Wednesday, May 21, 2008

John Cusack, Superstar: 2012 Edition

Reader Clint gave me the heads-up on this one:

John Cusack has signed on to star in Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic thriller 2012 for Columbia Pictures, according to VARIETY. Chiwetel Ejiofor is in talks to join him in the big-budget epic, whose title refers to the end days of human civilization as predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar.

The story starts with a global apocalypse, then chronicles the heroic struggle of the survivors. Emmerich and Harald Kloser wrote the script, which Sony bought in February. Barring a Screen Actors Guild strike, shooting will begin in July in Los Angeles. Mark Gordon, Kloser and Larry Franco are producing; Emmerich is executive producing.

Which reminds me that Cusack used the Clash's version of "Armagideon Time" for Grosse Pointe Blank...


  1. Cool! Post-apocalyptic fiction is one of my favorite genres and I like Cusack.

    Speaking of which...

    The last couple of days I've been working on a post regarding the concurrent appearance of the gothic movement and post-apocalyptic films (late 70's) that portrayed the survivors as these roving "tribalistic" misfits (Road Warrior for example) and how the gothic movement might have influenced the appearance of these tribalistic-styled survivors or vice-versa.

    I hope to finish it by Saturday 'cuz I'll be out of town next week.

    Have you already done this? I thought I would ask because I don't want to repeat stuff :)

    Take it easy

  2. Posted on 11:11, he he..

    Peace Outro Sun

  3. LOL Jake- the LA Mason thing was the 33rd post this month! I swear it's all unintentional!

  4. Let's remember that apocalypse simply means "lifting of the veil". "A term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind."

    It's only the end of the world for those who have secrets to hide.

    Apocalypse Now, indeed.

  5. Apparently so, but people use "apocalypse" as the equivalent of "armageddon" - ie Revelations ending, fire from the sky, everyone dies and all life perishes.

    Even though of course, Armageddon as derived from Revelations interpretations is from the New Testament. And you can't just go around tagging new sets of books onto old Jewish ones and expecting people to just accept it fits.
    Cause that'd be like someone other than Lucas coming along many years later (like hundreds of years) and making loads more Star Wars movie sequels.

    Anyways.....what are they going to do when 2012 comes and goes, and the only thing that changes is that the USA will have the next President they are getting after this Novembers coming elections.