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UFOs Over Wyrd New Jersey? (UPDATED)

The family all went out onto their deck to look at the strange sight. Paul Hurley, a pilot who works at Morristown Airport, said they weren't planes. "I've been in aviation for 20 years and never seen anything like it," he told CBS 2. Paul was one of several people who e-mailed after witnessing the lights.

"Red lights in the sky over the Morristown-Morris Township area, 5 red lights in a weird pattern over the area," one viewer wrote. "The formation of 5 lights were first noticed over Cedar Knolls and then as they approached the Madison/Morris Township border the rear half of the formation slowly faded and appeared to drop from the sky and then the front part of the formation went out one by one," wrote another.
So the experienced aviator says they took off quickly and an anonymous viewer says they dropped out of the sky but left no trace (never mind it was first seen in Whippany and last seen on the Madison/Florham Park border, miles away from Morris). But officials came to an interesting conclusion:
MORRISTOWN -- Agents Mulder and Scully won't be needed in Morristown after all. The UFOs hovering in the sky over the neighborhoods around Columbia Road and West Valley View Drive weren't space ships or flying saucers. They are probably just helium balloons attached to road hazard flares, Morristown Police Officer James Cullen said Monday night.- Daily Record

Well, it looks like the evidence doesn't support that dismissal. More witnesses have come forward:
Maria D'Andrea said she was on her way home in Hanover at 8:20 p.m. when she saw five lights traveling together. "I called my neighbor because I thought I was crazy," she said. "It was a little bit freaky."

She said the neighbor confirmed what she had seen, lights moving slowly to the east. D'Andrea said they seemed to be "floating."

Robert Giaquinta, 39, of Sparta, was in Harding when he saw the lights a little after 8:30 p.m. He said they looked like they were attached to a radio tower -- except there was no tower where he was looking. He called his mother in Parsippany, who told him she also was able to see the lights.

"I was struck by how perfectly spaced they were," Giaquinta said.

George Van Orden, Hanover's health officer, said he saw the lights while walking his dog in Madison at 8:38 p.m. He said he only saw three lights, and they appeared to be over the Exxon property. He said they didn't appear to be flares because they didn't leave trails. He also said they sometimes appeared to move against the wind.

"These things were moving fast, holding formation, and then moving in three different directions," Van Orden said. "I don't know what it was."

Tom Bender, 36, of Morristown said he went outside after his wife alerted him to the lights. He said they were in an L-shaped formation and two of them appeared to be oscillating. He said he didn't believe in UFOs but added that the lights he saw "didn't seem man-made."

"No way this could have been weather balloons," he said. "They wouldn't have been able to be stationary."
But it looks like someone is worried about this incident, since the CSICOP bunch was called to do their usual song-and-dance:
Benjamin Radford, an investigator with Skeptical Inquirer magazine who has examined UFO sightings in various parts of the country, said it appeared to be the same kind of hoax perpetrated in Phoenix last year. In that case, he said the hoaxer admitted using flares attached to balloons.

Russo's video shows the lights moving together, remaining a fixed distance from one another. Radford said that effect could be achieved by attaching flares to plastic piping and suspending the whole apparatus from balloons.
That's an interesting claim. Where's the evidence? And how would that device keep then geometrically change formation in a windy night sky? There's a National Guard Armory in the area- maybe this was a test run of some new equipment. Why isn't that possibility raised? This is why I don't take CSICOP seriously when it comes to UFOs. This Radford character also has a dismal grasp on geography:
He said it most likely won't ever be found because "it's probably somewhere over the Atlantic (Ocean)."
That would be quite a feat for the contraption Radford is dreaming up out of whole cloth. Morristown is a good 30 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, and this thing was tracking to the southwest, not the east. And so far no other reports of this UFO in the vast expanse of terrain between Morristown and the sea, either.

But don't worry, I'm sure if this story gets out of hand, some pranksters will step forward and tell us all how it was done.

UPDATE: Ben Fairhall is on the Tentacle UFO story in The Daily Behemoth. It's a good thing Lovecraft is dead.

UPDATE II: A True Original links to an interesting TV news story where an unidentified Phoenix (!) man used Orion (!) road flares on April 21 (the day of the feast of the goddess Buto for whom the marsh where Horus was born is named for) to create a similar effect to what we saw in Nova Cesarea. It's obviously meant to quash the 1997 Phoenix Lights story.

Any serious investigator would be uncomfortable with citing an unidentified source (was this guy polygraphed?) and no reproduction of the original result, which skeptics wouldn't stand for if this guy wasn't bolstering their opinion - and quashing the Phoenix Lights as well. Wouldn't life be grand if we could all play by skeptic rules?

The other problem with linking this to the NJ story is the time and distance involved. It was seen in Hanover at 8:20, the Hurleys saw this thing some time "between 8:30 and 9" in Whippany, it traveled through Morristown, Harding and Morris into Madison and was seen near Florham Park by 8:38 PM. That's a pretty wide swath of terrain to cover in 18 minutes, especially when this thing was seen hovering in spots. I'm no expert at these things, but it would have to be going at least 60 miles an hour to cover that distance at a steady clip.

I'm not sure if these UFOs are balloons or ETs (my hunch is they're neither, and may be some new mil-tech) but I certainly love the semiotics of it all (Phoenix! Buto! Orion!) And that's all that really matters on The Secret Sun.

UPDATE III: Monday, strange lights over Hanover. Thursday, a woman and her two children go missing. Unsettling.

UPDATE IV: Let me just go on record as saying I don't care much about lights in the sky, in and of themselves. I'm interested in the semiotics and how it's all filtered through the Mediawash. I'm not gullible about these things. Lights are lights until proven otherwise. When we start seeing some actual craft over the skies of NJ, then that will be a different story. Then I'll probably be hiding under the bed.

UPDATE V: Actual craft reported in East Brunswick, NJ, the night before the Morris County sightings. Witness took video, but it hasn't been put online yet.


  1. Absolutely loved your thoughts in this post Christopher-you could not be more correct-some merry pranksters will come along and tell us how it is all done-just like when the two older blokes in England in the early nineties admmited to making all those crop circles-I wish I had one of those eye roll emoticons to put here! Best to you as always-I love people who blog that look at the universe as a place of wonder and mystery-and not just cold hard scientific "facts" :-)

  2. Ah... the old "flares attached to balloons" story. I've seen a couple of episodes of UFO Hunters where they tried replicating that official explanation for a few sightings, and the witnesses said that the recreation looked nothing like what they saw. Comparing the 1997 footage of the Phoenix lights with the flare/balloon experiments, this makes sense. The Phoenix lights seem steady, almost stately, in their flight over the city, whereas the flares and balloons in the UFO hunters' experiments went all over the place.

    And we wonder why science education is in the toilet in this country. Too often, we conflate having a scientific outlook with buying into dogma. Has no one noticed how radically our scientific worldview has changed over just the past few centuries?

    Speaking of which... An article by Theodore Dalrymple (one of the few conservatives who doesn't come across as foaming at the mouth) addresses the devaluation of beauty in the arts. At one point, he discusses the error of conflating progress in science with "progress" in the arts. The paragraph is worth posting in full:

    "In science, progress is a fact (except for the most extreme of epistemological sceptics, none of whom, nevertheless, would be entirely indifferent as to whether their surgeon used the surgical techniques of, say, the 1830s, rather than those of this century). The most mediocre bacteriologist alive today knows incomparably more than did Louis Pasteur or Robert Koch, for example; the most mediocre physics graduate knows incomparably more than Sir Isaac Newton ever did. This is because scientific knowledge is cumulative. But no one would suggest that the paintings of Rothko were better than those, say, of Chardin because he lived a long time after Chardin, and that Chardin’s were better than those of Velasquez for the same reason."

    So, who knows what crazy ideas scientists a few centuries hence might find acceptable. I think many scientists are afraid to investigate unexplained phenomena seriously, because they will be branded heretics by fundamentalist "scientists." Look at the drubbing Jeff Meldrum has taken for investigating Sasquatch.

    Where's Scully when you need her...


  3. The Columbia semiotic is extremely significant, in my opinion.

    New Jersey, Argentina, 'Tentacle UFOs' over Lincolnshire: funny how all these stories still get the same CSICOP/Little Green Men treatment, isn't it?


  4. The reporter is kind of hot

  5. I should note that the whole area in question is all old Rockefeller land and the "Exxon land" mentioned in the article is the old Standard Oil of New Jersey headquarters. Morristown was also Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War.

    Ignore anything these professional skeptics say on UFOS. These guys just want to do their little John Galt routines for gullible reporters who in turn feed their fragile egos by quoting their nonsense in the press. I've seen swamp gas and it looks nothing like an aircraft. This balloon/road flare thing is risible- have any of these guys actually seen a road flare?

    There's a lot of military installations in the area- that may have something to do with this. It could be some new kind of drone being tested. Funny how you never hear anyone from CSICOP speculating on secret hardware.

    Or it could be something genuinely weird as well. But road flares on balloons? I doubt these characters believe that themselves.

  6. About the Hot reporter :) ...Name is Kristine Johnson, so the J.Christ resonator. And you could also notice CBS eye and 33 degree in the right bottom corner...

    It would be cool to believe this story though, it's better the Red lights than Blue Beam. ;)

    ps. sorry if this is double commeting had some connection trouble,) and check out my cross sync for the China Ice post:

    keep up the good work, cheers

  7. The Phoenix Lights were never debunked or disproved - some idiot just figured if they made up an actually unbelievable and ridiculous story (the military test balloons) then it'd be believed - based upon the Goebbles version of propaganda - "the bigger the lie the more people will believe it".

  8. Good call DEie- "Christ is John's Son"

    One thing- I can't believe how hyper-sexualized the news is these days. I'm so hypnotized by this girl's giant, glossy lips I'm not hearing anything she says.

  9. Thanks for the pointer re: Louth and marshland, by the way. I feel this is another key signal, particularly in light of Horus, etc. May I ask where you were going with that?


  10. Ben, as to where this is all going, I'm still collating! I've been doing so for 15 years. But it puts my talk with Henrik about NJ in an interesting light. And boy, has it been a busy past few months for people in our line of work, no?

  11. I posted this story on my blog a couple of days ago. We synced up :)

    One strange detail is the mention of 5 red lights in the sky. Out of this detail we can cull the occurrence of a five pointed star in the night sky.

    The juju is strong with this one.

  12. Here's Tommy's blog:

    Here's the article in question:

    Cheers, T. Good post. And you're right, this is a very odd story.

  13. Here's the April 21, 2008 Phoenix hoax with road flares tied to balloons and it looks just like what we saw in the New Jersey videos.

    Flares attached to balloons

  14. Interesting story. I like the "Orion" road flares.

  15. Tommy - trying to post this at your blog to the spy computer post, & not sure it's working; it doesn't give any indication that it's sent through or asks for logins etc.

    Hope you won't mind Chris if I plank it here,

    "This is the 'official' (submitted) list of the fastest / most powerful computers:



    is the 'clown clowny clown show' entry I was talking about in the comments at Secret Sun the other day."

    btw, there's a psycho at the forums that thinks they know what 'wyrd' means.....right greg (his handlers'll see this if he doesn't)??

  16. Hello Kristine!

    There was a possible UFO windmill collision in the UK too, saw it on tv today.

  17. Atrueoriginal: Texan, female, abductee, green coloured........yeah, suuuuure.

    Hit the next faked synch button too while you're at it. There's been fucking worldwide giant triangular unidentified craft sightings for a long long time.

  18. Hi Chris

    where's it all goin' indeed? As Revelation of the Method nears the final phase and becomes Return of the Gods? It's a puzzle, all right, because on the one hand there is the "cover-up" of "ET" (other-dimensional/Imaginal) contact, and on the other hand, there is the propagation of the mythic narrative of exactly the same thing - almost as if they are covering something up and then creating their own "spin-doctored" version OF it? We are being teased and tested, as well as tricked and deceived, I think.

    For example - you mention on the recent Red Ice talk (great interview BTW) Freemasons landing on the Moon July 1969. In 1999, acc. to Gallup, 6% of Americans believed the Moon landing was faked. That figure has probably double or tripled, however, with the inception of Youtube, podcasts, etc. Certainly, ten years ago I considered it one of the sillier conspiracy theories, but I no longer feel so confident.

    I think staging these grand dramas and seeing how totally we are fooled by them is central to the M.O. of Masonic Sorcery Theater.

    Again, if the Moon landing was faked (and the evidence is pretty suggestive), it doesn't mean they didn't go to the Moon, only that they concealed the actual agenda (ET contact, Moon bases, EM travel?) by creating, once again, a fictionalized version of it to keep us in the dark, watching puppet shows, while the real drama unfolds out of sight.

    We are being mocked, but at the same time goaded, challenged to follow the clues to their actual source, and not to where they have been carefully designed to lead us.

    Just a few thoughts to keep the wheels spinnin'.. ; )

  19. To: zupakomputer
    I'm not always green.
    Sometimes I'm purple.
    Sometimes I'm grey.
    And, sometimes I'm teal.
    One thing is for sure, I'm a human being so treat me like one.

  20. Here's how I see it- use the news stories (ie cover stories) to unlock the symbols being used. That will usually point you in the right direction. Everyone places a much higher value on symbols than they do on words, which is why people are less likely to lie using them.

  21. chris, simply totally off topic comment here. some sirius madness

    look at the add just to the right of the story. *shivers

  22. yeah there are two streams always, right and left, word and image. The Masonic sorcery trick is to have them not complement but contradict, and so deepen the schism in our psyches, a split through which their demon-memes may enter.

    example: 9/11, where images show controlled demolition, i.e., an inside job, while the words tell us "hijacked planes and terrorist attack."

    The body always knows what it sees, but the conscious mind overrides all the evidence of the senses.

    But i agree, you CAN trust the symbols, because even when they are being manipulated to deceive us, if we follow them to their source they hook us back into the archetypes, which is where we want to go.

    This is why I always say the Masonic sorcerers play fair: since the Universe plays fair, that goes for every aspect of it.

    Ours is still the power to discriminate between signal and noise.


    GU GU the PANda (black&white) in the ZOO, 3rd tourist bitten in 2 years, nice 23 synch, Jaws of life needed to pry open PANda's Jaws, Galactic Center, Notice who is calling from Jupiter Florida, Jack Hanna

    also, it's a zoo in Beijing

    super cool find, i'm going to keep looking at it for a second and will surely see more


    five year old boy climbs a fifty five inch fench, the video called it a five foot fench and the article called a fifty five inch (4'-7") fence which ofcourse is a deviation of five inches

  25. That recent X-Files film could have done with some decent plotlines like having UFOs in too - cause that was one lame letdown. That film had no point in being made at all - the spookiest most paranormal thing in it was a hand on a near-corpse with sort-of claws on it.

    More entrainment towards having no imagination at all.

  26. Devin - I really don't think you realise what the actual 'merry pranksters' were all about at all then; if that is the inference you meant. They certainly weren't establishment whores like those that take credit for actual intelligence.

  27. The new X-Files movie rules and is packed to the brim with semiotic genius. You just have to pay careful attention and also know your ancient mythology.

    And please keep comments cordial and respectful.

  28. the last X-files motion picture was bold in it's approach. why? it sought not to define but rather it attempted to understand. to understand, you have to want to believe.

  29. One other great thing about the new X-files film is how Carter is seen in the Hospital Hallway....A HALLWAY symbolizes that you have reached an area that is necessary to journey through in order to get to the other side, and it may be a narrow path that has to be traversed with care and awareness. If you have that "closed in, claustrophobic feeling" then you need to expand your awareness/open your mind to more possibilities for completing this phase of your journey....I've read that Carter supposedly has some urn with him. Perhaps even that of his favorite pet dog. This still frame alone from the film showcases the intended meaning behind the whole film.

  30. Hmm, I'll try and fix the comment problem.

    Thanks for the shout-out, Chris. Very cool of you

    Have you ever read anything by Joseph P. Farrell? He writes about pyramids being weapons. He has a book called The Cosmic War which talks about how the trident is a symbol of plasma discharges recorded by most ancient civilizations as being seen in the sky, something which can be caused by scalar technology. It's a great read, it goes into how the moon is constructed of a relatively thin metal alloy and it rings like a bell.

  31. Is it me, or has anyone else noticed a wierd synch in the recent news?
    Obama's just met with all the current 'Ex presidents' in the White house. And at the same time, Patrick Swayze who played the leader of a group of surfers who robbed banks called the 'Ex presidents' (cos they all wore ex president masks), in the movie Point Break, has just been hospitalised with pneumonia, and is thought by some to be on his last legs.
    Any thoughts Chris?

  32. Well I did pencil the ExPresidents graphic novel and my pages were reprinted in Playboy that had Carmen Electra on the cover...

    I'm sorry, what was the question?

    Poor Pat. Don't smoke, people. Life is hard enough.

  33. So you're actually part of that synch!!!

    On the current influx of UFO sightings...maybe they've starting arriving to take part in the inauguration seeing as some of them already made an appearance during the campaign...should we be checking to see if there are any Alien/Intergalactic balls being planned?

  34. I have a feeling that the current UFO wave is linked to events much more momentous than a changeover of anchormen at the White House. I could be wrong, but so many semiotic streams are beginning to converge. But only those with their ears very low to the ground are hearing the rumblings.

  35. theres no need to hide under your bed chris.

  36. I just saw them tonight over Sparta. There was a lot of them. =D

  37. Were the Phoenix Lights a real alien thing?
    End Of Summer

  38. What's the big deal?