Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Comfortably Numb

I didn't vote and I'm feeling pretty good about that. The fact is that I hate politics and only pay intention when it intrudes in on my life. George Will spilled the beans on national TV a few weeks back when he explained that people vote not for or against the elites, but they vote to determine which elite will run the show. I've known that for years, so it was refreshing to see it finally acknowledged by a major pundit.

I didn't really feel anything about the Election last night and I don't feel much today. I'm not a big fan of the Democratic Party per se, but seeing as how the Republican Party has become the New Confederate Party, I'm not sorry to see that sorry-ass bunch kicked to the curb. But here's the bitter truth- parties don't matter anymore. You'd expect Warren Buffet and the rest of the plutocrats in Obama's brain trust to be Republicans, at least out of cultural affinity. But the GOP is now the Sarah Palin Party and will be for many, many years to come. The money men realize that nothing will be accomplished dealing with that pack of dimwits.

As always, I'm all about the symbols and am cautiously optimistic some new symbols may come to the fore. I'm tired of "the Flag and the Fetus" (as Bloom puts it) and I'm sure nearly everyone else is as well. I'm sick to death of warmongering and gay bashing, and I'm sick of Anti-Intellectualism and all of the Neo-Mithraic Christo-Heathenism that's come to define the country for the past 40 years. Whether Obama is a good, bad or indifferent president, I'm cautiously optimistic that we can start to put all of that behind us. And that includes any leftover short-wave/ham radio hate-mongering bullshit that still unconsciously lingers in the Synchromystic community.


  1. Please, help me understand how a synchromystic who understands the interrelatedness of all phenomena believes that politics does not constantly interfere with his life.

  2. Hmm, let me work on that one. That wouldn't be a koan or something, right?

  3. Hey Chris,

    I do agree--Humanity is ready to set aside all the crap that has been "pitted against us" for divide and conquer purposes. At least, a good many of us are. Those that still believe the system works--well, I guess that doesn't necessarily make them negative or bad people, just not aware.

    I know I am ready to "get off the rollercoaster ride" the Eugenics religion has contributed to society, well socially engineered it to suit. I try to look at everything from all angles and the angle not approached at T.H.A. but I am well sick of conspiracies and lies and want to see it all brought into the limelight, exposed, and then set aside to start building anew.

    Be well!

  4. Well, it could be a koan! If it isn't we should work on it. I just don't know how we avoid socio-economic causality. If you figure it out, I would love to know. But then you will be the Buddha and dissapear into the ether and it will be too late, and everyone will be sad, but strangely happy because that means they might be able to one day.

  5. I can tune out the symbols. I mean politics on a more practical scale- like my kids not getting drafted to die for "democracy" in the Middle East. Or not being hit with punitive Federal taxes, particularly since I live in one of those blue states that subsidizes the red states (I guess Socialism is OK in that case). Or not getting hauled into a Homeland Security center for blogging the wrong opinions. That kind of thing.

    Otherwise, I'm really easy-going about it all. Generally center-right with a deep Libertarian streak but with a deep hatred of the current GOP.

  6. I understand. Politics is one of those words that has too many meanings to be generally useful.

    This is my position if anyone cares:

    Actually, it's my position even if you don't care! Ha!

    Now, can someone explain the Thothy eagle?

  7. I'm with you! Lets evolve for Pete's sake, and our own, of course. Looking forward to your book.

  8. I also did not vote. Im proud as well, i think it would be irresponsible for me to actually go as far as to elect a dictator(not an exageration) whom I wouldnt trust my own life or my childrens and familys security. These people are not in my tribe, their tribe is nutz, and hopefully theyll make it back to their 2nd sun or something within the next 4 years and their politics wont meddle in MY POLITICS. I am a synchromystic who sees these global politics as an interference with what would be the politics of my landbase and regional community, I plan on developing a stronger state of local dependence as far as food and other means goes in the time to come but for now they are meddling in my shit. So im not gonna vote a dictator into power and party with his party and supporters, when hes gonna have paramilitary storm-troopers rolling down my block and his army is training my brothers for Martial Law on our soil right now. Mccain supporter arrested at Barack celebrations at city hall Philly PA for wearing a Mccain-Palin shirt.

    Keep the great work comin, im siked on John the baptist, or should i say enki?