Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sync Log: Minerva

The same day the Secret Sun pondered the identity of the goddess at Columbus Circle, Wired magazine sounded the alarm about the Pentagon's Project Minerva. Minerva is the Roman name for Athena.


  1. Interesting. There was a guy doing one of the synchro blogs that went off his head at me in reply to some things I asked him, after he very oddly quoted me a section of an article he linked - it mentioned Minerva.

    I'm still unable to explain why anyone would quote something at me, then ask for my opinion on it, then not manage to bother explaining why they selected the passage they did - especially when after having asked me what I thought about it, they respond - and go off their head - as though it makes complete sense to them and they know exactly what it means. But of course, didn't actually explain either what they believe it meant.

    4 numbers.....riiiiiiiiight. I think there's a bit more than that.

    For everything there is named, some bunch of spy rings will already have approximately 20 fakes infiltrating. It's a good thing I couldn't give two hoots or I'd need to devise ways of planting all kinds of fake info myself.

    One of my favourites from the world of spydom is the idea of irreversible cryptography. Of course it is. You can't possibly do the reverse operands to a result that yield input combos at all. Or am I just making that up. This could be fun.

  2. I don't think it is a coincidence that Wired decided to run the story on May 1st, either. Minerva is the symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati. Everything centered around the Minerval Churches (as they called them) and the worship of the goddess and her owl was front and center of their entire symbolical discourse. So much so, that if one wanted to trace any continuity stemming from the real Illuminati, the surest way to begin would be to take notice of incidences of Minerval/Athena/owl symbolism.

  3. Fascinating connection, Terry! Thank you!

  4. "I'm getting wise & I'm feeling so Bohemian like you....."

    You going "down th' Grove" later then Terry? (sorry - Byker Grove in-joke, you know - Ant & Dec, Alien Autopsy....)

    I'm betting that these folks from times past (and who they be now also) aren't at all happy about being made out to be idols.
    I'm just not seeing what their point is in worshipping anything when none of it has any desired impact on how the world is run anyway.

    =If you love owls so much why do you let so many trees get cut down then? etc. You don't know what owls want.=