Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Must See TV: Remote Viewing and the Military

F**k hiatus. I have really bad OCD and can't help my compulsion to update. You guys can study along with me and we can all share notes in September.

Big ups to Keith, again.


  1. OCD's a bitch! It will be interesting to see how all of this unfolds. One thing is certain, remote viewing will be of utmost importance to you in your research.

  2. If that was real those men would have had a mysterious ending.

    I loved the blond bowl cut guy with matching mustache, quite a character. Made me think of that guy from Scrubs and 40 Year Old Virgin.

  3. RVs really dodgy, because it can detach your consciousness out of your body, and then you lose your whole incarnational thread

    (because past lives etc are real! and although RV works, they don't tend to teach it in the context that reality works to - so basically it f**ks you right up if you aren't already aware that your soul has this whole other history from before your current life),

    this doesn't always apply obviously because it's not always used to RV the past, or the future, but often just other places in the same 'now' that you are in (ie - in realtime) - but the methods of how they get the mind out of the body, relies on the same kind of dimension-jumping that time travel and distance-skipping (translocation) uses.

    F'rinstance - there's a lot of people now, in this playing out realtime, who are recruited to do all kinds of tasks and secret missions and all that kind of thing - and because they don't remember their previous lives, they don't notice they are always working in the same areas, and often also get used to do things: like undo what they did in previous lives......

    This also reminds me of all that underground bases info - you'd think by now, you'd have met someone that worked building those kinds of places, or even met someone who met someone......funny how so many people seem so easily able to keep such giant massive secrets, when they aren't able to keep secrets about anything else; and there's sooo many people who are ok with enforcing those giant massive secrets & ensuring they be kept too.

    And none of them know anyone in the media either: their paths don't cross? What, ever?

    I don't think I could kid on I was ordinary and poor-to-moderately-wealthy, when I must be getting paid so very well and being compensated for keeping tight-lipped about my involvement in secret bases. But - if they aren't being paid really well, what would be the incentive to keep such secrets?

    It's really pathetically sad how easy some people are to manipulate, just by making them think what they are doing matches up to some noble cause - why don't they notice things like country borders are arbitrary and imaginary things. I think they're so dumb that they think they can get away with pretending to be dumb enough to truly believe any of that.

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