Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scottish Sunday: Grant Morrison

Since I'm in the middle of my annual midsummer geek relapse, I thought it would be a good time for Glaswegian Grant Morrison to make an appearance on Scottish Sunday. Also, if we do have any actual Scots reading this (or Ken Loach, maybe), maybe you can translate some of Grant's interviews into recognizable English for us. Very interesting little interview here, though I'm not reading any of the books in question (I'm done with the whole monthlies thing).

This is a short excerpt from the Disnfo extravaganza from a few years back. Here Grant expounds on his chaos magick work, which he incorporated in his landmark series, The Invisibles. My favorite Grant Morrison comic is an odd choice, Batman: Gothic, in which Batsy battles an immortal monk who sold his soul to Satan. My second favorite is the first volume of All-Star Superman, which really plays into the whole sungod mythos.

My favorite single yarn of his is "How I Became Invisible," a terrifyingly believable story of a secret railroad that brings political dissidents to remote concentration camps.

Just to line the syncs all up in a pretty row, here's Morrison speaking on Heath Ledger's Joker diary...