Friday, August 01, 2008

Dinosaur-Throwing Contest

We've looked at the deliriously insane comics of the Silver Age in the context of Jimmy Olsen's erotic wiles, but there is so much more to be seen. I'm actually starting to wonder if there wasn't some sort of outside intervention - possibly alien or inter-dimensional - with these old DC comics. Because at first glance, you think- you know- they are absolutely retarded. But after a while you begin to realize that they might possibly be works of absolute genius. Then you start to wonder if maybe you should be worshipping them.

I think Alan Moore and Grant Morrison are pikers compared to the guys who conjured this madness up from the depths. How can even H.P. Lovecraft's most fevered visions compare to a guy walking around with Saturn at the end of his neck?

This yarn is written by Jerry Siegel, of course. Two full years before Mission: Impossible (which debuted 9/17/66). The blatant phallic connotations here are merely the icing on the cake. Only Siegel could have a Jimmy Olsen puppet show and a dinosaur-throwing contest in the same story.

Dinosaurs. With buzzsaw blades. Growing out of their foreheads.

It doesn't get any better than this.