Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sirius Star: "Mothership" Sunk

With the War on Terror winding down, the world has a new war to unite around- the War on Pirates. Here's the latest from the front:

An Indian navy warship has destroyed a suspected Somali pirate vessel after it came under attack in the Gulf of Aden. INS Tabar sank the pirate "mother ship" after it failed to stop for investigation and opened fire instead, an Indian navy statement said. There has been a surge in piracy incidents off the coast of Somalia.- BBC

A bit of info on the Indian battleship:
On 11 November (11/11- CK) 2008 the MV Jag Arnav, a 38,265-tonne bulk carrier owned by the Mumbai-based Great Eastern Shipping Company, called for assistance when pirates tried to board the ship. INS Tabar, which was about 25 nautical miles away at the time of the distress call, rushed to the scene in a Chetak helicopter carrying a team of MARCOS (Indian Navy Marine Commandos) and successfully thwarted the hijack attempt.
We're seeing a lot of twin numbers in this whole saga. Remember that Sirius is a binary star. A fact which I'm beginning to believe may lie at the root of all of the twin/dual symbolism we see in esotericism...

UPDATE: Now Syria's in the news...


  1. got a new credit card today ,expires 11/11


    the boat synchs - had to happen

  2. Pirates and Templars and Skulls - Oh My!

  3. Hi there,

    It's interesting that with all the buzz about Barrack Obama supposedly being Muslim, the nasty insinuations about his middle name "Hussein," and the cheap, banal, and schadenfreudish (not a word, I know) speculation about the destiny waiting for him, no one has taken any time to look at the implications of that name in the context of Islamic myth and history.

    In the early history of Islam, Hussein was the son-in-law of the prophet. He was a particularly handsome (Hussein actually means handsome or beautiful in Arabic), charismatic, and righteous leader, with excellent claims to the caliphate. His relationship with the prophet and his family might be loosely compared to that between Obama and the Kennedys, w/o the marriage part.

    Initially, his claims to the caliphate were supported by the powers that be, but he fell out of favor. He and his followers were betrayed and slaughtered at Karbala in what is now Iraq, which you may have heard of as a Shi'i pilgrimage site. That's why.

    The parallels seem pretty obvious to me, as are the parallels to many other myths and stories in a variety of traditions.

    BTW, I listened to your interview on Vyzygoth. You briefly mentioned the Council on Foreign Relations. Has anyone taken notice of the fact that CFR is an anagram of the intials for Fraternitas Rosae Crucis?

  4. ...or "CFR" as "cypher" for that matter...

    Christopher, I've just recently gotten around to listening to your interview with Vyz...very interesting, particularly the second hour.

  5. Chris and friends-
    I draw your attention briefly to another ship - Star Trek's NCC-1701 Enterprise. Just saw it in the new Star Trek Movie trailer which is out on the Star Trek Movie site. Gotta say the trailer is awesome. Absolutely thrilling. Young Kirk, Uhura, Zulu, wow..
    But Chris, while watching, I was reminded of your analysis of the Trek world as essentially a Military dictatorship. I agree with that view, and it's even born out in the preview trailer. The presentation basically introduces the viewer to the young 'misfit' Kirk, and young misfit named Spock, and shows how their lives, and those of the other familiar young crew members become suddenly exciting and fulfilling once they join the Federation and it's quest to pacify, er, I mean, explore the galaxy. Scenes of exciting space battles and torrid romance abound. I'm a Trekkie, and yes, I WILL SEE THIS FILM...but certainly the fun is tempered by what I suspect might be this movie's actual purpose, which is a glossy, thrilling recruitment tool for the New World Order also known as Starfleet and the Federation. I hope you'll watch the trailer and share your thoughts. Who knew Fascism would be so much fun??

  6. I was listening to NPR this morning while waking up, and was struck by their description of the pirate "mothership". So much so that I made sure my gf was awake and said, "did you hear what I just heard?", to which she replied, "you mean *mothership*, wtf?"

    What the f*%k, indeed.

    It seems to be a deliberate meme.

    Incidentally, I'm new to your site and I'm enjoying it very much.