Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christian Bale Update

From the Daily Mail:

The source also claimed Bale had been deeply affected by the death of Ledger, who was found dead earlier this year from an overdose of anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. 'Without Ledger around, he's found it more and more difficult to communicate with those around him, especially his family.’ It was reported he found it hard to shake off the mental strains of the role, and told an interviewer he was having trouble sleeping.

'They had become very close during the making of The Dark Knight and Christian went into virtual hiding for the six weeks after Heath was found dead. He wasn't returning phone calls and he wasn't a happy man. It's foolish to think that he's been able to completely shake off that grief just as Heath and his work is finally being seen by audiences. He expected to share this moment with his friend, and now he can't.'

In a recent interview, Bale admitted that he has been depressed and has experienced bouts of insomnia.

"Mental strains," eh? Call me crazy, but I can't remember a film with more hardcore psychic juju emanating from it than The Dark Knight.