Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Attention Synchromystic Bloggers (UPDATE)

A reader sent me a huge motherload of Heath Ledger/Joker syncs that I was going to put up on Thursday, but I really don't have time to go through it all. If you have a blog and would like to post this information, please let me know. Just post a comment with your email address and I will delete your comment after I send you the material. It's all pretty much set, it just needs to be put up. There are several images and quite a bit of text. I'll link to your post when you get it up. If you could do so for Thursday, that would be super-spiffy. In fact, it would cool if several bloggers put it up and did their own "mixes" of the info.

Let me know...

UPDATE: And they're off! The syncs are in the mail, kids! Well, except for you, Droidy, Mr. No Email Leaving Person!

UPDATE 2: OK, I sent off all of the info to a bunch of top-rate researchers. Let's see something happen with this material! This is actually an interesting experiment for the Synchrosphere- I will put up a post with links and commentary once the pages go up.


  1. Sorry, that isn't my style.

    I'm not smart enough to keep up with all the details you guys do, but I did want to let you know about my synchromystic awakening that happened yesterday. I was trying to wrap my head around why and how these things happen.

    You and Blob are linked in the flash piece. This is probably the strangest blog I've ever done and I apologize in advance: Alien Interview

  2. I'm in, brother. Coming late the game, but in for the fourth quarter.

    If you're still sending the JOker/ Ledger links, I'd love a crack at it.


  3. Sorry, the ship sailed. We'll getcha next time.

  4. "Maritas' Joker/Ledger/Crow Sync Report"


    I've been on this a *long time* and only got Part One!

    (The "c" key is broken on my keyboard and that doesn't help.)


    I put it in a section of my "Web Net" (which is a collection of interrelated blogs, which I've set up over a long period of time, as an outline, and am starting to fill in and to polish just very lately).

    Comments, suggestions and/or corrections welcome.


  5. Made some sync recognition and comments on the Synchromysticism Forum under the "Upcoming movie syncs?" topic:


    related to the post I made for Marita

  6. Awesome. Thanks for the updates, Peggy. I'll be putting up the links once I hear from the other bloggers.

  7. I definitely want to go see the "Dark Knight" movie now, ASAP

    I polished and annotated the commentary from the Forum and made it an entry here:

    Didn't realize I would have the time for that. Thank you for your patience.

    Can't wait to see the rest of the treatments and comments after the movie is seen. :)

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  9. Mine is up too, it's nearly the same as Peggy's, obviously ;p though there's some different syncs added :)

    Very fun, and at least I share the "sin eater" load with Marita now. Clever guy Chris ;p it's a conspiracy! ;p

    (ignore last comment ;p, misunderstood there ;p)

  10. Uhm and with Peggy, geez nevermind my fuzzy perception I posted all that after a party last night ;p

  11. Chris, peggy carter and dedroidify thanks for looking into my stuff I really enjoyed your take on it. I have to say though, that if you go by the tarot cards and the freudian symbology in these syncs it does seem to have a positive message. I had the feeling back then when I send it to Chris that if I don't make a point of stopping it somewhere, that it will go on for ever. Facinating!!!
    thanks for the support and credit guys, though I think you guys did a much better job and did it much more credit!!!!