Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OvaryGate Obelisk

Wow, ever see an obelisk atop a high school?


  1. Can't quite pin down the architectural style... could be '50s International or '80s Memphis- Postmodern... or R'lyeh Revival! Proof positive that Gloucester has been under Dagon's sway for decades... The Perfect Storm may have been Undivine Punishment for insufficient sacrifice protocol.

  2. Ned- you need to take a field trip up to the Innsmouth area and see if any interesting symbolism is kicking around..

  3. I'm not sure if The Perfect Storm was Dagon related, or something else, or both, but there's this story I've heard about it that I've not really seen brought up anywhere else.

    I have this series of lectures from the Teaching Company on the history of Buddhism. They're given by a Boston College professor of comparative religions (or something like that), he got his PhD at Harvard and he's the guy who greets the Dalai Llama when he visits the school. Good stuff, easily available for download if anyone's interested in looking it up.

    Anyway, to get to the point, he says that on the day of The Perfect Storm, he had a meeting with a Tibetan Bonpo priest, who came to give a lecture to his class on the Bonpo tradition. He came into the classroom to speak as the storm was beginning, and I think it went away as he left. Something like that.

    Anyway, whether or not you think of Bonpo as Tibetan Shamanism or Tibetan Black Magic, it's a pretty creepy story. Are there any links between Dagon and Tibet? I think Lovecraft mentions "evil chinamen" occasionally, but I'd have to re-read him to find out where. It's been years...

  4. Could be just synchronicity. But worth keeping an eye out for.

    I was working in NYC when that storm hit- the Empire State Building to be exact. Nobody had bothered to tell that the office was closed. It felt like the Apocalypse that day.

  5. If you can't bring Mohammed to the mountain, you can always take Damballah to Shambhala. Damballah, the reptiloid daddy of all Lwa, originated not with the Yoruba but their relatives the Fon, who may be the root of BonPo. Ethnologists trace an early small transSaharan migration Out Of Africa that blazed a trail thru Asia, before the major one that was the genesis of us Europeanoids. Thus BonPo IS Voodoo, straight no chaser.