Monday, November 24, 2008

CNN Does the "UFO Thing" This Week

CNN does the old obligatory-ridiculing-of-UFO-researchers routine this week on American Morning. Won't be anything new, but may be interesting for your media studies purposes.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Like you said if nothing else this will be useful for media studies. The UFO phenomenon has long fascinated me. I remember reading Jung's take on the topic and Jacques Vallee's stunning amount of work on the subject. I think the phenomenon is related to many other things. I think one of the most interesting hypothesis is that they are ultra-terrestrials-from here and yet not from here. Thanks again for your great blog!-Devin

  2. Devin, both Jung and Vallee give us very important pieces of the puzzle and speak to how this phenomenon profoundly affects our psyches. As I wrote on this blog I had the great privilege to attend a private conference with Jacques in June and it changed the course of my research.

    The Ultradimensional theory seems to me to describe perhaps the way these beings travel, maybe more than where they live.

    I'm sure that CNN probably will steer clear of the really compelling evidence and give the last word to the skepti-shills.

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  4. Hi, Christopher. How does one email you through the site? I don't see your email address listed anywhere.


  5. Whether THEY are here and underground, like some Bulwer-Lytton VRIL or Admiral Byrd's Arianni, or inter-planetary, inter-stellar, inter-galactic, or inter-dimensional - a final and definitive *official announcement* that "We Are Not the Lone Intelligent Species in the Uni-Multi-verse" has become absolutely necessary for our social and scientific advancement and progress as a species.

    The real and widespread truth of this matter is in fact the *only true Way* that we will ever really advance, without some horrific mass destruction and societal reset, beyond the juvenile mindset of "Yes ~I~ Can" to a very real "Yes ~WE~ Can" and make another progressive step in our physical journey and evolution from individual to community.

    The final and definitive "knowing" provides every one of us with a brand new, wonderous hope for something greater in our lives. It takes our hopes and thoughts to new places and adventures and accomplishments beyond our current stagnating cycle of birth, life, work, consumption, taxes, and death within an insignificant blue sphere spinning around a yellow star somewhere in the unknown expanse of our physical universe.

    While such a widespread release of this knowledge is something scary, with both opportunity and many many new challenges, for the 'masters of our universe', I'm quite sure even they must finally admit its necessity.

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  7. If and when there is anything resembling disclosure, I probably won't believe what I am being told. Disclosure will only come when it serves the manipulation and control of the masses.

  8. Agreed. A lot of people in the UFO community talk about disclosure, but what's the point?