Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Osiris 17 Moon Mission

NASA is preparing its return to the Moon with the Orion 17 mission and it looks like they're leaving nothing to chance. Here's a nice photo gallery featuring 17 pictures of the Orion 17 (that is, Osiris 17) preparations and some older pics from the Apollo 17 mission (the Horus 17 mission, in other words).

Check out the map for Moses Lake, WA where the new moon vehicles are being tested. Or check out the map for Hampton, VA, where the space capsule is being stored.

Then, if you haven't had enough wacky seventeenie fun, see if you can't find the hidden 3/17 in the Orion mission patch.


  1. Moses Lake looks very serpent like when you zoom out, weird. I know you said 17 was a Masonic number, but adding it together via Numerology gives us more "8" for total control. If you add the 3 to the 8, it's Master Number 11. Odd synchs indeed!

  2. I don't really do the numerology thing too much, Skaggsie. My main interest is in numbers as semiotic sigils.

    17 refers to a date (that of the death of Osiris), and my research has shown me that its essentially the Masonic equivalent of "Remember the Alamo."