Thursday, January 22, 2009

Memento Mori

This is the first anniversary of Heath Ledger's passing. The timing seems strangely appropriate, in a tragic way...

...but life endures. When all is said and done this remains the indelible image, the greatest testament for me of the man's time on this Earth.

Be a presence of love in other people's lives, and your own life will be celebrated.

UPDATE: Ledger nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Ausur™.


  1. I know your interested in Knights of Templar folk lore and I thought it was interesting that the movie "The International" is being released in theatres on Friday the 13th, which has been said to be the same day the King of France had all the Knights of Templar arrested. And it's interesting because "The International" is a thriller about an interpol agent and a district attorney determined to bring to justice one of the worlds most powerful banks that has been financing war and terror, and the Knights of Templar were powerful banking institution in the middle ages brought to 'justice' on Friday the 13th by King Philip for refusing to give him a loan. I just thought this was interesting and wondered what you think about it.

  2. Thanks for bringing that up. I believe the film is based on the BCCI scandal, but it will be interesting to see if there are any Templar or P2 references or Masonic symbolism in the film. I'll find out when it comes out on DVD!

  3. yo chris, is that first picture Brandon Lee from the Crow?

    What a wonderful post, thanx for helping me out on a tough day.

  4. No, that's Jaz from Killing Joke.

    And you're welcome!

  5. Was Jaz is in a movie or something? What's that pic from? Just a concert? A music video?

  6. It's from this: