Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Secret Sun and Soundless Dawn

Soundless Steve at Labyrinth of the Psychonaut was kind enough to ask me to add a few observations to his latest masterwork of Synchromystic connections. For some reason, I was compelled to channel Whitley Strieber for my voiceovers, but I felt a great urgency about it. It was either the driving soundtrack, or all the coffee I drank. Or just plain nerves. This latest montage he put together made me very emotional, for reasons I don't fully understand. Perhaps it's Steve's powerful optimalism, so badly needed these days. I pitched in with some factoids to flesh out the connections.

Like Droidy, Steve has fallen under the subversive spell of the Justice League Unlimited series, particularly its heavy use of conspiracy theory, Stargate imagery and ancient astronaut theory. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.


  1. chris!! i am so excited to see you develop in the realm of video, this is just amazing, you guys just pulled off a true mosaic. please do more with steve and jake with video!!!

    -andy christ

  2. Oh, that's all Steve! He deserves all the credit.

  3. cool, glad to see

    I just watch X files : Frankenstein

    Chris Carter 33. Time of 1:01 upon Father Joe's opening scene. Victim with license plate BOXWELL ended up in a BOX and WELL. Tons of canted square's, on the dEll logos and on the medical kit. Caduceus was worn by both victims, never did I see the caduceus in the hospital but there were a lot of crosses. Shattered glass and ice. Red ribbon, champion logo upon first BoxWe license plate exposure.
    Solar imagery in the yellow ribbon with word "cross" upon it, followed immediately by solar flares in the lens when the camera focuses on the sun for a while. Looks like a headless alligator in the child's hospital room. The color blue is all over the place, splashes of orange as contrast. Victims were in pools. 808 time occurred and is a Beastie Boys reference. Vines wallpaper in Father Joes'. Victim number 8 ID. "God's glory to conceal a thing but the honor of Kings to search out a matter." Proverbs 25: 2. 4955 James address of seizure - quick 911 caduceus ambulance and hexagons.
    Jack Cacyshyn 1A1 swims with women at the pool, "Western" in white surrounded by yellow or red, blue truck license plate ?PC1121 T over A, like tits over ass. Molder, is a mason, he sculpts the plaster, he is always in dark colors, license plate SL8 326 (slate). RMT bus #126 driver says "What are you Nuts?" to Moulder. tAXI (axis) moulder's running down the middle of the road following the yellow lines. Scully wears pearls and a gold cross, sometimes wears white, red hair blue eyes. Father Joe's night gown is covered in star/snow flake octagons. "NO HUNTING", thin red line of blood. "UP Gas Diesel NUTTER'S FEED & ANIMAL SUPPLY" (1957) (1+9+5+7=23) barking dogs
    twin jugs, 08, MM, skull smoking, NO and fish
    Moulder calling Bowman's home, other names listed Gilligan's home, Scully's cell and Shiban's home. Scully gets a halo in her office while considering to play god, only tested on dogs. Print manager says IP: 943.332.12.2. Dried blue/purple flowers in a frame. Decapitated dog head, two headed dog, rot willer I think. W gets placed around a bit
    bad dudes all in white and surrounded by dogs. Boss's name Ski nner, another artisan name. "What's up doc?" to Fox, basket ball and a lens (sherlock).

    and I watched Bolt, I saw 252 there as well, it seriously was the fastest moving subliminal I've ever noticed. My mind literally told me it was important before I even saw it. I've been looking at this # for a few days and I only just watch X-files now. I thought the Joker said 252, but it was 250 52nd street. So weird too, I saw on Yahoo that guy that died at 108 and I knew the factor tree of 108 was important then I saw Newspaceman explain just that in a comment, so weird.

  4. That video is awesome. The music in it is great, Emperor rules, s does Arcturus

  5. no, you have been very important to me in understanding syncs, ive been just silently learning for 2 years, and dedroidify is a huge part of our team, media2017, we did work for greg with the occult of personality site, and its just been so odd that we are all connected, i finally feel comfortable about speaking about syncs, i dont understand many concepts, but im sure that many will fill me in on things im not sure about. i just want to thank you honestly for being such a great explorer and teacher to many of us, i am learning about egypt for the first time at 30, due to your work, along with steve and jake. i hope to work with you somehow, if i could get you a lecture at the university of mn where i live, many different things i see, i just want you to know that you guys are so much more important to the universe than you may ever each know. jung did right with that mind o' yours. and i am thankful for the pleasure of being able to even read and know about the secret sun, labyrinth, and the blob.

    thank you chris.

    enough brown nosing..

  6. I truly am addicted to Justice League. It's quite possibly the most symbolism rich show I've ever seen. Now they're making a film in (2011) correct? A Staple year for comic book flicks indeed, although I haven't seen "The Spirit" yet. Jake says there's some bizarre Cthulhu stuff in there. Thanks again for the VO's Mr. Knowles ~ Very happy with the finished product.

  7. Aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!

    Benjamin Button 07' 17" - the dalmation that had the 18 puppies in the UK last week was called....Button...

    Button as 'fastener' - can be open or closed...a kind of cardigan doorway lol!! - but still a doorway...

    Peacock Angel as worshipped in a cult of that name and is said to be one of the 'Hierarchy of Hell' aka Azazel. Back to Dee, Lovecraft, The Watchers etc:


    "I've drawn from a couple of different sources to put the 'advent' of Azazel into a time frame. One of these sources is the Necronomicon. Many people believe that this work is a complete fiction from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft. There are others who believe that the book 'Liber Logaeth' by Dr. John Dee was Lovecraft's inspiration for the Necronomicon.

    Whatever it's source, the rites of conjuring Watchers include the use of a ritual copper dagger or sword. According to the 'Tales of the Patriarchs' from the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Watchers came down in the time of Jared to take human wives (Col 4). According to my expansion of Gardner's calculations (which appear to me to be about 90 years short) this would put the descent of the Watchers at some time between 3500 and 2500 BCE. Jared lived for 962 years. I believe that the Watchers were around well before this time, but this coincides well with the true beginnings of the Bronze Age. I am also looking at the current dating on the so called 'Noah's Flood' which is today tentatively set at around 4000 BCE. It has been argued that this was a 'localized' flood and not a worldwide catastrophic event - which if such a thing did happen, probably occured around 10,500 BCE at the end of the last Ice Age. All these dates fall within the period of the Copper and Bronze Ages, and so I feel that this is a rather safe assumption as a starting place."



    Damn - I have to go earn some shekels but these are my first thoughts on watching this great piece by Steve and your good self Chris! I'll watch it several times when I get back but I'm seeing 'Barky' as Anubis the Barker the 'opener of ways' opening the door for. . .

    One final thing that stopped me in my tracks in an 'oh my God' moment was the 'caution 9-11' sign over the tunnel in Terminator which even though I've watched that film numerous times I have NEVER noticed the detail in the sign, ever....
    Surely there is enough 9-11 'predictive programming' info to nail the fact that 911 was, indeed, an occult ritual and that a large number of us now recognise this for the truly awful crime that it was.

  8. Obama gracing the cover of Spider-Man certainly DOES place him in the realm of comic resonator.

  9. Fascinating, eh, Todd? Syncs galore but I have a powerful feeling all of those who saw him as some Messiah are going to have a very bad 2009.

    Cheers, Steve- I'm glad I'm not alone in my JLU fixation.

    James, I haven't even scratched the surface on that movie yet! I keep watching it over and over. The problem was is that people were expecting something like the first one, but the new one is very much classic Vancouver-era X-Files.

    Cheers, Suky- I'll look into that wiki page.

    Anony- Synchronicity is part of the next stage of human evolution. Don't ask me why, but I'm sure of it.

    Tommy- Again- give all your props to Steve! He is truly the master.

  10. Mutual backslapping, cringe! ;)

    Your remarks on Strieber are of great interest to me, Chris. (I haven't watched the video yet- will do shortly.) What do you make of him and his work? My own perspective, there is something shamanic about the man which makes his testimony impossible to refute completely. My own encounter with a very real, very alien UFO occurred after a whole evening immersed in Strieber's work- and my imagination isn't strong enough to invent something like that.

    Whatever you think as to its veracity as memoir, Communion is a horror classic; and its sequels are full of solid research too.

  11. Thanks for doing what you do guys... The Spirit is insane. I truly love Eisner and Miller so I went... Samuel Jackson has got thunderbolt for eye brows while wearing a Nazi Black Star uniform and talking eggs(ego). That's just the tip of the ice berg... Fricking nuts.

  12. I think Strieber is an interesting guy. I listen to his podcast, which is what I was referring to- his breathless delivery.

    I'm agnostic on abductions. Jacques Vallee had said there is no compelling physical evidence to support the claims, yet I find it impossible to believe that everyone is making it all up. In many ways, I see sightings and abductions as separate phenomena.

    I like your shamanic tag- perhaps shamanic experience is a good place to go when researching abduction phenomenon.

  13. chris, it was me andy who forgot the name.

    -andy christ

  14. A great video!

    I saw City of Ember at the weekend and it piqued my interest quite quickly, especially when it focused on the lockers 17 and 23.

    News about Obama was on while I write this and i'm informed a special concert is being arranged full of big stars and they shall be playing specially picked songs for them to cover....I can't wait



  15. http://noolmusic.com/comedy_central_videos/chappelles_show_-_real_deep_impact.php

    I don't know if this link will carry, but I have been turned on to it since reading your observations about Obama. The alien reveal is priceless. Synch on!

  16. Human Sacrifice in OZ - I mined this from an email chain....

    Australia offers up 'best job': lounge in paradise

    11 hours ago
    SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — Position: Island caretaker. Duties: Lazing around Australia's Great Barrier Reef for six months. Salary: 150,000 Australian dollars ($100,000).
    Unemployed, take heart — the aforementioned job ad is for real. Billing it the "Best Job in the World," the tourism department in Australia's Queensland state on Tuesday said it was seeking one lucky person to spend half a year relaxing on Hamilton Island, part of the country's Whitsunday Islands, while promoting the island on a blog.
    The move is part of a AU$1.7 million campaign to boost tourism in the state. In exchange for the plush salary, free accommodation in an oceanfront villa and airfare from the winner's home country, the "employee" will be required to stroll the island's white sand beaches, snorkel, maybe take a dip in the pool — and post photos and videos of his or her experiences on a weekly blog.
    "It'll be huge," Tourism Whitsundays chief executive Peter O'Reilly said, adding he expected thousands will apply.
    Applications are open until Feb. 22 and 11 finalists will be flown to Hamilton Island in May for the final selection process. The job begins on July 1.
    On the Net:

    * Best Job in the World: http://www.islandreefjob.com/

  17. FilmNoir23, first thing I thought of when I read about Obama on the Spidey Cover was

    the warning on the Bohemian Club at 624 Taylor in San Francisco - “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here.”



  18. "Whatever you think as to its veracity as memoir, Communion is a horror classic; and its sequels are full of solid research too"

    Oddly enough, the last time I was in Book Nook there were at least 30 copies of that book staring me in the face and I still didn't pick it up.

  19. Avoid the Communion movie at all costs, though. My favorite abduction book is still Intruders, but I do remember liking Communion.

  20. hey chris

    do you know ken hollings work? think it may interest you, esp his podcasts welcome to mars: http://www.simonsound.co.uk/podcasts/marspodcast.xml

    he is doing very similar work to yourself, albeit in his own idiosyncratic manner

    his blog is

  21. yeah the Communion movie is really unwatchable, almost like it was a deliberate foul-up. My own piece on Strieber goes into the shamanic aspects of his experience fairly deeply; if you are interested, it's at Rigorous Intuition, among other spots: http://www.rigorousintuition.ca/board/viewtopic.php?p=172348&highlight=

  22. Thanks Chris,

    Interesting how links to Obama, Jupiter and the Sun crop up in your video. These seem to connect with the BLACKJACK photo story.

    I've posted more BLACKJACK synchs in "There will always be an England".


  23. Yo! Steve?! Since when (or HOW, would be more accurate) does Obama become an Akhenaton look-alike, whose acromegaly, gynecomastia, and ballooning thighs do NOT resonate with our chief executive elect's physiology?

    Christopher, whose name means Light-Bearer, THANK YOU for putting this piece of Mr. Willner's up. Am I to understand that dogs in the roost might syphon some intergalactic powers into one's home? Nice!

    Also, I said it before elsewhere, so here it is again, "TARO ORAT TORA ATOR", secret argot in Hermeticism for "The Tarot Speaks the Law of (the Goddess) Hathor", depicted as a white cow in pre-dynastic Egypt.

    ALSO, there was a split second visual from the terribly truncated Nikelodeon production of Holly Black's & Tony DiTerlizzi's "Spiderwick Chronicles" of a flower sprite, yet there was no mention of what we, the ever-seeking viewing audience, were seeing.

    Be it known that all elements of the elves were taken out of the cinematic rendering OF that series of "children's fantasy" books, totally effacing their importance to what its author/illustrator team of Black & DiTerlizzi had ventured to underscore in the storyline.

    Great work, here. I applaud each of your efforts in assembling the widely dispersed diaspora of puzzle pieces into a comprehensive whole.


  24. Chris, here's some crazy '17' and '33' action for you:

    "The nearly continuous 33-hour observation will be conducted on Jan 15-16 as part of a demonstration at the opening event for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA 2009) in Paris.

    17 telescopes in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, including several operated from The University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Observatory, will take part in the mammoth project."


  25. .....sometimes it feels like, well, these synchronicities are everywhere. And yet while they are, they are not. As much as they are inherent, they are in observation sense, reflective in nature. Outward synchronicities need or take a battery, conduit, and a projector. Or, in this place, it takes something human to connect the dots. And in that sense, those connecting the dots are putting the word,"cult," back into the word culture. In my time spent on the other side of the looking glass, I have always wondered one thing. And that is the age old question of power and servants. Or, are conspiracy types just,"brothers of a different mother," in retrospect to their conspiring brethren. However, I do not yet have an answer for this. What I do know or can see is this. There seems to be a revolving door filled with normal people who are volunteering to control others. Just as there are a good many lining up to be taken care of and or parasitically absorb all they can. Once again, they are both mathematically quite similar in their overall effect(s) on the larger body. As I watch and feel the sand go through the hour glass, I can see them all lining up already. I guess it may be the animalia in the blood matrix. The DNA holds many, many memories. Is all the way it should be or ever could be? Time will tell I suppose. I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

  26. We all need to push for a new Justice League series, cause I'm in serious withdrawel and there's nothing to fill the emptiness! Aaaaaaaaah!