Monday, December 29, 2008

There is Still Great Beauty in this World

A Sunday sunset lights the sad, gray winter skies on fire. With so much darkness and misery in this world, we all need these moments of beauty. There is a message here, sent in a language we don't yet understand. Or can't quite articulate, at least. It gives me hope.

Photo taken by my better half.


  1. Thanks for this Christopher-not only do we need the beauty-but in my opinion we need the mysteries in life also. I hope you and yours are doing great!

  2. and it was warm too

    I did an interesting wikipedia search on Christopher Knowles which came up with a poet, then led me to Robert Wilson the playwright and Einstein on the Beach by Phillip Glass. Which made me think of you and Robert Anton Wilson.

  3. Hello sir.... Thankyou for everything that you have done... Including the inspiration here in this post.... I have been noticing Ferriswheels like crazy and it is comforting to see them creeping into your KKonsciousness as well.

    Love and Thanks

  4. Cheers Guys- just trying to help, as best I can!

    James- my old boss was best friends with Philip Glass- she used to have me run down to his townhouse all the time to drop things off. The first time I met her she brought up that CK. Seems to be a fairly common name, which is why I keep toying with the idea of using my full name.

  5. Clouds

  6. not long before triangular crafts cut through chemtrails

  7. Philip Glass... the only composer to write an opera about alien abduction. The mystical nature of his works seems very appropriate for the topics discussed here.


  8. Well, Jason, don't it just figure- that opera premiered at the same time I started that job that led me to making Mr Glass' acquaintance. Ain't it a funny old world?

  9. "not long before triangular crafts cut through chemtrails"

    So true..

  10. Beauty-full!

    I think Eckhart Tolle articulates this language very well in his book "A new earth".
    It's the language of the Now, or the Flow, or Fate, Syncronicity, Being, Existance.

    Wich there are no words for, only perception.