Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Americans Leaving Churches in Droves"

Here's an interesting article
on the collapse of the corporatist church in America. It's written by a right wing Protestant, and offers outsiders an interesting glimpse at the various flavors of "Evangelical" religion in America. Having grown up in a conservative church (in the traditional sense of the word, our church was partnered with the local Nazarene college), I remember when the pre-packaged Evangelical movement began to seep into other congregations. Even the Catholic Church was not immune- I attended Charismatic meetings at Sacred Heart at the behest of my then-girlfriend. Many traditional churches were unable to compete and collapsed under the well-financed "Evangelical" onslaught (which was a wholly-owned subsidiary of a small cadre of plutocrats).

Go read the article. It's fascinating to see the various reactions of people who wake up in horror and realize how much of their lives they've invested in the entertainment wing of the Republican Party.