Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Science Rules"

I'm pretty burned out on the Roswell thing and didn't watch Larry King's special on it the other night. But I was interested to see that Bill Nye ("the Science Guy") acted like some unfunny parody of a CSICOP stooge (which you can see on this video) but apparently botched several important details, including making an erroneous claim that billionaire Steve Fossett vanished in a balloon crash. The Daily Grail is on the case:

Nye also claimed a photo showing a saucer-shaped object being taken from a box was faked. "That to me is not a very convincing photo...look at the words "Viking Project," Nye said. "They're not keystone, they're not - they don't have a vanishing point that's accurate." A subscriber to the UFO Updates mailing list pointed out that this was another terrible blunder on Nye's part:

It was downright embarrassing to hear him claim that a photo of a Viking aeroshell being removed from a box labeled "Viking" was instead a doctored photo of a flying saucer. The photo was from one of the Air Force's debunking reports, and had nothing to do with Roswell. The Air Force just included it to show that things that are saucer-shaped are not necessarily alien spacecraft..."

I'm not interested in the debate, to be honest. Whatever happened at Roswell, it has the stink of spookery all over it. As does Bill Nye, for that matter (he bragged that his mother was in Naval Intelligence on his Larry King appearance). Notice how Nye places himself at the apex of human evolution in his opening credits and then declares that "Science Rules!" All of which is actually telling you that he thinks Bill Nye rules. Do you understand that these guys don't want to hear anything about anyone ever being smarter or more advanced than them? Because if there is, these guys are left with nothing but shattered egos.

Nye pulled the usual corny old Randi tricks on Larry King, but to me the mocking, dismissive bit seems more desperate than confident. And Edgar Mitchell put him in his place for his rude behavior. I've developed a very interesting profile on Randi that I will publish some fine day, but haven't much attention to Nye, and to be honest don't really plan to. But, damn, the guy sure has had an interesting personal life.

Again, I have no dog in this Roswell fight. I'm not exactly certain that UFOs are extraterrestrial (meaning, not interdimensional), and if they are, I hope to God they just stay up there in the sky and leave us the hell alone. But I thought the timing was interesting, given my recent comments on these TV skeptics.