Monday, August 11, 2008

Return of the Joker

I've been stoking my Bruce Timm obsession by watching DVDs of the Justice League and Batman and the like while I work (using my peripherals!). I have to say it again, these cartoons are by far my favorite versions of the DCU. I also picked up the Gotham Knight DVD, and while greatly impressed with the animation, I wasn't as impressed with the overly serious writing. And if you're looking for sync winks, the Justice League cartoons will certainly keep you busy.

As will this cartoon, Return of the Joker. I'm not going to spoil the twist ending here, but I think anyone working on the Heath Ledger/Joker phenomenon might do well to pick this one up. And I must say that I am amazed at how compelling these cartoons all were, seeing how they were ostensibly written for children. It goes to show that good storytelling doesn't always need cursing and maiming and gun-totin' trannie whores to entertain and enlighten. Take a look at this clip and tell me it doesn't get under your skin. Let me add that this version of the death of the Joker is an alternate version. Both are very much worth taking a look at.

UPDATE: Droidy found this clip, syncing up the Joker and the Heavenly Beam. Special guest appearance by Anubis as Batman Beyond's (22) protector. It's a Semiotic Stew!


  1. What's on my mind after that great clip is Maggy Gyllenhaal would have been a hot Harley Quinn ;p

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  3. The Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is pretty good too, I love Mark Hamill's joker(s)
    featuring the heavenly beam.

  4. On the topic of Maggy Gyllenhaal ... I have thought for a while that her character never actually died in the Dark Knight, but will live on as perhaps a Harley Quinn-type character in order for the Joker to 'live on'.

    It's just that many of my friends and I watching the movie didn't think that it actually showed her dying/dead (there was only (?) and explosion behind her) so... yeah...

  5. Story does not need a prolific amount of four letter expletives to convey emotion. I do wish more screenwriters would study the art of comic books just as I wish more draftsmen or comic book writers would study the great scripts. The great ones on each side either do study both or perhaps they were born with a,"story," gene in them or something. In some film schools, USC for one, there are classes which lead to a major in video games. Seemingly a happy marriage of Comic and Film with an added twist of storyboarding possibilities. Thus leading the user on an endless virtual journey. I think there are many in the film community who need to study graphic story telling and cut out our,"wordy,' ways....well this is pedantic already. Need to take my own I think in this comic there were manufactured symbols though. It seems that way to me though. There are times in which the symbology jumps so out to you that you know it was not forced what so ever.