Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hibernian Humpday: George Carlin

George Carlin left us on Sunday, leaving a huge void in the Tellers of Uncomfortable Truths community. Anyone who grew up in an Irish neighborhood knows a dozen George Carlins, miserable old curmudgeons whose misery stems from a deep and profound love for humanity. The George Carlins of the world can paint the blackest picture of the world imaginable and leave you laughing and somehow filled with hope.

George never sold out, never stopped bitching and telling the truth, and we have to love him for that. I had a very strange premonition the night he died, so in honor of that and of George and of miserable old Irish curmudgeons everywhere, I'll kick off Hibernian Humpday with a tribute including some laser-sharp snippets of truth from the man....

George takes on Dumblegate and the sick, unfunny joke of our political system. You know, George didn't really tell jokes- he simply told it like it was. He was like a zen master in that regard- you were hit with the absurdity of it all and all you could do in response was laugh.

Farewell, George. May the road rise up to meet you.

More Carlin Truthtelling on Droidy's site, Including the bit I was thinking of just before they announced his death. Very spooky, indeed.


  1. My Irish eyes are crying...Thanks for this most beautiful eulogy to the great Carlin. There was never a time when I disagreed with the man. Perhaps it's because I have a soft spot for cranky truth-tellers ;)

    Plus, I generally like people who are a pain in the ass (being an 'ol pain in der ass meself).

    The best of all friends is the one who challenges you the most.

    His religion is bullshit rant is the best rant on religion OF ALL TIME.

  2. You're welcome- I think his legend will just continue to grow, a la Bil Hicks. Especially now.