Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Too Easy...

Decode away, Synchsters.

Here's the phony controversy part of it.


  1. His name's Sam, he's from Poland, and he wants you to know that because he put it on his reggie plate.

    he also wants you to BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST so he puts a church window on the vehicle plate too.

    'South Carolina' is a taunt: it's a concealed reference to how there used to be 52 states (during the Reagan years, or the early years at least). Don't ask me what they were named, I only remember the exact amounts and counting the stars on the flag.

  2. The cross in front of the stained glass window gives the impression of an Ankh to me. Also note the sun beneath the letter A in SAMPL, which looks like an allision to pyramid power/Benben stone. The letters LIE in BELIEVE form the base from which the Benben stone is either taking off or landing. That's at first glance.