Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rocket Man

Today is the 56th anniversary of the death of John Whiteside Parsons, founding father of the space program, poet, science fiction buff, libertarian philosopher and self-proclaimed antichrist.

Robert Anton Wilson presents his viewpoint on this enigmatic personality. Click on links for the rest of the interview at the end of the clip.

Click here for an in-progress online comic strip biography.


  1. Fascinating article and an interview by RAW no less!

    All of us conspiracy-minded synchronuts owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Wilson.

    Considering your recent visit to Big Sur, you might appreciate RAW's theory of quantum physics:

    "When I moved from Los Angeles I moved into what I thought was Santa Cruz," Wilson told a European audience during footage included in Bauscher's film.

    "Then we had something stolen from our car and we called the police, and it turned out we didn't live in Santa Cruz, we lived in a town called Capitola.

    The post office thought we lived in Santa Cruz, the police thought we lived in Capitola. I started investigating this and a reporter at the local newspaper told me we didn't live in Santa Cruz or Capitola, we lived in a unincorporated area called Live Oak."

    "Now quantum mechanics is just like that," Wilson continues, "except that in the case of Santa Cruz, Capitola and Live Oak, we don't get too confused because we remember we invented the lines on the map.

    But quantum physics seems confusing because a lot of people think we didn't invent the lines, so it seems hard to understand how a particle can be in three places at the same time and not be anywhere at all."

  2. I see Parsons as a tragic figure. Too many people of his time had no framework for esoteric experience so they gravitated towards evil. This is because exoteric religions demonize any system that produces tangible spiritual results.

    Sometimes I truly believe that most of the world are functionally atheist. Only the mystic traditions in Christianity, Judaism and Islam have any real understanding of spiritual phenomena. And they too have often been demonized themselves. But it will be the mystics who rebuild the world after the "faith" mongers tear it down. Whatever the outward tradition, mystics are all of the same source inside.

  3. Chris,

    That is an eloquent and thoughtful response. Thank you!

    The various social constructs that are in place are designed to perpetually disconnect us from the esoteric realms. Therefore, we must proactively seek that which is hidden, and to do so with the proper respect, so that we may consciously usher these realms back into our personal experience.

    It's a challenge for sure...but I believe it's worth it.

    I also believe that people who are demonized or otherwise marginalized must hold some great truth or knowledge to garner such treatment. They deserve, at the very least, an uninhibited platform in which to express their views.

    It is these individuals who I most eagerly seek an audience with.

  4. Parsons remains one of the most fascinating characters that I have come across in my research. Why hasn't someone made a movie about this guy? It seems tailor made. JPL, Nazi scientists, Crowley, L Ron Hubbard, Manhattan Project, Babalon Working, mysterious death...

  5. Hey, d'you reckon he's really a shadowy figure behind the mad cult that is Scientology, you get to the top of being audited and it all goes cinematic on you, and you're in some Bond villians lair decor, strapped to a Montauk Chair on the dark side of the Moon while your thoughts are made into the next Hollywood blockbusters.

    I remember reading something, years ago, about how Crowley put him in charge of his L.A. lodge members, cause he thought they were all lost causes. lol!

  6. Oh, we have that here too - the multiple-worlds-model for what areas are actually called what and who's registered where.

    It happens because there's people who don't want other people finding out where we are, and most of those people rely on computer records to get their data. Also it's because there's people using other folks IDs - but only in some 'dimensions'; sometimes you can leak into the one they are pretending to be you in, and then you can really cause them all kinds of chaos, which is a small compensation for their ruining the universe all the effing time.

    It also has other side effects: like it makes you think God told you to invade Iraq. No, he never said that, or you matched the wrong area up because you relied upon the psychic viewing of rootkit-compromised minds. Instead of just asking them, like normal people would have done.

  7. Let's face facts though, the BW didn't work. Since 1946 the world has gotten a million times worse than it was previously, all destruction of the quality of everyday life.
    If anything it's helped invoke the very disturbing nature-abusing types of humans that have been more and more plaguing the Earth since.
    Which is also why it's perfectly ok to take the likes of their peace-ruining nature-abusing machinery and use it to mash up their zombie heads.

  8. Zuppie, if you read Parsons writings on the topic it would appear the BW worked perfectly...

  9. Hi Christopher,
    Thanks for linking to my comic (in such esteemed company as my hero the late R.A.W.) and helping spread the word of Jack Parsons.
    Jack was an amazing and enchanting figure who, in the circles in which he is today known, often gets a reputation which is more sensational than substantial.
    I'm hoping with this comic to tell a story which can provide a context for such an amazing life. Like R.A.W. I do agree with much of Jack's philosophy, politically especially, and I feel that I've managed to pay respect to his life with this comic, the artwork of Robin Simon is also an honor, not just to J.P. but also to my humble efforts as a writer.
    Anyhow, keep following the comic. One of these days you'll see it in print with lots of material I'm saving for the print version.
    Thanks again,

    P.S. - The Babalon Working didn't just work, it's WORKING.

  10. No, that's what the small minds that fabricated the whole "TranCenZ" reality-thing want it to look like.

    Release some notes here, claim you have them all there, mould it so that it conforms to some writings that a person selected to be the guru (by folks they never met..) left.

    There's some things written if you pick and choose them selectively, that make it sound like say something eschatonic and chaotic was intended*, a type of calling in of or releasing all kinds of catalytic forces; but that means you have to have this hugely elaborate presumptious set of beliefs as to how evolution and reality works, that anyone needs to do rituals to make it work better. And that's just not the case; it's the thinking behind all the ritualistic-ness that is the problem-creation, when instead of being about remembering a reverence to where sustenance comes from, it goes all wrong and thinks like - if we don't praise the sun every day then it won't will (appear to of course) though. And your heart'll still beat, and your door will still be locked if you locked it beforehand.

    More importantly, Parsons himself noted the similarity to what he decided to do to solve the various problems with the way society was going, and what Dee and Kelley had gotten into doing. I think he realised where-who the manipulations in both those times (and more) were coming from, and why. They're coming from this here and now, backwards like.
    There's people that need folks like them mentioned, to act as kind of focal point figureheads for them to gather as many minds around as they can.....none of that's natural.

    The 'space' Parsons got into where he'd address Crowley the way he did, and the 'space' Crowley got into where he was accepting 'disciples' of anyone, is so backwards and obviously (or perhaps, hopefully) a mere episode of cosmic forgetfulness in what ought to be an evolved series of lifetimes, I wouldn't even pay any attention to it and its like.
    We all do stupid things like that, because of emotional manipulations caused by a form of incarceration in this space, whether you wore bad hair at school or stupidly fell in love with a total douche for some time. Big deal, move on.

    *even I've considered that one might work, a long time ago, but it's something that crossed every mind that thinks along the same lines. I've also jotted notes on it extensively. As I have with a multitude of other very different approaches. Writing something down and argueing it, even trying it out, doesn't mean it's your final conclusion on it.
    We're not talking about fixing a computer error here, where you get folks that don't really know how something works but they'll make those config changes anyway. We're talking about the very stuff we are made of and exist within. That includes all computers, and all of everything else.
    Worldwide we have a sound right-brain grasp of the universe et al; tribal folks (what's termed shamanism) have had it all along. We absolutely don't have a left brain knowledge of it; the only examples that come close to that are some blackops experiments and alien technology stories.

    I read this book once, where a (non-mechanic, knew nothing of cars) related how he was able to keep his car going by willing it that way. Yes you can do that. What you can't do, if you don't know the nuts and bolts of it, is actually physically do stuff to the car - then you'll just break it even more. Because his right brain correctly 'got' the universe though, he was able to make things work out.