Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Follow the Money (into Space)

I'm confused. The New York Times recently has told us we are looking at "The End of the Financial World as We Know It" and possibly even a "Second Great Depression." We're also seeing a collapse in the prices of oil and gasoline. The Times again: "Mr. Robinson said he was unconvinced that oil and gasoline prices would go back up for long. “I think it is too soon to call a bottom in oil or gasoline because demand is falling faster than OPEC is cutting.”

So where is all the capital coming from for these amazing projects in places like Dubai (such as the gigantic pyramid meant to house one million people) or for this massive boom in space technology?

Here's an interesting story on the BBC, "Getting into Space by Broomstick, " about space elevator research. The hook here is that a scientist used a simple device with a broom to show the space elevator principle.

"From my point of view, the space elevator project is important because it enables a far more directly useful project - installation of large space solar power satellites around the Earth to provide continuous, cheap, CO2-neutral, environmentally friendly energy," said Benoit Michel of the Catholic University of Leuven, who attended the conference.

"I firmly believe that the next century will have a large space-based industry and that industry will be the main energy provider for the whole mankind," he added.
Broom, hmm. Interesting symbolism there. The article also pictures the Taipei Tower illuminated obelisk for no apparent good reason.

Speaking of energy providers, here's a recent ad for Emirates, the official airline of Dubai. Fascinating copywriting there, don't you think? Does it mean "We don't really belong here?"

UPDATE: Yahooccultism: "From Sarah Palin to NASA: 2008's Biggest Internet Blunders."


  1. Glaciers in Montana on the Yahoo's news

  2. You got a link, Ratteie? I can't find the story on Yahoo.

  3. it's in the video bin so it didn't come with a link, but let me dig around a little

  4. aha, wish I could hotlink it like you professionals


  5. "disaster...National Treasure...On Thin Ice"

    well that about sums up the video

    the ON or OZ resonator
    the Ice resonating the Milky Way
    the Thin Ice resonating shatter glass
    shatter glass resonates Mind Control
    and the National Treasure line even ties in the Economic "Disaster"

  6. I don't think your Yahoo Occultism link is functioning properly, it took me to your FTP password required section

  7. I was just done viewing the galleries at Robert McCall's page (after reading your previous post), I open a new window to check my mail, and wham. I get a little ad that caught my attention that had the tag line "Your destiny is in the stars". The add went here-> http://www.starwake.net/

  8. Well, there's an internet blunder for you. Not that interesting a story- just the headline.

  9. Wow, pleasant-ish spam mail. All I get is stuff from people with ridiculous names claiming they have millions of pounds waiting to deposit me (I never knew I had that many long-lost family members that all died in a series of spectacular accidents), and badly worded misspelled ads for sexual deviance.

  10. Witches can supposedly fly through the air on broomsticks. There is said to be a "custodial" race of aliens on this planet, which links into the green movement: they certainly wouldn't want their soon-to-be-acquired planet looking like garbage now, would they? We're all just here for the ride, we're passengers, not drivers and we have to get off soon.

    A lot of "them" actually do seem eerily calm during these times.

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  12. In Hoodoo (not exactly an elite mystery religion) you use a broomstick to get rid of bad everyday influences.

    The capital for Dubai etc. was outlayed months or years ago--contracts have already been spent. (The Dubai bubble is bursting though). And don't worry, they have oil just sitting in tankers waiting to off-load when prices spike. That said, they have some very interesting tastes.

    You forgot that the UAE airlines ad is green, as in, Green Sun.

  13. If there is any kind of 'custodial' alien race on this planet, they obviously rule by 'divide and conquer.' They empower one group of humans (the military indistrial complex) and then set them loose on the rest of us. The only thing missing is the faux-benevolent 'coming out' party that Chris alludes to being in the works. Personally I think he's on to something...

  14. When you think about it,we always kinda act like ''aliens'' on this planet.Our constant search for an habitat that is proper to us,the way we shape the environnement to fit in,our meticulous curiosity for other species.I don't know...
    Wanderers,at least.

  15. "Because we are all passengers on this planet."

    "There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew."
    Marshall McLuhan

  16. I'm definitely one of the green ones. I fucking hate anything that isn't green.

    Anyone from a sane world taking a look at this one would conclude the dominant species are worthless based on the 'roads - road transportation vehicles - fuels used' system alone. It's a really obvious viral behaviour, to spend so much time money and effort making something so inefficient that also destroys the land it covers over.

  17. Tommy- my thoughts exactly.

    Anony- I have a feeling it doesn't matter what bubble has burst. The program has been put in place. The Seen from Space program, that is.

    Magnie- I guess all we can hope for is that the MIC will get the same treatment the rest of us do. I don't get the feeling that anyone down here has any real contact with any ETs. Which I think makes a lot of people nervous.

    Anony II- yeah, I'll be getting to the behavior issue in the days to come.

    Droidy- Yeah, but McLuhan was one of THEM! ;-)

    Zuppie- yeah, virus is the best way to look at it. Maybe we are half-breeds and belong nowhere in particular.

  18. hey, you forgot there are trees too. like family tree or the illuminati bloodlines. blood leads us to christ and the sacrifice of lambs leading us to easter time. so right around the springtime i predict something substantial may happen or be disclosed about our offworld masters.

  19. If it is disclosed though, using the phoney systems here to do so (the not-multidimensional systems), then it won't be from any ETs any different from the same fake power structures. There's no way anything worth its salt will put up with being announced or paraded or in any way 'revealed' by the kind of - I'll just refer to it as - blue pill repeat-loop limited consciousness bs; unlike those of us incarnate here, they don't have to worry or bother about things like finance and housing etc.

    Real life is not like a storybook; but people kind of substitute childhood lies (of figures adults make up, which actually block from the consciousness the real 'figures' that can be communicated with) for religious lies, then if they get on top of that they do the same thing with ETs, and try to map possible revelations into the same structure they're used to stories unfolding anything as.

    The point of it is that - it doesn't fit into that limited structure of thinking. It'll never fit it. If you did happen to see a thing like a UFO or a decent video of one, they seem to like to get the observers mind to think outside this sham - so maybe it's a light, but then it does something like change shape, or turn like no aircraft can maneuover, change direction multiple times, become three ships then one again then ten......so its saying something like, "look, how can this be done? I'm doing it, you just saw it - so why doesn't it exist as a normal thing for you? what is the big deal about this kind of thing being limited to your world?" - it's a bit like the intercom in Dude, Where's My Car - the point is in trying to get you to think through the loop far enough, so you see the rest of the information.
    Yes ok then you'll do that - but then what will you do? Flying cars, and then? Inter-galactic travel, and then? Get to the point! Stop just moving a tiny increment at a time, when you're just doing the same thing over and over again, with slight improvements each time.

    You know? I mean, how sad is it, that as a race / species we find it difficult to believe in something such as a flying craft that can perform any sort of movements in the air. Or objects that can change into differently shaped objects. Wow! I'd never have been able to think that up!

    They should just rename this part of history 'The DUH strain'.

  20. Oh hey, just to add this - what's with AI being about computers mimicing aspects of human emotions and suchlike. What's next, are they going to teach computers how to count?

  21. Dubai has partial ownership in the new MGM casino, Aria (!!!) and Vdara here in Las Vegas, so every tourist in America visiting those two places will be contributing directly.

    The Aria name floored me...Aria/Arya, Aryan, Ayerland/Ireland, Atlantis, etc(from Michael Tsarion's works). Perfect!