Saturday, May 03, 2008

Either That, or He Was Genetically Engineered

Yahoo News- The Androgynous Pharaoh? Akhenaten had feminine physique

The female form was due to a genetic mutation that caused the pharaoh's body to convert more male hormones to female hormones than needed, Braverman believes. And Akhenaten's head was misshapen because of a condition in which skull bones fuse at an early age.

The pharaoh had "an androgynous appearance. He had a female physique with wide hips and breasts, but he was male and he was fertile and he had six daughters," Braverman said. "But nevertheless, he looked like he had a female physique."

Egyptologist and archaeologist Donald B. Redford was interested in Braverman's findings and looked forward to the conference but said he currently supports an older theory. He believes that Akhenaten had Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder marked by lengthened features, including fingers and the face.

My question is why is this so news-worthy all of a sudden?


  1. I'm pretty sure it was in Nat.Geographic years ago, and other places.
    I've just wriiten a post called TRACT 8 , Lost mixed with PKDick.
    he wrote Valis and in the Appendix is his Tractate .
    No.53 -
    Our world is secretly ruled by the hidden race descended from Ikhnaton.....

  2. Have you read the Flower of Life books; there's loads in there about Akhenaten and how / why there's been genetic engineering (by aliens or ascended masters) to put people on Earth (eg - Jesus), who are of the next jump in evolution, in order to quicken the pace that everyone else evolves at.

    I offer that as-is; it's in the books and it's explained way better there than I can do here, esp. with a comment only such as this. I won't go into what I think about it, except to say it's about the most liberty-taking thing I've heard anyone being allowed to do to anyones else, 'specially in such dubious circumstances.

    As to why now again....yeah, that has been one of those recirculating stories; perhaps it's something to do with why there's two different dates for the 'first time the Great Pyramids door shafts were opened'; it could be that they may have triggered that timeloop.
    Or maybe it's The Usual: they know you'll put it in your blog, and someone(s) that reads it will be triggered to do x y and z, or start thinking again on a specific tangent they've previously covered.

  3. Zuppie- I was wondering if any possible genetic engineering might be to conjoin monotheism with hermaphrodism. The cessation of opposites, and so on.

    And maybe, yes, they were throwing a bone to the Synchromystics!

  4. Descendants of Akhenaten eh? Tsarion's most recent book is also basically highlighting the Akhenaten connection.

    Have any of you ever taken a glance at the "flash" for the Military Intelligence branch? (US army). The official story is that it was approved in 1962. The design is a "heraldic" Sun (CIA too) overlaid with a five-petaled rose (a sign of secrecy). In '86 the regemental insignia was changed to a SPHINX, lightning bolt and key.

    P.K. - seems to have felt that he was the target of some type of intelligence addition to being the download vector for wierd information. Could he perhaps have been the victim of some of the early black-ops mind-manipulation operations? It seems it may be important to consider that writers may be targets of these type of ops since they have (or at least used to) an important role in the distribution of memes.

    Genetic manipulation conducted by "aliens." Lloyd Pye (ignore the Starchild crap) has an interesting book on that...though he doesn't really go into the "alien" issue in it much. But really, would it take "aliens" to cause genetic manipulation? Couldn't possibly just the Big Mind of Mother Nature Herself "change her mind" or aspects of it? Or is it the "alien Demiurge" some of the Gnostics talked about?

    Peace, Zane

  5. Hey Zane,

    I did a bit on MI and the Sphinx a week or so back. That's a whole story unto itself. That Rose and dagger badge looks a lot like Rosicrucian to me...

  6. Chris,

    Have you heard of The Origin of Consciousness On The Break Down of the BiCameral Mind by a guy named Julian Jaynes? He posits that until 5,000 years ago consciousness did not exist and human brains, in essence, ran a different operating system. This sort of plays into some of the ideas you've knocked around. Check it. More later.

  7. PKD oft wrote that he thought the Soviets were doing tests and he was seeing part of what they were up to; there's certainly a lot more openness in the Russian media about UFOs and they've long been (as have China) researching 'paranormal' topics more openly.

    I think that PKD piqued the interest of some intl over his side of the pond because he wrote Man In The High Castle; I suspect that the Cold War was part of the big mind-control done to those who consider themselves to be of the free world, and that it's all wrapped up in WW2s outcomes. There appears to be a whole other 'timeline' (which is also here and always has been) where there was no stupid duality and idiot-minded West vs East space or arms races, instead things progressed naturally and a co-operative effort was in place.
    If you see for example the film The Space Voyage, what is most apparent about it (to me anyway) is how alike it is to films of the USA of that time, in terms of the energy and the presence of the people in general.
    (I'd have to say though that watching all kinds of other old films too, it comes through how more evolved people were back then.)
    Looking at it from a post-Cold War viewpoint, it's like looking at a completely different ethereal universe. It just doesn't fit into the head how that world could have turned into what it did, even if just in the way the media presented it.

    In such a way, indeed the concept of an alien wouldn't exist, because at no time would anyones have been occulded to the extent they wouldn't have at least some knowledge of all kinds of other beings and consciousness and so forth.
    There's not a tribe in any land on the Earth that doesn't have a rich and highly involved mythos and explanation for the universe, involving outer space and all kinds of different consciousness' and beings and the Earth being a living being.

    The occlusion is artifically induced, the 'revelation' is not finding something out but finding out that it was deliberately hidden, and why and how that was performed.

    Whatever happened x amont of years ago, yes it certainly put x amount of consciousness here (or altered x amount) so that their operating system was changed; they ceased to be aware of all kinds of things they had always known of.
    Suddenly, what was always obvious and what worked, is replaced by an apparent majority with an entirely different mindset (eg - the notion of buying and selling the land, to refer to an entry at dedriodify blog recently).

    And its trick is to make you think that things needs to go that way, or you'd "still be living in the stone age"; meanwhile it goes to every length it can to occlude all the facts and discoveries of what technology those "hairy barbarians" really had all that time.