Thursday, July 03, 2008

Must See TV: The Sentinel of Eternity

Jake took a look at one of the more famous 9/11 premonitions in his most recent post, and its resonance with the Great Pyramid, which seems to be on everyone's mind lately. This video isn't the most sophisticated I've ever seen, but has a nice overview of the various anomalies surrounding the Pyramids at Giza and the absolute impossibility of the Egyptologist dogma on them (which, of course, is dictated to them by the Egyptian government).

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  1. There was another one of those "happened already then they played it like it hadn't already happened" thing re. the Great Pyramid, same way it happened with that Vatican ET announcement (they both originally took place around the same time too):

    those doors that the robot opened up, when archaeologists drove it up the shafts that go out from the chambers; that was televised live many years ago.
    But then - some years later, it was rebroadcast, as a new show that wasn't on before, but it showed exactly the same thing as the old show - same robots opening the same doors in the same shafts.

    There would appear to be a connection between trying to erase all presences of the actual history of this planet & fundie religions interpreting the Bible and other related books to be saying the earth is only 6000 years old.

    Sumer is 6000 years ago, which if you read any Sitchin is where the gods (Elohim) described in the Old Testment had settled, or were known of at the least.

    There was this guy was on a course I was also on, and I just knew he was evil just seeing him. It turned out he 'just happened' to be one of them that loudly claims that, contrary to what some folks like Sitchin have published, 'elohim' doesn't refer to plural beings or angels at all.

    Isn't it funny, how in everyday life there's so many of these people that think their opinions about the impossibility of 'aliens' etc are a given accepted belief that you can't possibly even think anything contrary to. The way they act like they expect to be agreed with, when all the evidence points in every direction except the one they are backing to come out on top.

    They must have soooo much faith in their fundie armies to shut up the truth entirely.