Sunday, December 07, 2008

Seen From Space: A Secret Temple?

I'm not exactly sure what to make of any of this, but the news story certainly plays straight into recent memes- a British archaeologist spots massive stone carvings in the Andes from satellite photos, and the use of a secret Arabian alphabet there as well.

Here's a gallery showing the shapes highlighted, which are difficult to ascertain in the video. Again, not exactly sure where this is all going, but it's still more "seen from space" news coming at you in these very strange and exciting times.

Bonus British Meme Tickling: "World Must Tackle Space Threat."


  1. Hmmm...

    You could see almost anything in that. I saw several shapes they didn't mention, like a human face at one point.

  2. Yeah, I agree. But it's the timing and the nature of the story that interest me. Which you can pretty much say about everything I write about on this blog...

  3. As "Anonymous" wrote it was pretty amorphous at first sight in the video, but the gallery did provide a clear definition of the outline of what they think is carved there.
    Quite fascinating.

    Even if the complex is bogus yet ties into your recent musings I'm very interested if a translation is ever provided of the characters they say are some form of ancient Arabian dialect.
    I feel that it could be key to the nature of this story.

    I've jotted them down and I'll let you know if I can come up with anything.
    But I'm no philologist so I'm not holding out too much hope.

  4. whatever the 'altar stone' inscription means in ancientese, in mod english it spells 'mary'

    the 'm' is abbreviated as a tuningfork, open toward earth, the 'a' doubles as 4, thus "For Mary"

    har har, cheers ck

  5. "Archaeology from the Dark Side," as it were... I see more and more of this sensationalist symbolism as time marches on. It is more a way to entrap the potentially-skeptical/rational minds of people into a semblance of "The Secret"-style of thinking. Which is to say, NOT thinking at all.

  6. I'm quite sure we don't get to see the same resolution images that "the scientist" who made the discovery saw.

    We don't have the same access (as does scientist and military) to the very high resolution EOS like QuickBird or WorldView-1.

    Perhaps this story is just a way to benignly out some of the ancient/hidden/covered-up history of the Earth and its ancient civilizations.

    Much like I've heard the equating the inCa (of Peru in this instance) and the Cain of the mid-east,
    Or exploring the origins of the Phoenician writings on mountains of Utah or Egyptian in the Grand Canyon and even the Native American legends of the great savior spirit Manitou (Man Utu)

    Personally I do enjoy the stories and tales transcribed on the 14 tablets of Enki and the Enuma Elish

  7. Interesting. A closer examination of the rock is in order to look for the kind of chipping stone tools will leave and/or the kind of evidence workers would leave behind.

    A preliminary examination by a trained team would most likely uphold or debunk the findings.

  8. Airforce,
    That would make sense unless of course it was done with technology not currently known to the public.

    In which case, the "trained team" would then be "forced" to dismiss the idea that an ancient civilization employed technology (perhaps even something as simple as LASER) that 'we' do not generally have access to today or that would contradict the official history.

    That is the way of the 'scientist' in today's world - Money, grants, tenure, peer ridicule, gov't NDA, all keep the "trained teams" in lock-step to the official line (and sometimes even goose-step).

  9. airforce1949
    if you need an example go read

    And yet, dr. ZH can go on Coast to Coast and offhandedly dismiss any talk of chambers under the Sphinx, advanced technologies and craft or ancient DNA modification technology employed by the ancient builders of these monuments.

    Everything on the page in that link is true. I have been there and witnessed it and experienced it with my own two eyes.

    I can also tell you that access to some areas 'forbidden' to the public did require bribes.

    But I assure you all discoveries, the true history-changing discoveries, are quickly buried and dismissed as fiction or the scientist ridiculed for the discovery.

    A quick conversation, off the record of course, with "King Horus", Dr. Farouk El-Baz of BU, would confirm all these and more.

  10. I have to reluctantly say that it all looks like pareidolia to me. Unfortunately, I suspect anyone climbing up there will find just natural weathering, and nothing more.

  11. This is the equivalent of seeing the shapes of faces in the clouds.

  12. Again, the story here is what's interesting, not what it is actually reporting. This whole idea of ancient objects viewed from space is a meme we seem to be steering towards lately.

  13. The video raises more questions as much more appears to be observed prior to the zoom in. For those into large geographical images found in significant historical sites see:

    Can anyone provide contact info on the archeologist?

  14. I actually see three faces, one with a longer face is in between and slightly north of the "god" and "venus".