Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Try To Remember

Supplemental to Steve and Jake's latest video...

But because of all these things which happened to me,
my parents perceived my oppression,
and were grieved for me.
And they wrote a letter to me,
and every noble signed his name on it

"From your father, the king of kings,
and your mother, the governor of the East,
and from your brother, our second in command,
to you, our son, who is in Egypt, peace.
Awake and arise from your sleep,
and hear the words of our letter.
Remember that you are a son of kings,
consider the slavery you are serving.
Remember the pearl,
on account of which you were sent to Egypt.
Think of your glorious garment,
remember your splendid toga,
which you will put on and wear
when your name is called out from the book of the combatants,
And with your brother, our viceroy,
With him, you will be in our kingdom."

I remembered that I was a son of kings,
and my free soul longed for its natural state.
I remembered the pearl,
on account of which I was sent to Egypt.
Then I began charming it,
the formidable and hissing serpent.
I caused it to slumber and to fall asleep,
for my father's name I named over it,
and the name of our second in command,
and of my mother, the queen of the East.
Then I snatched away the pearl,
and I turned to go back to my father's house.
And their filthy and unclean clothing,
I stripped off and left it in their country.


  1. Excellent!

    Hope all is well


  2. Hey Chris ~ Thanks for this.. I think I saw Kermit the frog in the last vid! Kemit (Egypt) shows the correlation between Kemetian deities with each spehere, the 1st emanation being Ausar (often depicted green) the god of the underworld which also corresponds to the formless
    subconscious. Peace ~ S. Willner

  3. Cheers, boys.

    Steve, Osiris is also identified with the amphibian god Oannes, who we know today as John the Baptist.

  4. Good correlation there CK,
    I was thinking recently about Jennifer Connely and the staring at the ocean scenes that seem to attract her(x4), so i saw Vadim Perelman`s House of Sand and Fog which bthw is jam packed with symbols and alegory. Folowing your line of thought i later identified Connely with a (not so) popular godess figure, so maybe you would like to throw a brief look into that, if not see the movie if you havent allready, excellence.
    Wikiped:"In Perleman's mind, “the bitch goddess of commercials” was always simply a step towards his long-term goal of becoming a feature filmmaker."
    I havent yet seen The Life before her eyes, but i can wager a guess what it is about.
    Cheers and good health,

  5. Unrelated, but have you seen the czech movie "Year of the Devil(2002)" with J.Coleman? It`s on youtube in 8 parts, couldnt find it anywhere else..
    Something you might enjoy viewing