Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kunstler on Dark Knight

Not a fan...
The most striking thing about the new Batman movie, now smashing the all-time box office records, is its emphasis on sado-masochism as the animating element in American culture these days. It must appeal to the many angry people in our land who want to hurt others, even while they themselves feel deserving of the grossest punishments. In other words, the picture reflects the extreme depravity of the current American sensibility. Seeing it all laid out there must be very validating to the emotionally confused audience, and hence pleasurable, in all its painfulness.


  1. Agreed. The thing is I would not of even noticed or had felt that vibe had I not gone to a matine, near a large high school on the very day school got out for the summer. When I looked to see who these kids were that were laughing so they looked to be about 18, goth, medicated and disenfranchised kids. Kind of ironic that they are cheering for any form of destruction. Looking back on it now......I am wondering if perhaps, Nolan and Goyer put the character in of the http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2810287/
    to show us that very flip side or character who is drawn to a joker on purpose or for effect.

  2. Wow. These really are scary times,and getting scarier by the day. I can't tell whether to rush out and stand in line to buy a ticket or clutch my pillow and hide in my closet.

  3. I kinda agree with the article, me and my buddy who went to see it our summary was this movie is "f'd up" and that's why it was cool...

  4. The more I read about this movie, the less I want to go see it. I think I'll pass on this one.

    -Morning Angel

  5. CHRIST-ian "American Psycho" BA'AL - an Antichrist - the Dark Knight and abuses his mother, Eve, who worked as a 'clown' according to one interview. Now Eve bore Cain, son of the serpent. Is he a 'potential'....like Heath? His wife, best friend of Winona Ryder, goddaughter to Tim Leary, admirer (friend?) of Aleister Crowley. Winona and Polly Klaas....
    Sick!!! (I notice occasionally the closeups on his mouth/teeth...the appearance of 'fangs'.)

  6. To the anonymous poster speaking of Christian Bale's possible potential as a ritual target a-la-Heath Ledger: guess what role he's playing next? The Terminator. That's right, Christian Bale of American Psycho fame is reportedly (my source is second hand at best, unfortunately) going to be the new Terminator. How's THAT for symbolism?

  7. CB is playing John Conner right? Anyhow I think Mr. Bale is a good egg. Listen, when you are in that realm where people know the cigarettes you smoke, the beer you drink, have dissected your name to mean this and that, and even your own mom is trying to get/extort money from you.....well.....you feel the weight of the world on you. You see peoples petty jealousies every minute hurled at you with a disdainful smile. Or you realize they want to be you or be close to you because they need to feel important. Bale sees the flip side of his own fame and knows better. Expect good things and or good movies from him from here on out. Sometimes we all reach to try and make associations that simply aren't. And we do that because we want our lives make sense. An actor is a physical representation of an emotion or character that is within us all, but not always expressed. We cannot label the men and woman behind these characters as being the originators of the frequencies which they portray.

  8. he is right.
    This film is so overrated and should be acknowledged as a needed mirror for our cancer consiousness

  9. The fake-VALIS strikes again! Another article that makes a direct reference to something (ie - same topic area) I just commented on here, but I hadn't read this one yet before posting that comment.......& of course I can't prove that. So it looks like I'm just reading these and getting ideas on what to say in my comments. Now THAT, is what a real manipulative bitch/prick is. Not Mars; Mars is nice and innocent, and in no way to blame for any emo-realted troubles of bipeds or otherwise. And it should go without saying nor are any other celestial objects and the like either.

    Darn 'crab people'......

  10. Anonymous - are you wiolawa, or are you in the incunabula or something like that? It's just, when I read those types of writings where people break-down words and add in other words and letters and pick out some religious stuff etc that sounds a bit like it, without ever being clear on why they matched those things to one another other than they sound or look a bit alike - I see 'intradimensional reptilians'; specifically those with cat-like eyes, but a snakey body.
    And I like normal cats and snakes etc - but that's how it looks in a third eye way to me.

  11. i still think that Kunstler may be a fan, because i feel the same way about Batman and most other movies along with all the other good/positive things like art being interactive/synchronicity and so on. To me thats pretty much why people say Hollywood is the devil is cuz of all this crazy, high weirdness, & deep politics, but the interactive part comes for the individual to make the connections see these characters in ourselves. Really, were are all potential targets for ritual sacrifice. I Am because WE ARE, it takes all kinds, we are all heath ledgers only killin ourselves the 'classy' way, slowly and painfully. The same goes for the X-files practically everyone is murdering it. Even so called die-hard fans. Ya'll are brain dead zombies. I used to couldn't watch zombie movies but after synchronicity 101 i juss think of all the unhappy people in the world. Oh yeah, and Jesus didn't resurrect the dead lazurus, he(laz) juss diddn't see the point of this b.s. and stopped doing what he was doin cuz everyone else was doin it until Jesus convinced him there was more to it and he could enjoy if he wanted to. If it were not for God, faith, or knowledge we are all left to our own vices to self destruct, at least to most of US(so we think). We dont see the grand design or whatever people are callin it this week. Everything happens for a reason crapola, Life is a banquet and most of the poor mo'fo's are starvin. Cant anybody juss enjoy this 'b' called earth and whatever you wanna call life. DAMN most of ya'll are a drag, thats the rule and people like Chris Knowles are the exception. I super appreciate the collection on your site, you AWE-maze me everytime out. Awe is for God save the shock for satan lookin in the mirror.

  12. Zupa you rock man.......I dunno man, I really don't....I am open to being wrong.......and right.....but I think truth is in the seeking, scientific truth that is. I'm just in the lab of life, thinking, experimenting,writing and rhyming and then dropping some fat beats, and so on.....lol. All I know is what I don't.......humble pie my man......

  13. great find! I agree with the article about the sado masochism, it definatly falls in line with our cultures american idol obsession. It seems that we all just want to see people get torn into, shamed, lose, have their dreams crushed basically. As social beings we experience so much judgement and so much ridicule with the specialization that our culture requires, it leaves everyone insecure on a daily basis. It seems as though the minds of mainstream Americans seek sadistic solace in seeing it happen to others making them feel less alone. A strange alienated tribe to identify with. But the veil is lifting, were coming together, this piscean age illness is receeding. Be well all

  14. I haven't watched Dark Knight yet, probably won't, don't see many films, too much disappointment involved.

    Kunstler, though, is a corny curmudgeon.

    quote= Goodness has lost its way in the dark night of the American psyche, as might be understandable considering the nation of louts, liars, grifters, bullies, meth freaks, harpies, and tattooed creeps we have become. =endquote

    Huh? Am I missing some tempering context here? That's unreasonably bleak. Way off. That's not what I experience out in the "nation". Oh wait, I must be one of those tattooed creeps K-Man refers to. Kunstler is an obnoxious tool/fool with a priapistic hate-on. IMHO. OK, enough name calling. He's rubber, I'm glue, etc.

    Check out Steven Pinker on The Myth of Violence - a possible corrective to Kunstler's rabid fear-mongering.

    Chris Knowles, I enjoy your blog and dig your Spandex book. Thanks.

  15. I like the interesting kick that, aside from the few others in his "most trusted" toolkit, 'Bats' had one friend (his "Q"-esque sidekick played by Freeman) peace out on him because of what he'd mastered through technology. Is that saying something? The one who could help him with all of his material needs to provide for all of Gotham (without which he'd fail miserably - "oh what wonderful toys")... says NO more... when he is shown the possibility of microwave technology being able to remotely sense basically EVERYTHING all the time.

    Creepy part is how real that is. Anybody ever research the Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE)? Or HAARP? Or the Frey Effect (aka 'microwave auditory effect')? Think about how prevalent this technology became RIGHT along with the summer of love (as an editor of mine recently reminded me with one of his own magazine articles)... and how there was a near immediate drop off of activism, let alone stable and reasonable personalities in the West.

    That tech is REAL and its BAD news. It was, also, the symbolic failure (almost) of Batman's fight against Joker right at the end, being as his "microwave sight" blacked out on him and let his guard down.

    But who knows: maybe the UKUSA group and the ECHELON network are our friends, like DARPA with it's "Combat Zones That See," and various UAVs everywhere... and I'M just a fricking nutcase. ;)


    The movie playing the part of a cancerous mirror upon our society, though, is so right. My wife and I formulated the same idea tonight when we saw it; both movie 1 and 2, now, have proven quite psychologically critiquing, sort of like the Joker's whole scheme and character in general (being the 'doctor' and instrument of chaos, and all).

    Lux et Veritas,
    Brendan Bombaci

  16. i understand what is meant by sado masochistic
    i was one of the people laughing at Joker

    and beleive me i know the significance of everything iwas seeing in that film
    VERY Zeitgeist material

    i knew joker was a possible stand in for the masses
    spouting off mindless nihilism

    but damn....if it doesn t feel validating
    to finally see a creative work that has something, ANYTHING to say about right now, without navel gazing

    even if its worst thing TO say

    but i agree, if this is a reflection of our collective pyche....

  17. For another viewpoint on this, I wrote a Jungian analysis looking into some of the psychological symbolism and archetypes underpinning the film:

    Jungian Analysis of The Dark Knight

  18. mr.knowles, seen the history channel batman specials yet?

  19. I found the sadomasochistic element of the movie interesting, from the perspective of personal depth psychology more than for its broader social implications, but it's an interesting point.

    However much I hear folks rave about the Joker's character, though, I still say they didn't get it right, archetypally speaking. They tried very hard, but missed a fundamental point: chaos is not the same thing as disorder. Disorder belongs firmly to the same set as order; chaos is of an entirely different set. In my opinion, this Joker failed to make the leap, while overtly announcing himself as an agent of chaos.

    Was it due to deliberately introduced delusions of grandeur on the character's part? Or a failure of the script to accurately portray the difference?

    Two-Face was an infinitely more frightening character, and much closer to a chaos figure....