Friday, July 11, 2008

Must See TV: NASA UFO Transmissions

This is a very interesting documentary, but is very challenging to process. A Canadian satellite TV technician essentially recorded a large number of feeds from shuttle missions and found evidence of UFOs both monitoring and interacting with our space missions. It's pretty explosive stuff. If I had to take a wildly irresponsible guess, I'd say these objects might possibly be alien probes, keeping a close eye on our space programs. It would make sense that even if there were not manned craft visiting us, a far-flung civilization might send the kinds of probes that we send out to keep an eye on us. They don't seem to care if the astronauts notice them, but NASA might very much care if we knew about them.

I can't help but feel this is all going somewhere. People have said that before, of course, but we've got a lot more of this kind of evidence now than ever before.


  1. It's quite interesting how these events start at the furthest boundary of human consciousness ~ and slowly acclimate and make there way towards a more tangible and physical reality ~ Like a holographic image that keeps getting the Volume knob turned up as our awareness broadens; or a Dream that slowly flutters into reality ~ and as 5 out of 10 Hollywood films deal with the phenomenon ~ I wouldn't be surprised if the chick flicks and action thrillers are gradually thrown out entirely and replaced by 90% ET plot based phenomenon.

  2. And we must ask the questions, that obviously arise, when we seriously take into mind the implications of some alien race watching us... have they always? are they resource hungry or looking for friends? are they US (our DNA, our makers, our...future)? And so on.

    And NASA has recently sponsored a program on corresponding with aliens!!

    Just like the Vatican, saying that the Garden of Eden may not be sequestered to our corner of the Galaxy, and we may have alien brothers and sisters out there!

    So just what is going on with all of this? Is it for real, or is it fabricated by a technologically evolved reich of propaganda, rotating around esoteric knowledge of how to control us with ideas of celestial gods either taking us under wing or taking us over...

    We must remember that certain countries (like ours) like China have proposed "cosmic advertisements," or gigantic holographic billboards, projected into our sky by nothing less than singular satellites. So an ENTIRE COUNTRY could see it in the sky...

    Welcome back, Jesus... now, just speak into my head with microwave auditory effects, and I will do your bidding...

    Light and Truth,
    Brendan Bombaci

  3. Steve, that is a very apt metaphor. It certainly feels like something is slowly being dialed up.

    Brendan- the Vatican thing is by far the most explosive. You're talking about the most conservative, most cautious deliberative body in history. These guys just recently got around to exonerating Galileo and can take several hundred years deciding on the proper interpretation of a single word in the Bible. No way in hell are they going to say aliens are "God's other children" without a pretty damn compelling reason.

  4. Smart man, Chris. Smart man. I totally agree with you there, and, that's the thing that REALLY gets me about what they are touting now about extra-terrestrial 'brothers and sisters.' It's a little more than curious, and perhaps a lot more than concerning/exciting. Exonerating Galileo, forgiving the Templar Knights (who are now by far the most contestable political entity in the world other than themselves), destroying their huge astronomical observatory on Vatican property because "they don't need it anymore" (?!), and now this??? Hmm.

    Osiris (17) time?

    Is it their planning for some giant Crafted event, or are they afraid of losing all their public power when we do get visited by...those who've been 'calling before they come over'?

    Wild times. Extraordinary - and yet I am crunched because I still have bills to pay, of all cosmic things! Silly. :p

  5. I'm off-topic here, but don't know any other way to reach you. Have you seen the new WaMu (Washington Mutual) TV Commercial? It features a guy bowling in an alley that is all done up in green - the ad is VERY green. The guy is bowling in lane "Seventeen." Can't find it online, but thought you might like to watch out for it. I've been seeing it late nights on the Comedy channel during the Daily Show and Colbert Report.

  6. Awesome, Justie. Thanks for the tip. I'll look that up now.

  7. This STS footage of "ice crystals" or "debris" LOL! I find to be the most compelling video footage I've seen yet. Particularly when you see the orbs "swimming" around the tether. My eyeballs couldn't be any wider.

  8. I think the aliens doing the watching are as perplexed as anyone evolved 'down here' is as to how there can be 'civilisations' like most of what exists here.

    It must be like if a well intentioned soul here is trying to help out an animal that has been mistreated, but they can't do much if anything, because the animal can't tell the difference between them and who locked them up / didn't feed them etc in the first place (although animals mostly lack language-based programming so it's easier to deal with damaged versions of them than it is with -),

    or when you know someone else's kids need help but you can't intervene, and you can't really tell exactly how they got to be the way they are - how are you going to go over every thing they were ever told, and every experience they had thus far that has shaped their view of things and how they think and process information.

    Humans have a hard enough time trying to educate other humans who have been raised and programmed to think and believe in total insanity.......I don't see anyones else having any more luck there.

    Putting that in greater perspective; not sure if that video shows the clip of missiles on Earth being launched at a UFO (it shows the Earth from space, with a UFO flying by - then it suddenly changes direction, and a splitsecond later a missile comes up from Earth and passes through where the UFO just was -

    but if you had a spaceship and were flying by a planet, and they tried to shoot you down (which let's be honest - based on the way their culture behaves here, we know they won't have attempted any kind of sane communication before firing) - and you knew the same ruling system that shot at you also controls information so as to deny you even exist, then you'd know that you are dealing with about the worst possible form of consciousness there: and it's the one that's in charge to the extent that it controls the resources.

    Forget Burma; Earth is a billion times worse than Burma in context of what civilisations with people-like beings should be like to live in.

  9. Anybody suppose that the military guys in "The Disclosure Project"...


    ...are for real, or that they're part of the whole MKULTRA-type "anti-terror" brainwashing bit...


    So much going on and being 'unveiled' in this 'field' right now, and yet such technologies as made by Tesla, and are currently being used by our own military, are still un-admitted. WHY.

    All seems a bit fishy to me.

  10. That's a classic example of what I was meaning in my post - cause Disclosure was about waaaaaaaay before 9-11 happened. Everything in this reality is shady to some extent when it becomes organised - even if just because you then have to make a choice to use pre-corrupt ways of communicating information from within the context of a fallen reality,

    but, if you knew where Disclosure came from, what they are all about and what CSETI was doing, then you wouldn't be saying that about them.

    The problem with something like free -energy if you meant that, is that - just look at where most fuel gets used up, look at how the economy works and how everyday people (mostly in 'priviledged' countries, where it's 'man vs nature' and pills are prescribed to stop you noticed how fake it all is) choose to use their buying-power choices and what to use fuel on - there's no way that kind of virus can be allowed to have indefinite fuel supplies, it shouldn't even have had any technology in the first place - it, is the very reason that the clean and silent etc technologies were not the ones implemented.

    If people want what should have been all along, there has to be a shift in power to doing things correctly first. And any good people all agree - there only are problems here because of humans in the first place! Sure maybe they're alien-manufactured slave-worker human descendants etc, but they are still living here as if they are people, they're being allowed to inhabit human bodies. If you get a human body you have to have your priorities in order and that means putting the Earth first.

    "what if they gave a war and nobody turned up?" - that's the point, there's no elite in charge, the 'ordinary joe' has to agree to do their work for them. And folks have been irresponsibly going along with that kind of thing long before anything like MK-ULTRA was dreamed up.

    Only way the likes of MK-ULTRA is responsible for what is wrong is if a bunch of ordinary everyday folks all agreed to work on it in secret, and they used time-travel to influence and control people in the past, so as to control people that existed before MK-ULTRA did.
    Which is possible - but the point there is that you're still left with there having to be lots of willing workers to implement the project in the first place.

    Put it another way: the people that ensured the likes of Tesla tech. wasn't used when it first came about here - they probably did so to hold it off long enough, to get enough of their kind incarnate on Earth, and to take over all the things most people require exist so they can survive here; and they planned all along to try to use the better tech later, once they took over all the systems here. That's why they're not getting it - they're a plague.

    That's just the lamest oldest trick in the book. Besides, due to the nature of these things it's not possible for them to manifest anyway if the right circumstances don't exist. It's a bit like seeing ghosts UFOs fairies etc - if there's minds around that don't understand, then those things can't be seen anyway (or evil versions are conjured, by the beliefs of the stupid).

    The only worthwhile humans are the ones that care about the Earth - the rest can and will go to hell. Most who know the truth are too 'nice' to point that out; but I can, and it doesn't corrupt me to do so.

  11. Remember the first War of the Worlds broadcast? Probably not - you probalby didn't exist at the time. Neither did I. That's the point. People forget history, so it repeats itself (via evil instigating dicks).

    It was commanded by the Radio Project, run by the Rockefeller Organization, on behalf of the OSS/CIA, whom were giving agencies of such power, at that time, great funding and purpose to do research on mass media effects of dramatic presentation and brainwashing capabilities, through persuasion that "scientific research institutes" were our idols of Truth.

    It worked in SOOOO many ways.

    Aliens? Nope. Radio. Military. Special technologies, that as Zup said just before me here, "the people that ensured the likes of Tesla tech. wasn't used when it first came about here - they probably did so to hold it off long enough, to get enough of their kind incarnate on Earth, and to take over all the things most people require exist so they can survive here...".

    Kinda sorta like how most UFOs people see these days are actually UAVs and special ops craft from the depths of AREA 51, Pentagon, NORAD, etc, research programs. When Fed Taxation was established, we noticed a HELLUVA lot more of this shite going on around here. Wonder why. Black Project funding.

    They can fabricate the second coming, ala E.T. formulation (to be in total hegemony with our current Western World standards of belief - where "God" is not as popular anymore), with this hi-tech propaganda, you know.

    And, still, they will be the ministers and the Kings and our full-time alien communications advisors, relaying all the information to us, as always.

    While we work for them.


  12. Well this calls to mind the group of people who beleive in the Uratia (I just can't spell anymore) book. They take everything and roll it up into a blue ball. It has it all - ET's and religion but not like the Realians or the Scientologists

  13. Mr.Willner's holographic universe understanding is an elusively mysterious thought and quite significant I believe. Note to self must re-watch holographic reality film.

    My Father commanded and decommissioned the USS PHOENIX SSN 702, a nuclear submarine around 97'-98' and commanded STRATCOM with a few other O6 Captains in daily shift rotation at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska
    The only thing he ever said about UFO's is "I wouldn't doubt it". He doesn't believe in any conspiracies. He really drives me nuts. I experience cognitive dissonance with him, just had a spout last week. My entire Dad's side of the family is in the military as of one generation of four boys, with my next generation getting a military man addition in the marrying of my sister and another next gen, my cousin heading off to Wyoming with the Air Force "a little sync for me as B.B. just mentioned that in his telegraph link. My whole family on my Dad's side just met up at Lake Superior in Minnesota for one of our beloved few times all together camping. I got to feel the wave of stagnancy best captured in my Uncle Rick's t-shirt quote "I might be wrong, but I doubt it"; as for me I was wearing my Vyzygoth's Grassy Knoll t-shirt sporting the phrase "because it is a conspiracy". I'm sure you can see the juxtaposition I'm in if you understand that I love them all; kinda makes me think of dedroidify's recent post about Indifference. Well I love you all too and missed you terribly whilst torn from my umbilical of internet.

    As for B.B.'s question, I would keep that paranoia dial turned way up, as the beloved Thuth mentioned recently. I find it interesting to think of Jake Kotze's quote "The more conspiracies I digest, the less paranoid I become." Which is rather opposite perhaps, depending on Jake's use of the word "digestion", but I assume he refers to his act of making, as seen in the form of blog postings of sync findings. I've been seeing Hawks ever since his last post and even while traveling home to the internet.

    Anybody catch the Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian Man image as HellBoy II started? Leonardo must have done some really important stuff than most people don't know about, because honestly he's too stressed in culture for the things he is know for. As for his art, inventions, and discoveries I don't think this is enough to substantiate this man's fame, their have been millions of people of this quality. It's kinda like watching Frank Gehry aka Goldbergstein, and wondering who let all the idiots picks the forms we reside within. I'm an architect and very cynical of establish artists and architects.
    I do like your Wibble's Chris, reminds me of Dedroidify's recent post about the ambidextrous psychedelic artist.

    As for my only comment about the video, we need to start calling the spheres "jelly fish" or "ameobas", something to designate their translucency. Theirs a cool Tool video with nothing but jelly fish aka the spheres aka the camera lens aka fireflies, a good show tv show by the way, firefly that is.

  14. i feel it as well steve-- and no sooner had i read this article that i went to eat breakfast and saw a little green leprachaun holding an "hourglass" ... apparently the new marshmellow in my kids lucky charms

  15. re: jellyfish crafts - there's actually quite a bit of info on those, they often called plasmacrafts, critters, ethereal ships, and there's a video from some time back that is meant to depict rod-shaped versions that are much smaller (I think it's called Rods).

    Try looking up a book called The Cosmic Pulse of Life, it has a lot of data on bio-UFOs (eg - they've been extensively photographed using IR film (they are showing up as heat when invisible to the naked eye), and are very often seeming to be feeding off powerlines! and move extremely fast).
    Maybe try footage from the Mexican OVNI files, there's a lot of videos of plasmas there.

    There was an advert a few years ago, I forget what for, but there were two Japanese cowboys and they were admiring a giant jellyfish type of being - which wasn't in the sea, it was an air-breather.

    Further back in time again, I'd found this UFO forum and had posted about the plasmas - everytime the posts would all be deleted. I'd re-post them, and they'd get censored again.......this went on for ages (so it felt) day after day I'd re-post what they kept censoring, and eventually they actually shut down the entire forum...the saddest part there being: it was a UFO forum that wasn't a skeptic type, like has been mentioned here recently, they were saying UFOs were real but clearly didn't want anyone to know about certain types of what are reported as UFOs.
    Maybe the truth gets in the way of how this is planned to be 'revealed to the masses' sane people get their info from government-type news releases.

  16. Hi

    I saw this film a couple of years ago. I was stunned while watching it , the topping on the cake came when I glanced to my right and saw the picture I have hanging on wall

    The name of the artist I forget, it's called Open Mind and was done in 2001. I bought it in 2002. It clearly shows what seems to me the craft with the missing slot and black spot in the middle and snapped tether......very odd.

    I made everyone watch it then took great pleasure in directing their attention to the picture hanging above their head and then watch the expressions on their faces!

    Glad you liked the Canary Wharf capstone pic too.