stranger than this ODD couple.
    The I.U is working hard, but softly on our brain and mind.

    The end of duality! HOPEfully!!!!
    Exciting time , indeed!