Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scottish Sunday: Grant Morrison

Since I'm in the middle of my annual midsummer geek relapse, I thought it would be a good time for Glaswegian Grant Morrison to make an appearance on Scottish Sunday. Also, if we do have any actual Scots reading this (or Ken Loach, maybe), maybe you can translate some of Grant's interviews into recognizable English for us. Very interesting little interview here, though I'm not reading any of the books in question (I'm done with the whole monthlies thing).

This is a short excerpt from the Disnfo extravaganza from a few years back. Here Grant expounds on his chaos magick work, which he incorporated in his landmark series, The Invisibles. My favorite Grant Morrison comic is an odd choice, Batman: Gothic, in which Batsy battles an immortal monk who sold his soul to Satan. My second favorite is the first volume of All-Star Superman, which really plays into the whole sungod mythos.

My favorite single yarn of his is "How I Became Invisible," a terrifyingly believable story of a secret railroad that brings political dissidents to remote concentration camps.

Just to line the syncs all up in a pretty row, here's Morrison speaking on Heath Ledger's Joker diary...


  1. Interesting video where he talks about chaos magick and siguls. The first time I heard of siguls was in Stephen King's "The Dark Tower". THe main bad guy, the Crimson King, had a sigul of an eye.

  2. Hehe, I can understand his sco'ish rather well, whattayawannakneuow? ;p

  3. Being Scottish, I'd be happy to iron out any accent related miscomprehensions there Chris, but like I've said here before I'm on dial-up so videos are out of the question for me.

  4. Do you ever worry, Chris, that you, personally, witlessly wield power by assembling these psychologically deep-seated ideas and symbols, essentially bringing them to convergences?

    I regularly find myself disturbed by, not necessarily the individual posts, but by the synergistic effects, especially how they extend into my own pursuits. I suspect, by reading comments, others who read your blog regularly experience these same disturbances.

    I don't know if it's good or bad, but it "feels" undisciplined, out of control, and it's eerie.

  5. I'm not sure how I should respond to that, Mornie. Especially since I'm not sure what you yourself are referring to in this instance.

  6. Eeep, enough with the "Mornie."

    In this instance, I made generalities, because it seems these posts and the attendant comments are drilling down into folks' personal experiences; I know they are into mine, and thought it better to generalize in this venue.

    Remember a few posts back, you said something about comics and the caricatures representing psychological truths? That's related to this.

    I was suggesting that, you, by reaching out with your own particular sensibility, pulling these symbols together in new, potentially powerful combinations, tend to exert an influence on your readers, which may or may not be matched by another blogger, particularly one who is not playing with such potent forces, such as the symbolism of psychological truths.

    Maybe it's just me, a creampuff who is too much effected by "synchronicities" (how I'm beginning to hate that word, painted all over the blogosphere like bad graffiti).

    See what I'm saying, though?

  7. Well, I'm not trying to do anything but entertain and enlighten, really. I really can't control how other people react to what I do. I'm not trying to mess with anyone's head, believe me. I'm basically just sharing my discoveries, which can boggle my mind as much as the next person's.

  8. I think it's safe to say that dwelling on any 'unexplained' and esoteric topics carries risks to psychological health; not because it's wrong to do so, but because of the extent to which the 'conspiracy' goes in order to bend peoples minds and wills to think in specific ways.

    For example: though Chris isn't intending it to (well I hopes he isn't), the mere fact that he writes publicly about such topics is going to be noticed by the 'conspiracy' and it will try to use it to its usual ends. In observing a thing the thing becomes amplified and if we aren't aware this is going on, then indeed we become promoters of exactly the agenda being outlined here, be it a one world religion or whatever. Our focusing on it advertises it as a existing legitimate thing. Unless of course - we know it is doing that and we comment upon that too.

    On a different note - does anyone know what article here I put my comment to about my Kabbalah related investigations and the pi movie etc? I can't bloody well find it now....