Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Very Sirius Election: McCain's 13-Step Program

UPDATE: For those unfamiliar with Masonic symbolism and history, you can find Mackey's Encyclopedia as well as Morals and Dogma and some other excellent resources in searchable format here on It will greatly help if you don't know anything about the Masonic traditions and symbolism we're looking at in this series.

Michael S. pointed this out and I just wanted to take the ball and run with it. We see here a new twist on the McCain/Palin Sirius logo- here the pyramidion is more obviously an obelisk, topped by the five-pointed star. In back we see the stairway motif of the flag's stripes hovering above McCain's head. What did McCain say to the crowd? Here's a brief excerpt:
"A century ago, President Theodore Roosevelt's invitation of Booker T. Washington to dine at the White House was taken as an outrage in many quarters."
It's interesting to note that the two historical figures McCain chose to cite were both very prominent Freemasons.

Now, remember that the obelisk is meant to symbolize the solar phallus of Ra and that the star represents the goddess Isis.


Pretty explicit there, wouldn't you say?

Earlier this year we looked at new research revealing Ra as the god of a green sun, and we later linked Ra to the infamous Great Seal. Seeing as that there are thirteen steps in this pyramid and thirteen stripes in the flag, we might speculate that the stripes in Obama's logo are indeed meant to symbolize a stairway. One that, if we look at the symbolism in Phoenix, Senator McCain is not meant to climb.

You know, there's a lot of information out there about Masonic symbolism and its uses in politics, but a lot of it is written by con$piracy huck$ters and paranoia pimps. A lot of it's just plain wrong. Not too long ago I was writing Freemasonry's obituary in the cultural sphere, but I think I was a bit premature. For someone who started out studying Masonic symbolism in a historical context, it's pretty astonishing to see it played in real time like this. Allegedly.

Tomorow, we'll try to piece together what it all may mean. The implications of it all are pretty astonishing...


  1. It seems to be symbolizing the two pillars, Boaz and Jachin. I'm pretty sure I've seen them represented before with stars atop as well; most times it's a globe though.

    As far as what to call them, "Illuminati" is confusing. I wouldn't call them the "Power Elite" either - it's their gurus. What we are dealing with is akin to the "Unknown Superiors" of the Martinists, the Strict Observance and the Golden and Rosy Cross back in the heyday of occult Freemasonry. The keepers and manipulators of symbols - the adepts of the authentic tradition.

  2. There does seem to be a lot hucksters these days. I was watching these awesome videos about symbolism in movies. He's into synchronicity. This guy is really popular on youtube. Then I went to his website and he's selling this bogus cure for everything that has gold in it and asking for money to watch full videos of his conspiracy theories. I'm seeing a rise in this kind of behavior. I think more people are seeking now and people are taking advantage of that.

    I like your website because you seem like a humble person. I think your anima and animus are in balance more than some people I read. And you make a great David Icke. Best wishes.

    -Bird for a head

  3. Cheese- the huck$ters use the time honored techniques of the media- scare the crap out of everyone and then "empower" them by selling them trinkets and snake oil.

    Terry, I'll weigh in with my grand unified theory on it all tomorrow. I'll probably look like a dunce, but hey. Life is short.

  4. That's great. The symbols are all hiding in plain sight, if we can see them, and then read them. I look forward to your reading...

  5. I do like the blog, but for me, all of the masonic connections seem a little like grasping at straws. Neither Mccain or Obama are masons. With a little looking I am sure you could find that out for yourself.

  6. If I remember my comparative mythology correctly, Isis was analogous to Ishtar from Sumeria, who in some circles was also analogous to Lilith, Adam's first consort in Eden.

    According to rabbinical lore Lilith managed to seduce the name of G-d from Shemyaza, one of the 2 leaders of the fallen angel 'watchers' from the book of Enoch. She then used this knowledge to escape from Adam when he demanded she be on the bottom during the sex act (which she took to mean subservience).

    Shemyaza according to one version of events was hung upside down and had one of his eyes poked out to punish him for revealing the name of G-d. Kinda matches the one eye of Horus tale just a tad.

    From a symbolic sense, if you take the representations of Isis/Lillith a.k.a. Columbia where she holds a torch you can see how having the name of G-d would be akin to wielding divine power. And in Egyptian lore Isis is the gal 'on top,' even when her man the 'O' is cut into pieces.

    Maybe I'm reaching for it a bit, but it looks to me like all this supposed 'masonic' symbolism or whatever is just retelling the story of the fall of man and the coming of the Watchers (a.k.a. Nephilim). The Watchers presided over a global civilization, as all inhabited continents have tales of their arrival and mating with women.

    Ms. Obama's dress with triangles pointing towards each other looks tome like a symbol of the 'as above' coming to meet the 'so below' again, the union of male and female power symbolized in the hexagram. In other words, it's a statement that the big boys will soon be back - just in time for 2012, even!

    Your thoughts would be most instructive, Chris.

  7. "With a little looking I am sure you could find that out for yourself."

    Actually, no. Whether it is a little looking or a whole lot, the answer will not be forthcoming. Unless they themselves admit it, we will not know. The Masons do not have to reveal their membership; there are no official lists; and any serious poking around (say inquiries to the secretary of a Grand Lodge) will end up with nil. When they're dead, it's a different story. McCain's obituary (as is customary), I am quite sure, will include some revealing associations heretofore unknown.

  8. All excellent points, Terry. Thank you.

    Magnus- check this space tomorrow! You won't be disappointed. (I'm just sure what time right now...)

  9. Hi Christopher, you may be interested in having a look at the cover of LACityBeat this week and the reference in the lead story to Obama having joked on October 16th, “I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the Planet Earth.”