Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Very Sirius Election: Obama UFO? (UPDATED)

Synchromystic founding father Steve Willner (of the must-see Labyrinth of the Psychonaut) sent me this link. I hadn't seen it before, so let me know if you've seen any interesting discussions on it (the Godlike folks mulled it over). The eternally-vigilant Mr. Willner pointed out the obvious winged sun disk design at the podium, which certainly semiotically links Barack to Horus (and to UFOs, if you subscribe to AAT).

I'm not quite sure what to make of it at all. I'd certainly like to see another copy of this Hardball clip for verification. If nothing else, it's a nice little visual and ties in at least tangentially with the Sirius narrative surrounding Obama. And we are seeing a manufactured controversy in right-wing circles over whether the president-elect is an alien ("President Alien" says the Washington Post on the controversy).

UPDATE: Christ, I'm so slow sometimes. Everyone is talking about Obama as "Barky," but the alleged UFO video here reminds me that Horus has his own (literal) space-ship, which was called a "Bark." This ties directly back to our Stairway to Sirius synch-a-thon. We read of Horus guiding Osiris back to the stars in his Bark in the Pyramid Texts:
O Osiris the King, Horus has lifted you into the Henu bark, he raises you into the Bark of Sokar, for he is a son who raises up his father, O Osiris the King, in your name of Sokar. May you be mighty in Upper Egypt as this Horus through whom you are mighty; may you be mighty in Lower Egypt as this Horus through whom you are mighty, that you may be mighty and protect yourself from your foe.
Utterance 644, line 1824
Of course, the Sokar ties into the kinds of astral travel ceremonies performed in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Which, of course, we saw in some of the Obama iconography. The mind reels.

I've been looking into all of this craziness for over 15 years. I've been doing hardcore Synchromystic analysis in private for at least eight of those. And over and over I can't escape the conclusion that all of this ancient drama has been somehow been hardwired into our DNA. And scientists now believe that DNA is exactly where memory is stored.

UPDATE II: Now it can be asked- Are UFO Fleets acting as Obama bodyguards?

UPDATE III: Please check the comments for some crucial insights by Mr. Willner!

Note: Henderson is just south of Area 51, so maybe this is one of our homegrown numbers...


  1. Chris, those are clearly birds.

    Look at the way they move.

    Mebbe even hawks.

  2. It's birds, it's planes. But is it my imagination or does Obama seem to be looking in that direction?

  3. Chris, thanks again for your comments and posts! Totally agree with your post and comments in the previous post. There is a huge story breaking in Illiois today that I am sure you are aware of-with Obama's seat up for sale-some years ago I think a US author wrote a book about the US Gov't and called it 'A Parliament of Whores' I couldn't agree more with that sentiment! Don't know what to make of the BO UFO yet-I am so glad I am not the only one who checks in on Godlike every now and then!-On an intuitional level-as far as todays breaking story-I have had strange feelings since the election-not necessarily synch feelings-but something inside is telling me that the Obama presidency is a set up for someone else-I was wondering if you or anyone else was getting this? The electoral college-I think meets on Dec 13 and I wonder if some huge scandal is going to take place to disrupt it-who knows-like Michael at Gosporn said if there is an Obama presidency it will be a synchromystic goldmine! Best as always-Devin

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  5. Not to bust any bubbles, but I live in Las Vegas and it should be noted that there is a tremendous amount of air traffic in and around the city, including Henderson, which is SE of MacCarran airport and thus receives most of the commercial flyovers as traffic approaches from the east.

    Also, there are several small airports in Henderson which cater to tourists going to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, both small aircraft and helicopters (man, do we have helicopters here!)

    Furthermore, Nellis AFB is here as well. It is conceivable that there was military air protection for this speech. I've seen many military aircraft over the city as they love to play "We're looking for Terrorists" here.

    So, while I see where we're trying to go with all this, sometimes there are other answers. I don't know for sure. I haven't seen anything odd yet (not for lack of trying!), but I know that sometimes things seem to make it to film that aren't recognized "live". Then again, maybe there's a reason for that...


  6. No bubbles burst, Chad. We're not even sure if that's not a fake. I'm more interested in his podium design than anything else! One thing for certain though, it's not a plane.

    Did I mention that Nellis is an archaic form of Knowles?

  7. Chad

    here's a link for you from 8's I-TEAM about Las Vegas and UFOs


    Keep lookin up!

  8. Great post, chris.


  9. This particular video feels faked to me...

  10. Just a little back story Chris:

    This "sighting" was actually "foreseen" a week prior, by Youtube's Notorious Prophet Yahweh.
    He's the rather bizarre Nevada man who's slogan is UFO's for Obama. He managed to summon "something" on live television here ~


    He lives rather close to Nellis AFB So he could in all likely-hood be a complete fraud.. but again that's not what makes this Sync~nifically important. Obama's Sun God banner takes us directly back to classic Horus winged or horned disk symbolism. So what the video is showing as per the collective mind is: "As above, So Below. The Micro~Macro reflection. It's the same winged disk that can be seen if you look at the Mayan Calender in three conical dimensions ~ and oddly enough can be compared to the new Corpus Clock & Chronophage ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHO1JTNPPOU

    To see the Geometries I'm describing see this:


    Granted the last clip was a little silly ~ but it also highlights how simply the human mind can see one thing ~ when it actually suggests something entirely different.
    Occam's Razor would have you believe that in all instances, be it Christian, Mayan, or Egyptian: The reference to a solar winged disk should be a direct translation to the sun or a loose translation to angles. But what if the majority of these depictions of the "Gods" were truly intended to be recorded evidence of the ancient alien astronauts? And if just one of the countless UFO stories are true, it would seem Mr. Obama's Solar tribe have simply modernized an age old tradition.

    S. Willner

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  12. I wouldn't sweat it, Michael. It's just another detail, another piece of the puzzle. We have no idea what's flying around up there these days, so all we can do is see if it fits into some ritual framework or overarching symbolic narrative as Steve pointed out.

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  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYkZX5ridZE