Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Good Morning Spaceship"

Wow, the Kanye West Bonnaroo scandal is certainly very big news this week. Why? Who cares about a badly received performance at a festival? Is there something else going on behind the story itself?

I mean other than the UFO/spaceship theme of the set or the giant, illuminated, green Bonnaroo sign? Boy, green illumination certainly has been in the news a lot this week.


  1. It's a damn shame when crashed space visitors don't get their way :p

  2. That depends how you look at it droidy - 1947 Babalon Working ends, Crowley dies, crash at Roswell of some merkabah-travelling aliens......

    what kind of a "way of the future" is a fricking jet engine, when there were already anti-gravity Nazi crafts and a whole load else. Damned military f**knuts.

    'Um yes - you, over there, we'll take your long-distance power-losing AC system, the jet engine, and the rocket fuel. That other crap, that doesn't pollute, and is quiet and we can't charge people for indefinitely, you can shove that someplace bad, like another dimension entirely, where we'll accidently discover it later with a particle-accelerating stargate multiplyer, after a few generations have passed and everyone now in charge of our system has forgotten what came before.'