Sunday, June 15, 2008

Scottish Sunday: Punker Than You Think

70s cheese doesn't get any more cheddary than the Bay City Rollers, but they also laid the groundwork for the Power Pop movement to come. A lot of you are probably too young to remember just how wretched Top 40 radio had gotten by the mid-70s. You had syrupy balladeering cheek-by-jowl with mewlingly sensitive singer-songwriters and airless Disco- it was a nightmare. So anytime you heard anything close to Rock and Roll, it was cause for celebration. "Rock and Roll Love Letter" has all the elements that Cheap Trick would take to the bank in '79, And "Saturday Night" was the prototype for Oi, whether the skins want to admit it or not.

Holy crap- I just realized that the Undertones were basically the Bay City Rollers on speed...


  1. An art teacher I had did this mock Bay City Rollers scarf wave at me, cause I had on a Royal Stewart tartan scarf. I didn't even know who they were!

  2. I see them standing on an octagon infront of alternating red & blue light.