Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Heat Up Cold Coffee

How do you heat up a fading brand aimed at pretentious Bobo's*? Throw some bloody red meat to the Fundamentalists. Then drinking overpriced coffee becomes a "political act." I don't know why this "Resistance" guy is attacking the "slutty" aspect of the logo and ignoring its more obvious occult component. But prefab controversy is how you get the public to accept these symbols. I'm sure whoever dreamed this one up is getting a huge bonus this year.

Here's a graphic history of the Starbuck's logo.

* Bourgeois Bohemians


  1. Spot on, Chris. What is that image you have posted? It looks like a tarot card.

  2. It's the Alchemical Tarot, Z-ie. Sadly out of print.

    Here's the artist's site.

  3. There might be a Venus and Mercury dynamic in this coffee and siren image combination... The hot coffee that takes people from barely conscious and useless to hyper-awake and vigilant may represent the quickening power of fast little Mercury. And the Starbucks Siren logo represents the Shining Brightness and Physicality of the Morning Star Venus... And so that's why people pass right by the independent coffee places and head on over to Starbucks instead, for they unconsciously know that only Mercury coffee from the Venus shop has the “power” to wake them up.

  4. Thanks for the link. Stunningly beautiful artwork.

  5. If you ask me, the new Starbucks logo seems like a nod to both the Oannes/Ea/Enki and the Astarte/Ishtar/Isis legends. From the waist down you have the Sumerian Oannes fish/man aspect and from the waist up you have the 'Queen of Heaven' aspect.