Friday, December 05, 2008

OOPA for Beginners

Here's a pretty decent primer on AAT in regards to OOP Artifacts given by Jason Martell. This ties into some of the things Henrik and I will be discussing on Saturday, so if you're not conversant with this material this is a fine place to start.


  1. i'm quite excited to hear you on red ice radio as i've taken an interest in your particular syncs & research.

    if this is the primer, it should be a great interview.

  2. thanks for sharing this video, Chris. I believe he misspoke a few times in the talk, for example he states that the megalith at Baalbek weighs 100,000 tons- I believe he meant a thousand tons. Still, the point is well taken- even with our modern technology we cannot work with stones of such massive weight.

    This area of speculation is infinitely fascinating. Although I'm still not completely convinced whether to take these ancient myths literally or metaphorically the overarching message from the archeological evidence is crystal clear- we are not the apex of civilization that many of us believe we are. And it's high time we put that myth to bed for good. A little humility and perspective might do us some good in these trying times we find ourselves in.

  3. These 'ooparts' are one of the most fascinating areas of fortean and historical research I think!
    Best to you!-Devin