Friday, July 11, 2008

Must See TV: NASA UFO Transmissions

This is a very interesting documentary, but is very challenging to process. A Canadian satellite TV technician essentially recorded a large number of feeds from shuttle missions and found evidence of UFOs both monitoring and interacting with our space missions. It's pretty explosive stuff. If I had to take a wildly irresponsible guess, I'd say these objects might possibly be alien probes, keeping a close eye on our space programs. It would make sense that even if there were not manned craft visiting us, a far-flung civilization might send the kinds of probes that we send out to keep an eye on us. They don't seem to care if the astronauts notice them, but NASA might very much care if we knew about them.

I can't help but feel this is all going somewhere. People have said that before, of course, but we've got a lot more of this kind of evidence now than ever before.