Saturday, December 20, 2008

A League of Our Own

Must-watch clip from "Ancient History"

Check out Droidy's blog- he's been all over the Justice League Unlimited lately. He picks out some tasty tidbits that might interest weirdness buffs, and then looks at the Jack Kirby Stargate we looked at a while back. It's really fascinating to see all of this Kirby wackitude from my childhood warping the brains of today's youth. Ol' Jack must be smiling. Now where's that damn Kamandi cartoon, Mr. Timm?

Here's an archive of my JLU ravings ("best...cartoon...ever!"). If you need gift suggestions, both seasons of JLU are on DVD. Not only very entertaining, but jam-packed with weirdness and symbolism.

Speaking of Natii Sol Invicti, I'm pushing forward the John the Baptist e-book until March 17. I've recently gotten my sweaty mitts on some new information that I need to process, so you can read all about Saint Oannes the Amphibious while drinking your green beer.

Phew, what a week. Still so much going on, still so many megaposts in the pipeline. Stay tuned, there is so much more to come.