Friday, May 30, 2008

ClownShow 2008: Clowny Clown Clown

Hey, it's 1996 again! George does the Macarena with Ben Affleck!

Yeah, this guy runs the show. For sure.


  1. Daredevil! What are you blind?! lol

  2. I keep e-mailing him, but I never get any replies. I can't think why.

    The guy in the other picture is Tommy Lee Jones.

    btw, is someone re-opening the Phoenix:

    'come and get your black bin bags,
    they're on offer til December...'

  3. I think this is the advert broadcast over here, but I can't tell cause I can't watch it;

    if it's the right one, it should end up with 'Tony' at a location in the far north of Scotland, and with a clown wig. Let me know if it's the right video!

  4. Not sure what you're talking about but that video is hilarious.

  5. Bush's clown act is just that - an act. It's elementary psychology 101: people just can't truly feel threatened by someone who demonstrates less functional intellect than they themselves have. That is how Bush has been able to eviscerate the Constitution of the United States without any significant organized political opposition. He's merely doing the job for his corporate paymasters - to provide a moving target and a lightning rod so that the REAL powers behind the scenes acn continue to plunder with impunity.