Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Science Rules"

I'm pretty burned out on the Roswell thing and didn't watch Larry King's special on it the other night. But I was interested to see that Bill Nye ("the Science Guy") acted like some unfunny parody of a CSICOP stooge (which you can see on this video) but apparently botched several important details, including making an erroneous claim that billionaire Steve Fossett vanished in a balloon crash. The Daily Grail is on the case:

Nye also claimed a photo showing a saucer-shaped object being taken from a box was faked. "That to me is not a very convincing photo...look at the words "Viking Project," Nye said. "They're not keystone, they're not - they don't have a vanishing point that's accurate." A subscriber to the UFO Updates mailing list pointed out that this was another terrible blunder on Nye's part:

It was downright embarrassing to hear him claim that a photo of a Viking aeroshell being removed from a box labeled "Viking" was instead a doctored photo of a flying saucer. The photo was from one of the Air Force's debunking reports, and had nothing to do with Roswell. The Air Force just included it to show that things that are saucer-shaped are not necessarily alien spacecraft..."

I'm not interested in the debate, to be honest. Whatever happened at Roswell, it has the stink of spookery all over it. As does Bill Nye, for that matter (he bragged that his mother was in Naval Intelligence on his Larry King appearance). Notice how Nye places himself at the apex of human evolution in his opening credits and then declares that "Science Rules!" All of which is actually telling you that he thinks Bill Nye rules. Do you understand that these guys don't want to hear anything about anyone ever being smarter or more advanced than them? Because if there is, these guys are left with nothing but shattered egos.

Nye pulled the usual corny old Randi tricks on Larry King, but to me the mocking, dismissive bit seems more desperate than confident. And Edgar Mitchell put him in his place for his rude behavior. I've developed a very interesting profile on Randi that I will publish some fine day, but haven't much attention to Nye, and to be honest don't really plan to. But, damn, the guy sure has had an interesting personal life.

Again, I have no dog in this Roswell fight. I'm not exactly certain that UFOs are extraterrestrial (meaning, not interdimensional), and if they are, I hope to God they just stay up there in the sky and leave us the hell alone. But I thought the timing was interesting, given my recent comments on these TV skeptics.


  1. I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden :p

    It hides beneath the rose.

    It's unbelievable how plastic sombunall American TV is, that was really hard to watch. The first reporter in the 2nd vid seemed like an Area 51 experiment.

    Another thing that bothers me about science and tv, is they always have to be wacky as hell don't they?
    Weird science, brainiac, the one you posted and many more on the documentary and... music channels. I guess tv programming is a direct indicator of how much the common folk are respected by the tv bigshots.

  2. I guess self-importance only gets more so with age? Nye's personal life was interesting all right, but with extremely tragic consequences for the people unfortunate enough to cross this guy's path. He bankrupted that woman with the fake marriage he set up, and ended up with a piece of primo real estate, attempting to block any future contact between them with a bogus restraining order, once he'd relieved her of her last dollar. No wonder she nuked their roses. He's a little creepy, if you ask me. Maybe *he* flew in on a UFO?? And yeah, I agree with the poster above, why does science have to be "wacky?"

  3. Nye kind of looks like the lost Bush brother, don't you think?

  4. Yet another nutjob from Seattle. I wonder if there's something in the water?

  5. James Randi, numpty extraordinaire. I remember his TV series from childhood, and back then knew it was tat. Since when does science equate to previously made decisions on what is allegedly being investigated.
    It was one of those constant sources of insults to the intellect, those same types of shows where'd they would claim to be investigating anything, but were really just ignoring every thing that did not fit in with their entirely unsolved unproven world-view.

    'Rover' in the TV series The Prisoner always seemed like a reference to Roswell to me; it started out as a classic-UFO, which sank on the first of second time it was filmed (so didn't appear in the actual series) - the replacement was a balloon-like creature.
    From UFO to (weather) balloon sure sounds like a Roswell reference.

    Other appearances of Rover-likeness are on the cover for The Prodigy's 'Music for the Jilted Generation' & in the movie 'Fire from the Sky' (they both feature people being smothered / encased by the same method used by Rover to ensure nobody escapes from The Village.

  6. This article on the crystal skulls is a classic example of Randiism and Nyeism. Suppositions and unfounded theories are leavened with gratuitous insults and studious avoidance of the possibility that maybe the Atzecs were using borrowed technology to make these objects.

    This is going to all get very ugly, people. The irony is that I agree with the skeptics a lot, if not most of the time. But not on AAT or UFOs, both of which have theoretical science behind them, or at the very least can be argued to have a scientific basis. But we're dealing not with inquiry but an Inquisition.

  7. Those are good points; take the flat-Earthers for example - they're completely insane & their beliefs are lumped together with paranormal-historical etc whatever, as if all topics that the standardised-skeptic doesn't believe in are all automatically accepted as true by anyone that disagrees with the standardised-skeptic and points out the flaws in their reasoning and logic.

    But that - is all part of Their plan. How else but to use that kind of easily spotted tactics, are they going to try to discredit the likes of obvious historical events and traces, and all manner of UFO and related phenomena.
    Their Tarot Trumps aligned, 4D emo drama storylines, involve the creation of a specific personality type that 'believes things that differ from the norm'; and everyone is either-or one of those, because their feeble minds haven't the room to accommodate any more options than 2 possibilities.
    So you, anyone, in entertaining an idea such as UFOs-exist, falls into one of those two categories.

    When really, in actual reality, the best scientists are those who either accept they know nothing outside of some speciality and concentrate on what they really do know, and those that set out to discover =what fits best= in with what we currently do know for sure, and always with the room to later on make adjustments and refine the laws, theories, explanations, based upon what is discovered later on.

    Cause at the end of the day - what most to all of those kinds of skeptics are saying is like saying 'I know what happens after death'; and they don't know that - nobody has the kind of proof that their science would demand. So it is an Unknown, yet they treat it as if it is Solved. That to me makes them insane: how can they miss something so obvious and fail to realise they have any decent explanation for it.
    To say that when you die, that's it, you cease to exist; that has no more proof on it's side than any religious notions do.
    It's equally a belief with nothing to back it up.

    But - I don't really see any of it coming to a head, because I don't think people care that there's some folks on TV and whatever who think they can categorise the universe into labeled boxes and claim they know all about physics when they don't even drive an anti-gravity car, let alone comprehend how such a machine would operate.
    It's only certain types of people, that live in certain types of mostly urban environments, who would ever consider watching or listening to those kinds of broadcasts as a means to get their information from.
    There's other folks who may watch them / listen to them, for various reasons, but it doesn't change what they already know about, and doesn't change how they think about the world.

    You will come to see, that it only appears that there is this majority view that is pimped by a sizeable media slice; anyone can change what's on the TV, and the internet - well hell, there is absolutely no way there's a standard-anything in terms of accepted beliefs online. You just look for what interests you. Anything you can think of, has a webpage up about it someplace, from all kinds of points of view.
    Yeahr, the same big-fevered-ego demiurge etc of course does buy up loads of big websites and turns them all into voices that pimp its insane beliefs.......but nobody cares, they just care about it in the sense of to take the piss out of it and post comments about it and that kind of thing.

    I mean, you're talking about something that imagines it has ownership over these little details that it can wrap its mind(s) around; that it has to try so hard to make the truth (things that exist, however unexplained they may be) not seen proves that it has no power and no jurisdiction here, or it wouldn't need to do that. Real power doesn't give a damn what you think and believe in and know about; that makes no difference to it at all. It doesn't need to hide and obscure anything because the truth speaks for itself, and everything all resolves back to the same truths no matter where you begin and what you look at.

  8. The important thing is to keep it all in context: there's the world, and there's stuff like TV - little boxes that flicker light, that exist within the world. That's it. However much influence anyone on or to do with the flickering boxes and talking boxes has upon your reality only depends on the reality tunnel(s) you yourself buy into and use to decode the meaning of existence or just foundations to base how you view other things.
    Yes, they can be intrusive if others you live with etc believe them and are brainwashed by whatever reality tunnel; but that in the context of all of your individual beings, is irrelevent. They answer to what they think, you answer to what you think; there's no grey areas.

    What would be a miracle is if anyone that can do miracles bothers to have it filmed or in some way verified; that just isn't likely to happen (even less now that CGI is so advanced). But meanwhile all kinds of things happen so obviously onscreen and on the radio all the time - and are a 1000 x more weird than a spaceship of unknown origin flying by. They don't look or sound weird of course, it all seems perfectly normal - like those ancient scripts that mean a bundle of different things at the same time, depending on what 'level' you can read at.

  9. So what did you promise anyone then droidy? Or more to the point, why would anyone be dumb enough to think you're in any sort of position to be deciding upon what kind of factors exist in any realities. That makes you sound like the demiurge saying that; so - no change there then.