Sunday, May 04, 2008

Scottish Sunday: The Magic Pilot

This is not only one of the best singles of the 70s, it's one of the best Pop singles of all time. It hit me at a time when I began to see the world as being inherently magical, though certainly not in the rose-colored-glasses sense you'd expect from a 9 year-old. Magic was both dark and light to me- growing up in a shithole like 70s-era Braintree, where children were hated and preyed upon by adults, will disabuse even the most Pollyanna-minded kid of the illusion that life was a smorgasbord of delights just waiting to be sampled.

I had no idea that Pilot were Scottish until much, much later, nor did I know that two of them were involved with an early version of the Bay City Rollers. I didn't know they had a greatest hits CD until last week. Which strikes me as kind of strange, considering they only had one hit. But oh, what a hit.

Talking about Suns and Secret Suns, it's interesting to note the twin sun design on the guitarist's shirt there. A bit of Synchromystic communication from the Collective Unconscious?

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    And to give props to your site—much food for thought! Shine on.