Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Old Grey Lady Takes on UFOs?

Nick Pope writes an op-ed for the Paper of Record? There is something very strange afoot...


  1. Chris, that is part of what I keep trying to tell you about: the MOD first began being open on UFOs via Nick Pope back when the Vatican first announced that UFOs and aliens dovetailed fine with religious beliefs (about 10-15 years ago).

    It reminds me of the David Icke book title: Tales From the Timeloop. Someone stopped what was going on back then, so they could graft it onto now - AFTER they did 9-11 and created a big fake terrorist threat.

    ie - it would have been successful back then before this big evil global terrorism scam was even hinted at. They created the terrorist threat so the disclosure plans had to take place within that framework.
    In other words, something that was more grassroots and natural is now under the control of exactly the type of people and forces it was all about exposing, when it first began to be 'officially disclosed'.

    "The revolution will NOT be televised."

  2. Interesting indeed..I think Zap is right though.

    Be well all, get ready for an entertaining/entraining show, have a feeling its coming down the road soon!