Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scottish Sunday: Music is Magick

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I've talked before about how the Early 80s was one of those threshold eras, when interesting ideas and vibrant cultures were accompanied by strange psychic forces. If I were to pick the absolute last place I'd imagine occultism to manifest itself in pop culture, it would be in the video for Aztec Camera's "Oblivious."

But, oh, how wrong I would be.

There's something faintly sinister about the proceedings here, especially in the context of a airy, summery pop standard. I'm not comfortable with the presence of children in a film that clearly has overt occult significance, that's for certain. It also ties in nicely with the Heath Ledger Sync-a-Thon, which hopefully will be in full swing when this goes up (hint, hint). Cheers to Peggy and Droidy for their contributions.

Bonus Rant: There's a lot of talk that the Scottish Rite isn't actually Scottish, and that it's actually of French origin. I'm not buying that (sorry, Alan). France and Scotland have traditonally had a very close relationship, especially at an esoteric level. And I think there may be an extremely compelling reason that the Templars decamped there, besides the fact that their Norman cousin Robert the Bruce was holding down the fort at the time. The more you look at that strange, rainy country, the more mysterious it becomes. The more you look at the British Empire- particularly in the 19th Century- the more Scottish you realize it actually is.