Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Disaster Area

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency


  1. Wow - I have always loved the Onion, but I actually did NOT know that they did videos like that! I have only ever seen the papers... this is some funny and well-done stuff!!

  2. The Onion is by far the finest news source of all time.

  3. Chris - I must have got a psychic remembrance to go look up The Onion (from having been reading this blog) now that I have this new seamonkey browser, cause I only remembered to do so a couple of hours ago; and when I posted that earlier comment today here where I mentioned The Onion, I had no idea that you had mentioned it here in this blog entry.

    There's also another sort-of coincidence (a birthday one):

    As of justnow it hasn't been displayed yet (bit slow there Lyle? I wrote that many hours ago at least), but see if you can guess what recent short message there is from me...

  4. I was also just thinking this yesterday too - Bush is the kind of guy that is best suited to head up a nation / peoples / planet / whatever, that isn't completely f**ked-up already.

    Say if, back at thr turn of last century, history had gone the right way and had no world wars because instead of going for an industry and construction expansion based on fossil fuels, roads, and paid-for electricity and other grid-delivered centralised systems - they had chosen to go instead with say - wireless global communications, biofuel cars, anti-gravity crafts, airships, and free energy, etc etc, then by this time we'd actually have a real-life type of global governance actually like the ones in Star Trek; and someone like Bush coming into a system like that, works out ok cause he'd ensure it didn't get wrecked and would defend it real well if it was attacked; then they'd kick ass and it's actually target the enemy, instead of sometimes targeting some of the problem like happens now.

    But sadly, that's not the world we got to live in. We got the one with the global economy based on war and greed towards no goals, and the one where magical potions are called drugs and blamed for helping us realise that we live in a really messed up world run by evil overlords.

  5. Here, here's another example of the lovely world we live in,

    "one of the hatchet-faced whores from Code Pink,"

    Yeah, that's real nice, that's a nice thing to say about someone because they are opposed to a war that everyone knows had f-all to do with WMDs and 9-11. I'm sure Jesus is soooo proud of you.

  6. And I just noticed, the commenters there actually refer to them as 'pinko's' - I don't think just because of their groups name either?!

    What does that make you then - bricks?

    "Mother, should I trust the government."

    Don't forget your space helmet Dave. It's a real doozy out there.