Saturday, November 01, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Shadow of the Hawk

Of course, The X-Files is at the peak of my all-time TV Top 10, but Justice League and Batman Beyond are certainly inching into the the Top 5. Why, you say, aren't they just kiddie shows? Well, not exactly- the DC Tooniverse attracts a pretty wide age range (Fox ran the 90s Batman cartoon in prime time for a while). And it seems these days shows aimed at younger viewers are where all the semiotic action is.

Like this clip from "Shadow of the Hawk." How can I possibly resist a show that features character designs from my favorite contemporary cartoonist, Jungian depth psychology and Ancient Astronaut Theory? The answer is I can't. And this is just a speck of dust on the tip of the semiotic iceberg with this series.

Do yourself a favor and get all of the seasons on DVD- if you like, you can start with the last two seasons (retitled Justice League Unlimited) that dig deep into DC's long history (and often Marvel's as well!). The writing is tight as a drum and the animation is absolutely gorgeous- just a step or two below feature animation. And if you're down with Synchromysticism and the rest you'll find yourselves a treasure trove (Skaggsie is hip to the JLU tip on Hidden Agendas).

Bonus factoid: The voice actor for Hawkman and the Shadow Thief is James Remar, who played the villain in "Daemonicus," the episode of The X-Files that was being filmed on 9/11.