Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scottish Sunday: Who's That Girl?

Seeing that the Eurythmics didn't waste much time getting sucked up into the New Pop sweepstakes of the early 80s, it's easy to forget how startling their early singles and videos were. And seeing that she spent most of her time running around in an orange crewcut and a man-tailored suit, it's easy to forget that Annie Lennox was actually startlingly beautiful in her day.

This is probably my favorite single and video from the band, and not only because Annie is in female drag. There's something at once timeless and absolutely of their time in this song, and it calls to mind weird dreams I had at the time.

My favorite album from the band may seem a strange choice, but it's their aborted 1984 soundtrack. To my ears, the soundtrack format allowed the Eurythmics to explore interesting corners of their sound, whereas the pressure to serve up the hits in the already hateful mid-80s absolutely destroyed their muse.

Speaking of pressure, here's Annie Lennox playing the part of David Bowie at the 1992 Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert while the man himself was still stuck in his conservative pantomime mode. It's worthwhile noting that it wasn't until Bowie gave up on having a big hit single that he actually was able to write good songs again. I love Annie at the end here- I've always wondered if the two had a shag after the gig.

Or was Annie too busy cringing with the rest of the world when Bowie soonafter recited the Lord's Prayer?


  1. The lyrics of Under Pressure always seemed ironic to me; it was as if there was a bunch of pop stars who'd already decided This Was It, and bought into all the end of the world kinda balls; except Freddie, whose words in the song were trying to wake them from some terrible self-induced occult-predictions restrictive manner of seeing the future.
    And then he died.


  2. Freddie was the man. I lost interest in Queen in the 80s (their last classic LP for me was The Game) but the guy was ridiculously talented. I don't get how Brian and Roger can run around calling themselves Queen, but that doesn't mean they're not sounding pretty cool with Rodgers anyway.